Oct 30, 2007

Lying & Smiling ^_^

kah! kah! kah! =D today is a bad day for me! not really bad but quite 'bad', because for today, I'm lying, giving an intentional untruth answer when people ask me...and because of that lie, I'm smiling! ^_^ ahaks! I'm not sure the people to whom I gave the lie to, either they aware or not that I'm lying, and because of this reason also make me smiling! I'm smiling for the reason that I'm lying...quite 'bad' right? Why I'm lying? I think mostly because I'm fade-up with the question, and why people love to ask this question? Maybe because I'm female & still young & can be say 'good looking' & have a friendly kinda style...well, I'm Geminian thou! :p So, for the whole day I'm smiling when I alert that I lied! I never ever give this answer before this thou! Never! So, today can be say the 1st day and the 1st time I told people who asked, the wrong answer...erroneous! Ahaks! I'm straying from what is moral today...I'm lying! and I'm sorry, altho this sorry is actually not really needed thou...walla!

p/s Conclusion - do not lie again! or you'll be smiling non stop!
p/s2 I said I'm married! ^_^

Oct 26, 2007

uhuk! "(@_@)

huhuhuuu...have u ever think of me...?
I mean u, yes u who are reading what I wrote here,
have u? or u just read out this post becoz of...something else?
not becoz of me? uhuk! uhuk!
it's okay...actually it's really okay...
it's just that...
I'm thinking of is there anybody thinking of me when I'm thinking of them!?
ahaks! whatever, nothing much important here,
and nothing less important too...
means...nothing! huhuu...
sometime u think u can take care of everybody,
mostly all the time u do taking care of everybody,
as caring as u are and as u can...but...
some of the times, u yourself need to be take care of!
have u ever take care of yourself?
or has anybody that u taking care of taking care of u too?
or...don't u feel like, it's better if...
u don't have to take care of anybody and nobody has to care of u too!?
it's free to free, or win to win situation! right?
don't u think so?
uhh! never mind, just read then ignore it all,
it's just a release for my mind to write out anything it want me to express it out,
that's all! Walla!

Oct 25, 2007

Power of FOREX II

Walla! Now I'm in the mood of answering to the question : what's the REAL FOREX that I refer to.Honestly, I knew that most of you who's asking me related to this topic were actually some victims of the bullshit-online-investment kinda programs which most of it has been blocked by our governments firewall :p What I can sure of is, it's totally absolutely different!

FOREX (short term for Foreign Exchange) is real-time buying of one currency and selling of another currency. It's like you purchase money with money, you both give and get money - two transactions (buying and selling) are happening at the same time. FOREX is considered one of the biggest financial - trading markets in the world which allows people to trade one currency for another and make a profit by trying to determine which currency's value will increase by the end of a determined time - for example the trader set fifteen minutes after placing the investment --> e.g: One could calculate and assume that by 8pm the US Dollar will be worth more than the Euro or Yen. FOREX trading may sound daunting at first, but the basics are quite simple. To start with, the first currency listed is called the "base currency" and it's usually the US Dollar. The traders will usually pit the USD against another currency. For example, a quote of USD/JPY 2.34 means that one USD is equal to 2.34 Japanese Yen. When the USD is the base unit and a currency quote goes up, it means the USD has increased in value and the other currency has weakened. Means when the USD/JPY quote is 2.50, then the USD is stronger because it can buy more Japanese Yen.

Wahahah...I hope my introduction, or just say definition of real FOREX above can be understandable orait ^_^ So, as a conclusion: if a currency quote goes higher, this increases the value of the base currency. A lower quote means the base currency is weakening. And before I end up this time, FYI : The Forex market is open 24 hours, five days a week (not much market activity during weekends) so you can go ahead and trade day or night or anytime except weekends. Walla!

p/s Below you will find the Market Hours in Eastern Standard Time (EST) for four of the world’s largest financial centers:

  • Tokyo Market Hours: 7:00 pm to 4:00 am EST
  • New York Market Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST
  • London Market Hours: 3:00 am to 12:00 noon EST
  • Sydney Market Hours: 5:00 pm to 2:00 am EST
p/s2 If you wanna learn how to play with this real FOREX go to REAL FOREX

eToro.com - The Ultimate Forex Trading Experience!

Oct 23, 2007

Tips for mobile users!

Lately, there's lots of report regarding the lost of hand phones or stolen mobile phones. So, must be everybody who's related to this issue feel so damn in bullshit mood especially if the mobile that they lost is expensive or latest new model :p I'm sure I'm right on this!

So, now, one of the way, let say tip for you out there so that "if I can't use that phone, so do you! damn you!"...what I mean here is, all missing or stolen hand phones actually can be deactivated and can no longer be used even when the SIM card being replace with other new SIM card. Wanna know how? I do think some of you already knew this way. Just one easy way.

1) on your phone
2) type *#06#
3) jot down & save the 15 digits number that u get, this is the IMEI number of your phone.

IMEI = International Mobile Equipment Identity

Then, next step, report to your respective telco, in Malaysia - Celcom or Maxis or Digi or latest U-Mobile (aka MITV). Once they get your IMEI number, they'll deactivated, means that they'll disabling the hand phone. So as the conclusion, the stolen hand phones will be useless!

I can explain more in how they - the operators - can deactivated the phone, because I'm working in telco playground, but because of this also, I've limit to talk about it :p What I just can explain is, once they got your IMEI no, they will analyse their traffic and search for the targeted IMEI and once they catch it, they'll block all the operation or transmission related to that phone with the targeted IMEI no. Means that, the phone now has been deactivated - useless --> cant be used anymore because every time they switch on their phone using any SIM card, their IMEI will be detected in the traffics by the operator related to the SIM card and once the operator block the IMEI from passing their network means that that phone is useless, disabled. Walla!

Oct 21, 2007

Special day on 21/10/2007! ^_^

wow! I'm so cheerful! Today, Sunday 21/10/2007, what a special day in my life, hehehe...does it sound like I got married today? Of course no, but something change in me & in my life...and this changing condition of me, maybe gonna affect, will be affected, all my other thingy surrounding me, along my life, will affect my family, my friends, instead of only myself...this time it sounds like a huge change right? the answer is yes, big life change for myself. And honestly, it's a big responsibility for me to go on with this change, and all other will-be-following-changes after this...but, for these whole changes, I'll fully accept it all and I'm totally happy with it all ^_^ and I'm serious of it all! I'm in one big commitment this time, and I've to put full trust in myself for this commitment! wow, I love this commitment! ^_^ another great challenge and I love it so!

Since now on, I'm totally in charge to take care of this special responsibility...each responsibility need some sacrifices. Please pray for me I can take care of this as well as I can =) Ameen.

p/s special thanks for the only one who dare to accept this life challenge with me. I love u so! We'll supporting each other for this commitment, together, ya...& happy birthday to you ;)

p/s2 on this time while I'm writing this post, only 6 people who already knows the change I made...hehehee...if U know, means U are special for me, and I love U ^_^ for others, U'll also know later...while this change is going on...walla!

p/s3 for my colleague, Amanda & her husband, happy 1 year anniversary to both of you, today! ^_^ I'm so excited, waiting to see your baby! soon! hihihii...

Oct 19, 2007

bLaugh! ^_^

Think Before You Blog

Just think before you blog,
what will happen if u cannot think but
you still wanna blog out!? ahaks! ^_^
can we just blog without think before it?
what will happen if we do so?
i know i know...
it will be just writing down anything,
with just nothing :)

Oct 18, 2007

When I'm a lover... ^_^

Take this test!

Stand by your man — that's just something you naturally do. Once you've committed to a relationship, you are a constant companion who enjoys the comfort and stability that comes from being a couple. Not quick to judge, accuse, or think the worst, you have a lot of trust (in him and in yourself), and you rarely worry about where he is or who he's with.

For you, mutual respect is of utmost importance. You are comfortable and confident in your own skin, making you a great pillar of strength in all your relationships. Whether he's striving to climb a mountain or land a promotion, you have his back. Best part is, you know he's got yours too.

Oct 13, 2007

Power of FOREX

Hmmm...while celebrating Syawal in my grandma's house, suddenly I found something...one thing that keep on playing in my mind since quite long time enough! Walla! I've been studying of FOREX for such long period of time thou... Anything & everything of FOREX,

but 1st, don't be misunderstood okay,
this is not the 'tipu2' or 'what-so-ever' online FOREX which make lots of people bancrupted on last few months back, as been notifide in most of the newspapers during that time...no this is not 'that-kind-of-bullshit' FOREX okay...

Now, I just wanna say that I'm ready for it, I mean the real FOREX thou, and if...if there is anybody of you out there who wanna join me ^_^ just contact me if you have my contact number or just email me at dikaz.kyh@gmail.com for any further info regarding this REAL FOREX! but please...I'm not forcing you to believe me but...this is another REAL business and I'm doing it REAL...! ^_^
Before I end up this time, here I just put one of the thingee that related to this FOREX which can be say one of my info, quite long time ago, accidently found it in my way in learning FOREX. Just visit it for your info
KuasaForex, other that contact me for details if you need it okay ;) Walla!

p/s thanks to my uncle! REAL FOREX

Oct 9, 2007

online by HSDPA aircard ^_^

walla! for the 1st time, today, while break fasting alone at home,
i'm online using Sierra wireless AirCard, which the price is quite half of my salary thou, together with my 3G sim card, now i'm on the net ;)
just finished writing on my multiply, followed by my Epitomes now ^_^ hehehe...
and while eating my well cook pasta alfredo! yummy!

Let's talk a bit about HSDPA, it's actually aka 3.5G in telco environment,
means that younger brother of 3G, but the youngest & latest one is HSUPA aka 3.75G playground =)
then gonna be followed by WiMAX...will be known as 4G network technology...
what's the difference between all these networks access is their speeds,
and also their supported areas, more latest more wider thou ^_^
maybe you should try on your own, then u can compare it well...
technologies in telco networks growing fast enough!
not yet all of us can or able to or has any chance using 3G,
now it's already up to 4G thou...and all the telco operators & vendors keep on chasing on it!
walla! q(^_^)p

HSDPA = high speed download packet access
HSUPA = high speed upload packet access
WiMAX = latest wireless broadband access

Oct 2, 2007

Waaa...love it! ^_^

huwaaa...on last 2 days, after I had my break fast,
in my auntie's best friend's house,
I watched one sweet touching Petronas advertisement,
after quite long time I haven't watch TV,
nearly 8 months I live without TV thou :p
I think this is the latest Petronas adv...
so so sweet! and I do think I know
who's the designer/choreographer of this adv ;)
let's put the tittle Percintaan Tan Hon Ming ^_^
just check it out! It's cute & sweet & I love it!
p/s Kanak-kanak pun memahami ^_^

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