Dec 30, 2007


I said I'm sorry,
but you just say 'tengoklah'...
that's cool! so 'tengoklah!'
damn I never ever feeling this guilty in me,
and congratulation coz U did make me feel so,
it's not fair enough actually,
when we're together with anybody or somebody,
in this kind of problematic situation,
we cant just thinking in one way,
we also have to put ourselves in that other body,
and think in our way...not just by my own way, neither yours...then, it comes to good communication skills.
and now make me think of my fav book from John Gray - Men from Mars, Women from Venus.
men came with their own language and so did women,
when both met in Earth, damn it's not easy to understand each others! yes, it's totally correct thou!
moreover when both are in any problematic case...
no matter how good one of you in communication,
but when it comes to FALSE translation...further
lead to misunderstanding and not-'what I mean'-definition, go on to 'fight'! This is the main problem with these 2 creatures from Mars and Venus...and once again, it's so damn true, GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS!
not to forget, plus with good understanding...
oh! don't misjudge by assume that I'm talking about LOVE case's just on talks between men and women...but if u still want to relate it to LOVE, honestly, I've to add one more word - COMPLICATED!
true! It'll be more over complicated, not just for woman, but also for man thou! it's true...just think of it by urself...I'm sure U'll realised it sooner or later.

p/s Thanks Amir for giving me chance to accompany you to Melaka, and I did love our talks-of-that-some-cases! ahahahahahahhh! I love to talk to you thou! U give me double steps out of the general box!
p/s2 thanks to my beloved Watt for ur cares on me as one stubborn, disobedient and quite-naughty person fren of yours :x
p/s3 I love you my sist Along Azi! =)
p/s4 not to forget, thanks to Baem for the dinner+talks ^_^

Dec 25, 2007

New steps journey ^_^

oh, oh! wallalalala...
tired but so damn happy today!
y? becoz of tried along new way from KB to KL,
for the 1st time in me, I've took thru Grik ^_^
along the way I've fully enjoying myself with the surrounding environment full of beautiful sceneries! OMG! I LOVE IT ALL!

so, together with my BEE and my IXUS70,
speeding up the hill to Puncak Titiwangsa,

stop whenever I can,

with the main target to snap the spur moments of beautiful-ness which so damn irresistible for just to have a look! OMG again!
stop! snapped! plus resting physical, mind and soul...

uurrgghhh! damn I'll take this way again next and next and next time soon ^_^
what I love other that the perfect best sceneries along the journey was that...
when I entered the highway,
It's time to speeding!!! ahahahahhaa...
yup, speeding is one of the best way I always spent with my BEE, especially to release tension or even sadness!? ahaks! by the way...thank to the red Jazz and black Civic for keep on speeding together (caya gak la auntie which drove the Jazz!) [oh BEE, u r welcome! I did it coz I love u, and of cos I know that's ur family! hehehee.. :D]
the journey which started at 8am+ end up at 5pm+...
not to forget, thanks to Cik Eli for accompanied me, and together laughing thru the journey!

p/s thanks to frens who responded to my sms told u that I've safely arrived...
p/s2 to u who don't know the right way to response, thanks for the 'fight' matter what, sorry and I love u.

Dec 4, 2007


Uurgghhh!! I want to! I want to! Across The Universe! my most-wanted-waiting- for-so-long musical film! Musical film which combined 34 Beatles's songs!

Let me write down the synopsis of this movie - It's a whimsical and highly theatrical, brings some senses of romance and whimsy especially to the unique musical - is an original movie musical springing from the imagination of renowned director Julie Taymor,
and written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, that incorporates 34 compositions written by members of The Beatles. Stories that combined love stories - romances develop between Lucy and Jude, and between Sadie and Jojo, set against the backdrop of the 1960s. The star-crossed lovers, Jude (Jim Sturgess) and Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood), along with a small group of friends and musicians, are swept up into the emerging anti-war and counterculture movements. Tumultuous forces outside their control ultimately tear the young lovers apart, forcing Jude and Lucy to find their own way back to each other – against all odds. A lot of singing, dancing, sentimental mimics, sentimental gestures played by the actors. The music in this film consists exclusively of songs made popular by The Beatles during the time period depicted in the movie.

So, whatever it is, I'm gonna free myself for this movie, as soon as I can! I've waiting for long enough. Let's watch it thou! ^_^

p/s end up watching this movie was like fully enjoyed the concert of The Beatles! ^_^ GREAT!
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