Sep 28, 2007

Latest movies I love! ^_^

walla! altho I'm in the way of inundated...
I still slipped some times and run to the cinema,
and watched out the I'm-attracted-with movies,
really like it all thou!
start with the Perfect Stranger to Fracture,
next to The Brave One & last with Hairspray ^_^
fully satisfied & enjoyed & self released for me...
some make me think & other make me cheer!
no regret & I encourage all of you go to watch it thou!
if you wanna know about the movies,
just click on the name above okay ;)
it will bring you to its official websites...

Sep 24, 2007

overwhelmed & inundated! @_@

once and again...I've disappointed myself...& I'm sorry in advance, because I've also maybe indirectly, without I realized, I've disenchanted someone...anyone, else... its truly hard to enthrall & keep everybody surrounding us happy, as more tough as to keep satisfy our own selves...part & parcel, will mixed up with something somewhat small bad doodad, unpardonable gizmo...whatever! and these are all what are appalling thingamabob which keep on playing in my mind, disturbing some not parts of my daily activities/works in nowadays, past 2, 3 weeks...huhuuu...I'm wholly hectic!
Now, I'm a bit melancholy...down in the dumps... its time I need to do some mind cleanup! brainwash! & cheers! ^_^

Sep 23, 2007


Lately...this is what I'm doing everyday,
reading about what's happening nowadays,
especially some of these 'hot' topics,
uurgghhh....what a life...
for more info about one of the 'hot' stories,
click on the below link:

In Memory of Nurin Jazlin (f.k.a. In Search of Nurin Jazlin)

Sep 20, 2007

Get the hare-brained idiot humans!

what's happen to our world nowadays?!
lots and more hare-brained actions occurs here & there & everywhere!
by all those mad, hare-brained, ridiculous human!
now everybody is in busy hunting & investigating for the killers & kidnappers...
at the same time seeking & searching for the missing persons,
latest cases - in search for Nurin Jazlin & a murdered girl been found stuffed in the sports bag!

what a 'colourful' life I rite?
bright & dark as white & black are mixed,
we know who is good nor who is bad,
no trust, no belief, no faith,
yes to lies, deceptions, & dishonesty,
yaa...the time is near,
near to the end...

Sep 11, 2007

today is 9/11!

wow! just back from KLCC, doing 3G testing for Maxis in Tower 1, from G floor up to level 88th, but not complete yet :p but...suddenly, when I look at my watch, huh!? 9/11? oh no! n now I'm in the KLCC area... hope u understand what I mean, KLCC tower! ;) 9/11/2001...WTC...keep in part of our memories...

Marhaban ya Ramadhan ^_^

wow! just 1 more day to go before Ramadhan,
then everybody will start fasting,
then everybody will start busy of Syawal's preparations,
then the money come in will be come out speedily,
after a month of fasting,
then a month of aidilfitri celebration,
then everything will be back to normal,
wow! life is so wonderful!
don't u think so ;)
so here I would like to,
apologize for all my faults to all of you okay =)

p/s to all my friends, sorry for just 'keeping quiet', no I'm not actually...

p/s2 tonight I'm going to Kota Bharu lorrr... ^_^ Walla!

Sep 10, 2007

Bye Luciano Pavarotti...

huhuu...goodbye to you Luciano Pavarotti,
but your operatic musics will still sounding,
you are the legend titan of pop culture,
your presence far beyond the limits,
your voice, personality, charm and generous
will keep in our hearts...

for the news, visit The New York Times

Sep 7, 2007

Really nothing?

hhmm...i do got something that i really wanna speak-it-out...
but i don't know when to,
or where to,
and i don't know how to...
i just can't write-it-out!
coz i more prefer to speak-it-all-out!
coz it all more need to be replied-it-all-out at the same time...
coz it all need two ways communication...both sides, full!
i'm not in melancholy mood...
just that...i wanna speak-out!

p/s maybe coz i've been baffled by myself...n by U!
p/s2 ya! U make me mused! bamboozled! tanak kawan! wek! :p

Sep 6, 2007

My Photos =)

Walla! Just wanna let all of you know that lets clicks on the image above to go to my Photos site, where most of the events or activities that I done before all were snapped in! ^_^

Sep 5, 2007


Ahaks! :p let me ahaks ahaks before I continuing my topic this time =) it's not so funny but, somewhat funny actually according to what my mind is thinking now, in explaining what is EROTOMANIA means, as been understood by my brain after I explored & read about it...ahaks!

Erotomania can be say, one enigma in love, and one self deep inside soul crisis,
named de Clerambault's syndrome, EROTOMANIA... a rare disorder where a person holds a delusional belief that another person is secretly in love with him/her - fictional relationship, also set as
d'amour ou Mélancolie érotique, means melancholy in love, caused by unrequited or unreturned love,
also called as "old maid's psychosis" & "erotic paranoia",

ahaks! it sounds quite arduous rite? hopefully everybody can at least understand my self definition of erotomania...and actually most of us also related to this erotomania. For example, delusional in love with any popular singers or actors/actresses :p ahaks!

p/s I got interested with erotomania is after I've listened to Dream Theater's song tittled Erotomania.

Sep 3, 2007

3 days chronology...

what I've done? where I went to & with who?
below are the order-of-whats-going-on for my past days since 30th August to 2nd Sept 2007...

30th August'07 (Thurs):
* working until 4.30pm in office ~
* 4.30pm: went to Xair in Plaza Damas to send the HSDPA & HSUPA card, collect d cheque
* 6pm: drive like crazy in quite jam situation to Kerinchi area where Azah's waiting!
* 7pm: met wif Azah, both drive like crazy, again, to Azah's house near UiTM SA...
* 8.15pm: together wif Ema, three of us, happily to d Curve! ahaha...after canceling the plan to Putrajaya & also backup plan to UiTM SA! cesss! whatever! ^_^
* 9pm: dinner in Hooked - western seafood destination
* 11pm: out of Hooked, walked down to the bridge facing Ikano, waiting for the fireworks! ---> MERDEKA!

31st August'07 (Friday):
* 12.30am: back to Azah's place, prepare to sleep but coz of both of us can't stop talking so just able to closed our eyes [plus our mouths] at time around 5am! @_@
* along the day, just rest - sleep, reading mags, online, sleep again... :p
* 8.45pm: wif Azah, went for movie at Jusco Bkt Raja --> Perfect Stranger --> make ur mind somewhat twisted :? interesting movie thou!
* 11.30pm: lepak at Pak Li kopitiam till 2am, together wif Azah's cousins =)

1st Sept'07 (Sat):
* 11am: drive from Azah's place to Gombak. Met Dr Maaz & lunch together wif the Yaman's family - Dr Maaz's friend - yuhuuu...their daughter is so cute! I love her curly hair! ^_^
* 5pm: met Dr Maaz's bro - Ahmad - he's the lecturer in UiTM SA for pharmacist course, at the same time he's doing PhD =)
* 6pm: drive back home. Took some rest at home, alone .
* 8pm: Zaiti fetched me up, had our dinner at Kg Baru - my fav nasi bubur >_<
* 11.30pm: back home & sleep! [actually I can't sleep...sob...sob...never mind...only U know...]

2nd Sept'07 (Sun):
* 11am: wake-up & get ready for 'ronggeng' :p
* 1.30pm: drove to Sunway Pyramid, shopped in Guardian. Met Dr Maaz & his bro Ahmad & their frens Osama & Osama's bro =) all of us took our lunch happily & cheerfully in Hartz the chicken buffet! [oh damn! I forgot to take our photo together! cess!]
* 5.30pm: drove to Azah's house again ^_^
* 6pm: 4 of us including Along Alifah & Kak We, drove 2 cars to Putrajaya for fireworks finale nite! stop at Alamanda for dinner.
* 10.45pm: drove from Putrajaya area to Azah's place.
* 11.15pm: Took my car & drove like crazy back to Kerinchi...ahahahaa... ;)
* 12 midnight: sleep lorrr! huhuuu...

p/s for another Merdeka story, go to
Azah's blog ^_^
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