Jul 21, 2014

nearly 2 years lost! :p

wow..wow..wow! hi uoll out there...salam 23rd ramadhan 1435H...still reading? ^_^
ya i miss my Epitomes 'the diary' too...
and this is why i'm here this time! longed release..
nearly 2 years nowhere to write all thoughts in mind,
so tough and some regrets, but it's okay, my life is okay,
having good life but moving out from tmn desa to sunway piramid,
from apartment to a bigger house, 2 to 3 rooms, 1 to 2 bathrooms,
bigger kitchen dry & wet, triple the price and double the meter-square,
worth it, i think, although it's not a new condo,
it's okay, this is the sustenance, earnings, fortune from Him =)

btw, anaqi is still alone, he actually supposed to get a sibling on last June 2014,
same month as his birthday, but ya...
miscarriage on last Oct 2013 during raya haji time,
50-50 due to the accident I've involved, perhaps, He knows...

so, now i'm still in kelantan, nursing my mama for nearly 5 months,
depression due to pension, shocked when busy daily life transformed to no work,
glad she's is fine now, with abah by her side, both already free now!
I will be back to KL soon after raya,
back to KL, back to work, back for a new life in a new castle,
and new school for anaqi too! hope he will be fine by the time...

and another sharing...created 2 blogs while missing from Epitomes...
the quite old one - http://bijakvitamin.blogspot.com/
and the quite new one - http://takafulpedia.blogspot.com/

so till then, hope I will keep stick & cling with my Epitomes from now on...
♡ i am

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