Dec 29, 2008

no more 'run'

oh ho ho ho...! yup, this time, no more 'run',
I love to 'run' since I know myself,
'run' from nothing but everything...I think!
sometime I realized but must of the time I don't :p
run and run and run and I love running thou! =)
running in life is interesting, 'run' with 'eyes' and 'ears',
resulted in bunch of experiences =)
experiences which help me in dealing with my life, your life too,
but, well...not all the time you can run,
there is time which force you to stay, don't move,
there is time when you need to stop running,
stop and more 'run'...
for a while, or perhaps, for longer than a while ;)

Happy happy new year - we've entered Muharram 1430H already now =)
let's start our new year with new us, let's be better than yesterday, best for future.

p/s ape2pun aku jeles sebab aku tak RUN as aiman and daus and zana in Jerai Eco-Challenge!
p/s2 and I'm quite jealous for cannot joined the Putrajaya Lake Kayak Expedition on last 2 days!
p/s3 or perhaps I was 'run' from both? ceh! penatlah 'run'!
p/s4 I can't 'run' anymore after that big decision from the juries...ape2la...

Dec 25, 2008

Season's Greetings!

fuh! quite a tired morning for me today,
well, ape tak nye, 3 games for bowling with my outdoor gang last nite =)
my KOMA group...bowling in Superbowl Times Square,
we concoured 6 lanes thou! :p
wahahahaaa! full of laughs as sign of happiness of course!
so here i would love to thanks everybody involved last night,
plus special thanks to CK and Ijoy for the mengarut plan dalam kete,
before we accidently found out the way to be out off the jamm!
kah3! memang niat nak celebrate xmas di jln bkt bintang tak direstui! =D
and another thanks for KAO and also CK for belanja makan di Juta Seafood kg baru =)
oh, another special wish to Kak Yus for her birthday ^_^
and another congrate for Aiman Monkey for the highers points in the game!
ceh, walaupun xde la high enuf kan :p heheheee...
ape2pun, thanks and cheers and season's greeting from me to everybody, all of you!
walla! Happy happy holidays everybody!

p/s still under waiting duration...
p/s2 sorry dear for not dinner with you last nite :p
p/s3 thanks for my siblings who's excited while waiting! ceh!

Dec 24, 2008

waiting for something...

I'm waiting! ya waiting! waiting...
after the last call, now i'm auto transfer to this waiting time,
cannot run from it anymore,
one moment in life when u need to wait for the answer,
well, must be multy answers depends on individual what he/she is waiting for,
but for me, the answer i think will at least make me nocturnal, perhaps,
might also make me clueless or mata berkelip2 agaknya,
whatever lah, nevertheless...waiting for an answer...
answer in number format perhaps...
waiting for the juries to decide,

Dec 20, 2008

aku berperasaan menulis [II]

sejak kelmarin aku berperasaan untuk menulis lagi,
kali ini bukan dari pembacaan,
tapi dari penglihatan...ape yang kulihat sebagai inspirasi,

kulihat banyak kereta mewah mengelilingi kereta kecil ku,
namu ape yang pelik,
perilaku mereka tidaklah mewah beradap,
tetapi mewah mungkin berlagak,
atau mewah bodoh agaknya,
kerena ber-BMW tapi kelihatan hobinya mengorek hidung!
kereta Celica, tapi gemar menggaru-garu kepala yang berkelimumur agaknya,
berkereta Caldina tetapi membawa seperti baru belajar memandu!
apetah lagi seorang nenek tua tetapi memakai Civic 1.8! Urrgghhh!
tak sesuai! semua kelihatan seperti tak sepadan!
mewah yang tak tahu menghargai agaknya semua!
mewah yang tiada gaya sepatutnya...tidak bertauliah untuk jadi mewah agaknya!
ape2lah! kebosanan aku melihat,
nasib baik reda perasaan ku menulis,
dan terima kasih kepada yang sudi membaca,
terima kasih berganda kepada yang sudi memberi komen =)
kerana adanya komen bererti ada juga yang berkongsi perasaan/tulisan ku! ^_^
Thanks in advance & cheers! =)

Dec 18, 2008

aku berperasaan menulis

hari ni terasa ingin menulis,
yelah...menulis sesuatu selepas membaca sesuatu,
begitu lah lebih kurang rasanya...

selepas membaca sesuatu, terasa banyak yang kutahu,
orang itu sebegini, orang ini sebegitu,
happy, sedih, ceria gumbira, tiada perasaan...
macam-macam lah! =)
tapi aku, aku ade banyak perasaan ni!
perasaan aku sendiri dan juga perasaan orang yang datang menumpang perasaan aku,
mungkin agaknya perasaan diorang tu terlalu berat tak mampu nak tanggung sendiri,
so datang menumpang perasaan aku,
aku ok, aku suka berkongsi perasaan ni ^_^
jadi sesiapa nak berkongsi silakan lah...

pengalaman pun dapat bertambah, pengalaman hidup ni indah,
terlalu indah, apetah lagi jika bijak menghayati hidup,
yang sedih duka boleh jadi alasan untuk senyum!
betul! aku tak tipu...bila selalu senyum hidup jadi ceria, indah!
apetah lagi juga jika hidup bukan seorang, tapi berdua atau selebihnya...
lagi tambah ceria indah! fantastik! wow! ^_^

hhmm...tiba-tiba aku terasa rindu...
merindu seseorang...dua tiga orang...ramai!
aduh! ini yang susah, nak melepas rindu...
jumpa? jom! jom! rindulah! ^_^
rindu...rindu...rindu.......banyak-banyak rindu jadi cinta,
wah...cinta pun indah!
aku sedang bercinta, cinta dengan si dia,
cinta kena dipenuhi sayang...sayang sayang sayang!
wah! indah lagi indah! eh...hidup ni memang penuh keindahan lah!
tapi...adakah semua merasai keindahan ini? eh! haruslah!
jom! hidup lah dengan indah =) alhamdulillah...

Dec 17, 2008

Time is less and less...

Uurrgghhh! my time is less and less,
proved by long time no update on my blog!
and my mind keep on talking about TIME!

I cant see time, I cannot felt the time, but time has effects on me!
when I focus on my time, it’ll slows down…
but when I turn my backs on time, it’ll speed up!
my perception or awareness of time changes,
but the time remains constant…it is tangible!
n it is real…sometimes I feel it’s precious,
some other times it’s wasted!
TIME - nature’s greatest force!

Dec 1, 2008

my unlucky day...

why today is my unlucky day?
1) since morning i started my minor migrain while working! =( this's rarely happen, by the way this is the 1st time i got migrain while on works...
2) because of migrain, i feel wanna vomit all the time lunch! huuu...just ate the guava and karipap...have to eat something in order to avoid gastric.
3) by the time i've packed to back home, i got calls from bosses to solve some problems which suddenly occured which resulted in i need to stay in office although the time already late! and I'm hungry! uurrgghhh! @_@
4) then, time to go back home, when i arrived in the parking lot, i suddenly feel so damn nothing to say when i see there are some scratches on the front door of my BEE! dammit! =( i dont know how or who! may God bless the person in charge of this! i just put my bag close the door and start the engine and... :'(
5) arrived home, no food in a hungry and tired mood so walked to the nearest pasar malam and bought the nasi kukus ayam berempah and that's all for unlucky day... =(

a question to myself : which will make u cry? A) when your BEE 'dicalari' B) when your heart 'dilukai'? and my honest answer is A! and i was cried with a little sob. Well, can u imagine when something u really want it badly, then u're having it, and of course u'll love it so badly too and so when the thing's 'dicalari' of course la u'll hurt and cry! hmmm...whatever! by the way, BEE is the only thing i have which i love too much...
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