Aug 29, 2008

Last nite! ^_^

Where I was last night =) in front of the stage.
as per invitation of Kelab Sahabat M.Nasir.
Dinner per table with Ella & Ojie. Nice them!
Hu ha hu ha with all the fan club members & Meet Uncle Hussain.
Fully enjoyed! ^_^

Aug 28, 2008


Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
There's beggary in the love that can be reckoned.
No sooner met but they looked;
No sooner looked but they loved;
No sooner loved but they sighed;
No sooner signed but they asked one another the reason;
No sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy;

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.
This is the very ecstasy of love.
Bashful sincerity and comely love.

Aug 27, 2008

Love talk =)

last nite I was chatting about love,
love which came in then run out,
love which were welcomed or evaded,
love that suddenly visible with no temptation,
stories of mesmerizing love and broken hearts,
how to put trust and hold cares,
What comes from guys and misinterpreted by girls,
what girls need but misunderstood by guys,
and the best part was…
when a guy said what he actually understands and needs,
and a girl said what she actually means and wants,
till both understood =)
love is complicated-wonderful ^_^
and the key are TRUST and CARES…
hold it moreover tie it...

hold each other in hearts and don't lost,
coz when it lost, you'll lost the loves and the lover...

p/s thanks Ami for the stories sharing session =)

Aug 24, 2008

happy today...

today, I'm happy, spending the whole day with my other sister, fighting for which car to drive,looking for thermos, and belt, and shirts etc, jusco card & my 'fiance'?? =) talking whats were and will... eat and eating and eat again, kakiku geli digigit ikan =p back home but on the way, u-turn to retake forgotten things from the last visited shopping mall =D and speedily drive back for gangstarz ;) and the whole day...I'm happy! and I'm free...altho it's just for a while, coz I'm back to usual soon enuf. Thanks!

Aug 22, 2008

Jakarta Bandung 2

huhuu...firstly sorry for those who's keep on waiting and asking for my enjoyed journey to Indo ;)
so lets continue...just in such a summarization way perhaps :p

Jakarta to Bandung 3rd Aug'08:
## cut the story, so at around 9.05am, 3 of us took a train to Bandung from Gambir station. Actually if thinking of time, we should take the minibus service, straight and faster! but never mind, as Azah said, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the way. Arrived in Bandung station at 12++noon. Luckily Azah & others already waiting for us. Next, all of us headed to Sangkuriang for lunch! Again, I asked for the marvelous Kapiting (crab) Sos Padang! =p
## after lunch, to one of the famous factory outlets, Rumah Mode! hehe...there where everybody's shopping mode increased! but me, I just bought 2 dresses for myself and one for my sis =)
## next, before run back to hotel, we went to jeans place named Toko Tiga. In a short running time, I bought two jeans which the wanted-colors attracted me! huhuu... :p
## at night, we can't just rest in hotel, after short dinner, we dropped to another factory outlets, Blossom and some others. The time is short so not enough time to shop, but at least I bought some clothes for my dad & bros! Then back home a sleep! Zzzz...

Bandung 4th Aug'08:
## morning sunshine! with the main objective - SHOPPING! Main target was Pasar Baru Bandung...huhuu...where Kat, Aja and me shopped till us dropped! nearly to bankrupted! especially at Seroja Jaya where can be say as a warehouse for kain2 baju kurung and kebaya!
## late in the evening, again, to the factory outlets, specialize to Grande, where Kat, Aja & me, again, shopped till totally cash bankrupted! proven when everybody paid using credit card! =D ahahah...self satisfaction thou! So, back to hotel with smiles...

Bandung 5th Aug'08:
## early in the morning, prepared back to Jakarta, breakfast, paid hotel and snapped some pics. & next place to be visited was Punchak. Before that, on our way, we stopped at Kartika Sari & Amanda, and everybody bought the famous Bagelen (such like dried bread with flavours like butter, mocha, choco & etc)
## So headed to Punchak, instead of highway, we took village ways. Such astonishing sceneries along the way thou! Everybody slept in the van except me! huh! another self satisfaction watching the wonderful sceneries! =p
## Arrived at Punchak, had our lunch, took more & more pics with the breathtaking highland views, similar to Cameroon Highland & Freser Hills in Malaysia =)
## Arrived early at the airport. Everybody took some rest while waiting for our flight at 2030. So, reached LCCT at midnight. Everybody was tired and back home with such huge bags! =)

So, for the conclusion, it was such a pleasant & satisfying shopping trip for all of us! ^_^ May we be there again some other time =) Till then...chous! =) Please visit Kat's blog for her stories ;) and My album for the photos.

Aug 21, 2008

Lucky ^_^

I'm falling in love again n again with this song!
n today I'm dedicating it to somebody...
somebody who's somebody for me =+
well, you know either you are or not! =p enjoy!

Aug 18, 2008

Gemini for today...

work will take up more time than you can spare. Your problem is there are so many things you wanted to do for yourself, you can't really afford time for work.

Memo: I agreed! & it's true! uurrgghhh..... @_@
p/s: everybody! go & watch WALL.E!!! best giler...make sure korang tengok till the end tau! I mean end of the end.

Aug 14, 2008

Jakarta Bandung 1

Jakarta 1st Aug'08:
_Azah & her 3 siblings already arrived early in the morning. They spent times shopping kain kebaya in Mangga Dua & Tanah Abang. Hotel checked-in then to Hard Rock Jakarta.
while, Cat, Aja & me arrived in Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 1.30am Indo time, after 2 hours noted delay plus another 1 hour delay in LCCT @_@ special thanks for Brian who patiently waited for us nearly 5 hours at the airport ^_^ So, from the airport (west) to Hotel Ibis Arcadia (near to d north), we took Blue taxi as suggested by Brian, safer and secured =) Arrived at the hotel, rest & bye-bye the stars. Thanks again Brian for your kindness ;)

Jakarta 2nd Aug'08:
_Morning sunshine! ^_^ while watching Azah & her gang prepared to take train to Bandung, we're discussed on good places to go. It's damn too much as listed in out itinerary. So, 8.30am, they checked-out and headed to Bandung.
_3 of us, snapped some pic while waiting for Fahmi & Brian.

_9am++, 5 of us in Toyota Innova owned by Fahmi, crawled thru the jammed road headed to ITC Mangga Dua. We took our breakfast in Mangga Dua foodcourt. Then just walked thru side by side shops with lots of choices of clothes and bags and handbags and souvenirs etc! spent some times in spectacles shop looking for photo-grey lens which brought us to d sun-glasses side, the prices are cheaper but not for what I'm searching for :( Conclusion, Cat, Aja & me just bought telekung solat from Mangga Dua, nothing more than that ;)
_nearly 2 pm, next destination, Ancol Seaworld! yippie! =D we spent more than 2 hours there. Looked at most of weird kind of sea creatures, bony fishes and coral reefs, walked thru the underwater tunnel and watched the big size of deep sea fishes, sharks, eels, turtles and ikan pari (stingray), watched sharks & dugong (manatee) been feed and bla bla blaa pic everywhere =) but, one thing quite frustrated, we're not able to watch the piranhas 'eating session'! not enuf time to wait! =(

_around 5 pm, stepped-out from the seaworld headed to Dufan! =) wow wie! ^_^ started with raised our adrenaline flying up and down on the tikar terbang (flying carpet)! urrgghhh...our hearts beats unconditionally! Out of 5 of us, only Fahmi looked so cool with no-feeling-face! others, no comment! =P ahaks! next spot was Tornado d Wind Shear...hmm..only Fahmi who dare enuf! 4 of us just sit there and watch! (you can watch d video which I recorded with my Ixus below to look at how d Tornado is!) it's really damn raised the adrenaline thou! Next, to calm down our hearts, we just rest & relaxed, sit on the boat and moved into Istana Boneka, lots of puppets from each parts of the countries are there =) So, after that, long ques to Extreme Log game, can be say such like 4D kind of live journey inside the cinema, you've been seated on a special sit which moving extremely along d story! really effect our hearts beats also thou! step before last was Bianglala d Giant Wheel, where we can see all Ancol areas from there & hahahae...entertained with special love story telling from Fahmi of 'cincin diterima, cinta ditolak' =D what a romantic story with actions which actually did touched my heart thou! ehehe...really funny! =p So, we ended our Dufan journey with d bumper cars...where everybody hit each others! Fun! ^_^ Really enjoyed the whole day in Ancol! & of course with our special marvelous tour guides Fahmi & Brian! =) Both of you are nice & COOL!

_from Ancol, we headed back to hotel (while Aja & me cant stop laughing in d Innova, coz Fahmi's actions & songs still related to d cincin diterima cinta ditolak! kah3! =D whatever!) but stop for a late dinner in Sabang area where d surrounding which look like Patong road in Phuket, and for d 1st time tasted d marvelous Kepiting Sos Padang as ordered by Fahmi (ketam masak ala2 sos pekat tapi best giler!)
_so, last but not least, after dinner, 5 of us walked & talked headed to Hard Rock Jakarta! ^_^ just spent short time there, enjoyed the songs & shopping some Hard Rock souvenirs. Done!
_Nearly 2am, back to d hotel and rest, while Fahmi & Brian drove to their homes which are more than half an hour away from d hotel. Thanks & thanks for Fahmi & Brian again =)

So, till the next stories which i cant guess when i can continue it ^_^ Please visit My Album for some photos which I've uploaded. I'll unload it time by time when I have gap between times =)

p/s for another same story from Kat, visit Kat's blog ^_^

p/s2 I'm actually having a bad stomachache today, didn't go to work, took MC =(

Aug 8, 2008


Wow! 080808...but it's quite gloomy for me ;)
uurrgghhh...still haven't free to upload the stories,
plus...I'm not in a good health...demam!
so everybody, thanks for waiting n daa... =)

Aug 6, 2008

I'm back but wait...

Hi all, I'm back in town thou! ^_^
with full of stories to write (as been commanded by my tourist guide in Jakarta) =p
but...i'm totally under busy mood recently,
so, just wait and see soon okay...daa...

Aug 1, 2008

going going!

just wanna say bye bye for a while
to all of you who always here besides me =)

i'll be back on wed okay ;)
so...chow wow! ^_^

my holiday trip =)

well well...most of you already know my trip this time, just wanna have funs in Jakarta, gonna enjoy myself in Dufan (Jakarta Disneyworld) & Ancol Sea World & shopping in Mangga Dua, then follow by shopping in most FOs in Bandung, ahaha...actually more for soothing & cheering up my self thou (especially due to my new dizzy woozy big job under new Org!) ;-) not really in the mood of shopping after my short out-of-plan-shopping-trip to Melaka last week! =D hehehe...
btw, special thanks for all of your cares to all my friends who keep on reminding me to take care of my self while I'm on this holiday trip...thanks thou! I will as I always do okay ;-)

so below I put my most fav song for this moment - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz,
btw, the video is match with my holiday mood now thou!
and I special dedicate it for all this holiday trip members! ^_^ enjoy!

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