Nov 27, 2007


terribly upset!?'s not me actually,
but some of my close friends,
they are devastated! inconsolable...
some of them, they lost something,
some because of can't get what they want,
some got what they don't want to have,
but most of them because of the loves stories,
and I just listening...and advising,
let's bygone be bygone,
we learn from the good and bad past...
we have to go with the flow...
don't force yourself in anything or everything!
do not compare this and that, past and beyond, u and me,
don't always hope for all the perfect things!
do not hope to be that perfect! because I'm sure nobody can be prefect...
nothing can be perfect!
just choose to be in simple-wonderful life,
and go with the flow...just, go with the flow...

p/s because of this inconsolable issues, I would like to dedicate the BSB's song - Inconsolable ^_^ to all of u and me...


Nov 18, 2007

Motivating...fight! ^_^

Lately, I'm feeling like I'm weak and I've less motivates inside of me,
sometimes tired because of driving here and there, and dealing with these and that people!
but thanks God, mostly I always enjoying my driving time with my beloved BEE ^_^
can be say I'm resting during I'm driving, while listening to the musics I love,
but don't worry, it's still enough for me to keep on strong,
our life is up and down like a wheel thou...
part of the time we are cheerful, and parcel of it we are in melancholy,
does it sounds interesting!? heheh...lets fight!!
so, now it's look like I need to renew my vision and mission,
because, what we want in life keep on changing due to the time...
u always need some guidelines for yourself to keep on moving in your life,
furthermore in making your life better and prosper and happier!
I need to inject some strong-positive-waves into my mind,
and put some pressures for my self to push-up my capabilities,
and gain-up my possibilities especially in doing unusual kinda thingy :D
hait! come and fight!! q(^_^)p hohohooo...
we need to be serious in certain-important topics in our life,
we don't need to care about unnecessary thoughts from unnecessary peoples,
just always assume that we are different from others,
if you think others are good, we can be better!
if you think that you are bad, there are lots lots of peoples out there are more bad than you!
don't you think so? fight! fight! :D
for me, what I always choose is to be moderate,
moderate and try to keep on moderate,
to be good is good! to be better is better! ^_^
to be success today is not with today's works, it comes from previous times arduous works,
the today's steps are for the future, to complete the visions and missions,
when we start stepping, means we want to step-up in our life,
so...fight for it! and God will guides and blesses us!
for me, there is no failure, only delay on the road for our successes!
and at the end, we can taste the sweetness of the accomplishments, victory! ^_^
insyaAllah...step-up! fight! hooyeeaaa! q(^_^)p gambarimasho!

Nov 8, 2007

Out of cave for BEE!

Walla! Firstly, sorry for some of you out there who's searching or looking or try contacting-but-got-no-answer for me...sorry coz lately I'm in my cave, not hiding but in the processes of settling something important. I hope you can understand and thanks in advance!
Actually last nite I've plan to meet up with my best-anime-frens who else if not Shah and Asri but becoz of Asri's working today so we postponed it to next week when everybody is free.
So, I think of keep staying in my cave but today, I'm walk out, for a while, becoz of someone special successfully drag me out! Thanks thou, I dont know why you always dare and win in 'fighting' with me and my unruliness! you are the only person who able to 'order' me! ahaks! Thanks to you thou.
So, I went to Sunway Piramid and so so fun especially while watching my latest-most-wanted-to-watch movie --> the Bee Movie!! ^_^ The first reason why I totally wanna watch this movie is becoz I have BEE, my BEE. And the 2nd why is it's cartoon in black & yellow, my fav colors! hehehee...I'm serious all of you better watch this Bee Movie, it's fun! really cool! you'll not regret for it thou! all the audiences LOL! Chow now...

p/s for you, thank you ^_^ today you brighten-up my day! another special day!
p/s2 for Lat & Ida, enjoy the Bekelah trip, without me, okay...huhuhuuu...

Nov 5, 2007

only YES or NO!

why u wanna fill in yourself with troubles?
when it's just YES or NO,
why you let yourself so confusing?
when it's just YES or NO,
why you still keep on reasoning?

it's just actually really only YES or NO,
it's the fact!
you only have to choose between YES or NO,
so just select YES!
and fully go on with YES!
NO more NO!

when NO is selected,
make sure there is NO to YES,
just go on when you say NO,
and NO turning back...with NO regret...

Still wanna stay on delay?
why? keep on reckoning?
and what are you waiting for?
YES you have no time
and NO, please don't wait anymore..
Now, can you choose YES or NO?

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