Jul 23, 2014

i love succulents!

lalala...nowadays, especially along the period of nursing my mama,
i've become extra addicted to succulents and cactus!
yaaa...visiting to all nurseries around kota bharu
also went to some nurseries in cameroon highland
in order collecting some more succulents
for me to make the mini cacti garden ^_^
besttt! while my mama enjoying it too, she adds on more to her orchids collection!
so this raya if u come to my house
u can see some cacti & succulents in big and small pots
and so do the orchids, hanging sweetly with variety of colors ;)
well, hope can bring back to KL some of my succulent babies &
also the mini cacti gardens...
perhaps by in KL i'll start to visit some of the nurseries and add on my succulents & cacti collection!
who would love to accompany me plsss...? hihi >_<

Jul 21, 2014

trying takes time...

trying so many templates but hard to match what my heart like
at last got one Dream design but so many forbidden changes
hmmm...takes long time...
cant adjust the blog width
cant change the font size and colors
cant although tested on the html template
so, till then, this look has been applied
exploring for solution, hope for the best ^_^


after revisited my Epitomes...
i think i want to do some make over...
some restyling, as been done by people when transferred to new house,
hehe...now choosing the new design,
lalalaa~~ just wait & see ya. Chow!

nearly 2 years lost! :p

wow..wow..wow! hi uoll out there...salam 23rd ramadhan 1435H...still reading? ^_^
ya i miss my Epitomes 'the diary' too...
and this is why i'm here this time! longed release..
nearly 2 years nowhere to write all thoughts in mind,
so tough and some regrets, but it's okay, my life is okay,
having good life but moving out from tmn desa to sunway piramid,
from apartment to a bigger house, 2 to 3 rooms, 1 to 2 bathrooms,
bigger kitchen dry & wet, triple the price and double the meter-square,
worth it, i think, although it's not a new condo,
it's okay, this is the sustenance, earnings, fortune from Him =)

btw, anaqi is still alone, he actually supposed to get a sibling on last June 2014,
same month as his birthday, but ya...
miscarriage on last Oct 2013 during raya haji time,
50-50 due to the accident I've involved, perhaps, He knows...

so, now i'm still in kelantan, nursing my mama for nearly 5 months,
depression due to pension, shocked when busy daily life transformed to no work,
glad she's is fine now, with abah by her side, both already free now!
I will be back to KL soon after raya,
back to KL, back to work, back for a new life in a new castle,
and new school for anaqi too! hope he will be fine by the time...

and another sharing...created 2 blogs while missing from Epitomes...
the quite old one - http://bijakvitamin.blogspot.com/
and the quite new one - http://takafulpedia.blogspot.com/

so till then, hope I will keep stick & cling with my Epitomes from now on...
♡ i am
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