Jan 30, 2008

LOL day ^_^

kah! kah! kah! ^_^ today is the most LOL day for me...not to forget for some of my frens who's also 'joining' this unplanned look-like-a-game event! LOL! :D It's actually start during the lunch hour time, where I'm as usual walk as alone ranger to the 'kantin satu' :) then, suddenly, while waiting for the foods, a team of guys from Alam Maritim sit and share table with me..whatever..nothing to do with this 'event'. So, in that quite boring surroundings, I take out my phone and start to type:

" Agagahahaa! ^_^ kacau kacau semua orang! Hahagag! ;-D "

Then...continue eating...then walla! my phone start alerting! :D and below are all the reply which make me LOL!

Asri-san: LOL! :-p Pretty good. Got an addiction though.
Me: Addiction?
Asri-san: Yup, the can't-stop-thinking-of-it and never-mind-sleep type. Hmm, yeah I think I'll go to Starbucks after this.
Me: why? is this kind of addiction related to Starbucks? Ahaha.. ;-D

Amir: Giloz ko apo?
Me: Ahaha! another way instead of ask how r u... :p
Amir: Ye ke? I'm fine, tq. U?
Me: Xtra fine!
Amir: Terlebih vitamin gamaknye, haha!

Abg Iqbal: Kenapa kacau2 orang ni? Dah takde keje ke?

Angah: Selamat dah kenyang kalau tak dah kena ngap yummy2 ni...

Ahahaha! and some other kind of replies. LOL! ^_^ So, to all my frens who received this SMS, actually this is another way for me to ask "how r u?"...Lalalalalaaa...end!

Jan 29, 2008

Sheila Majid in Concert! ^_^

Wow! Now she's back! again! ^_^ siapa tak kenal Sheila Majid, the famous jazz singer, with no other can be beat voice! And I'm one of the fan of hers among the others! So, let us go and support to this charity concert, which especially in aid of the Institut Jantung Negara. Walla!

p/s woi sape nak gi jom la, jangan lupa contact I skali tau! :D

Jan 23, 2008

someone that you are not!

worst to be someone that you are not...
hmm...have you ever try to be someone else?
why? why you want to?
this world is the stage, a very huge stage,
full contented with all the human beings as the actors and the actresses, besides together with all others...
pathetic! I know...some of us don't like the character that you got, so you try to change it to another character which you think you like...but, as the director said so, at the end, you can't! can you, actually? okay, stop with this mumbling-kinda-thinking!

here are some of the reasons why...

maybe you don't like the way you are so you make up your mind to change and be same as someone which you like to be as,

maybe someone that you love make you decided to set up and make up to be the one that they want you to be as,

maybe because you want to act different according to the person or group which you like to be with so to matched up with them all make you need to be someone that you are not as,

maybe you want to hide some part or parcel of you which make you down which make you try to act as attracted you can be as,

maybe you are force by someone like your parents or lover to prove that you're appreciate them and love them so you need to be the one that they want you to be as,

by the way...all these look like killing you in silent, you are killing yourself by acting as the one who is not YOU! why, you don't want to be YOU!? or anybody don't want you to be YOU? so what's so important for you not to be YOU? you are pretending to be someone... at the end, it's still worst to be someone that you are not!

p/s people, sometimes we do need to change, and it's for the better but not the worst. Think of it =)

p/s2 this post is just what I think when I heard the sentence "worst to be someone that you are not" =P Walla!

Jan 22, 2008

sometimes someone

When this unwanted time comes, the emptiness will be realized. It's like I'm smiling on the outside but crying on the inside. Feel like wanna run into my cave and hide inside and sit there alone, then thinking of what's happening in present and past. moreover in future. When I feel bored, I need to talk, with no one to listen because no one I can be with at the moment. Feel like no one cares when I need...shoulder to cry on... In everything, I always try my best, for the one I love, for people I care...but, still feel like no one cares about me! No one to talk to. No one can listen to what my heart wanna say and my mind is thinking...sad...at the end, everything from me, just can be explained and released to my own self!

I talk to myself. I write it all down somewhere in my laptop, and sometimes, half of it in to my blogs. Most of the time I'll feel better after that, but when I think it back why can't I share it with the one I love...it'll be...not the time yet, or, I don't have to do that...and this way at the end, I'm alone as the result. Yaaa..everybody has their own problems but I do think it'll be much more better if I have someone to share all these with...especially if the one who I can share with is someone I love, and more better if that one love me too. oh!! I need to cheer up my self! have to! or I'll be more sad and my heart will be sick! that's gonna be worst if I keep on talking with feelings, alone to myself! uurrgghhh! I can't clamp myself with all these feelings of sadness and emptiness! but sometimes, I did, and it made me lost within myself...blank! I don't know what to do and or I can't do what I want to do...everything messed up!

So, who can help me sort out all these untidy thingy? How I can solve all the difficulties in my mind? what can I do to reorganize all these rolling piece-and-parcel? I do need someone to advice me, and help me, who always be with me, supporting me...and love me, nonetheless cares about me...still at the end, the perfect answer is only one...God, who always listening and knowing all the things about everything! God, please show me the ways which you blessed, please give me strength and power for me to go through all these everything which has saddened me...God, I know you are always with me and know everything although I didn't tell you anything...my wishes and hopes, my loves and cares, my feelings, everything...I'm a small normal human although sometimes some people look at me as big and strong, but sometimes I can't stand alone, sometimes I'll be tired, sometimes I'll be bored, and at that time I need someone...to pamper myself...

By the way, hiding stress behind smiles have its own limit! and when it's up to it, without anyone cares what's happening inside of me, the only way to release it all is through tears ~_~ tears that calm me down. When you keeping most of the things by yourself, without sharing, it'll kill you...silently..and I admit, all what I feel, it's killing me! slowly.

Jan 19, 2008


I'm sick,
I'm drained of waiting,
waiting of...
one memo saying about you
or asking about me...
one sentence of I love U,
to reply with so do I...
warm touches from you,
to melt my mulish-frozen-heart...
your voice to wake me up from my oblivious,
your smile which bloom mine,
your cares,
help me to fight the vain thoughts...
impishness from you,
which matched the unruliness of me...
your gentle sways,
that lead the vicissitudes inside of me...
extroversion of you helped in overcome my introversion,
all in waiting of...our love!

only U and Me altogether,
for the equilibrium of sanity,
to hold our sincere infatuation...as long as it can be.

p/s love is a long waiting, waiting for it to start, once it grows then waiting for it to get deeper, when it's deep enough, we still waiting...for it to end...

Jan 12, 2008

why he...? [2]

Why 'He simply doesn't call?'...let's say...:
~guys often show their feelings in can be say less 'direct' ways, instead of simply saying and expressing how they feel.

~most guys are more conscious of DOING things rather than relate to anything on emotional level.

~so, when it comes to guy and dating, just look at his actions and behaviors as the indiction of his inside feeling.

~so, read the guys by what they DO instead of what they SAY.

hhmmm...what else can I say...guy only calls girl that he likes every once in a while to keep the connection open, and at the same time making sure not to spend too much time or show her too many signs of interest that might indicate he would want a more serious relationship! =) So, if a guy isn't calling and you'd like him to call more and to grow in your relationship together, it really doesn't matter WHY! huhuuu...

p/s REMINDER! jangan pulak sebab he doesn't call you then make you calling him and taking on upset and hurt that he hasn't called or any other needy, clingy, or overly emotional actions that will make he thinking you'd be nothing but a pain if he want to get to know you and involved in a real relationship with you! walla!

p/s2 For girls, why don't we start to learn the actions that can develope the feeling of ATTRACTION inside a guy ;) heehee...tau tak how to do so?

why he...? [1]

MEMO: Amir, I got new case to handle...maybe u can help me thou! hehehee... ^_^

Psst..actually this kinda Q always been asked by girls especially in early time of any relationship...

~why this guy looks like hard to contact me again after some happy dates!?

~I do think we do like each other...but why in-between dates I don't hear from him?

~is that so much for him to pick up the phone and ask me how I am?

~Is it too soon to expect something? Am I asking too much?

A: hhmm...how to explain in a simple way ya...

actually, first, 'long time' for she doesn't means the same for he, by the way, there is no 'time' in a guy's mind! furthermore, 'dating' for she maybe not enough for he to think of it as 'dating' - uncertain dating stage. Generally, this maybe due to his attention and focus is on something else like busy with works, thinking of parents or family, nonetheless FUTURE! ok girls...faham!faham! kite pun sama kan...but actually...different! in this kind of situation, she'll become frustrated and bothered why he is like this and keep on whishing he would change.

The mindset she has right now can make he sees she as too demanding, apetah lagi kalau she has started talking about all her feelings of disappointments! and this will not go over well thou! So, instead of sitting around disappointed that he hasn't met she's expectation - agaknya he tak tau langsung, or tak faham pun! - she should started thinking about how to take responsibility to create the response she want from he :) - in a correct way so that he doesn't expects 'she's asking too much!' it's like an idea in communicating with he in a way that can creates attraction inside of him...hmm...cemne ea? by this level, firstly, she has to stop thinking just by her own way or behavior - has to make some differences like stop asking him too much for
what you want nor hoping that he 'meets
your demands' - otherwise this will 100% guarantee he won't want to give you what you're looking for...betul! inilah beza 'ego she' ngan 'ego he'.

Ceh! cam tak adil je bunyi nye as she looks like has to susah2 usaha sorang2 plak! for us girls memang la fikir camni, but for guys, ini adalah menarik! alaaa...same as kalau kite girls tengok guys do the same, usaha, kan menarik jugak bagi kite :p tak gitu? It's just that the ways in how to develope great situation/relationship are different between she and he...and these differences yang kalau salah faham or tak clear maka available to lead to 'fight'. Whatever sekalipun, just remember, don't do something that can KILLS the attraction of both might be feeling for each other.

Oh! need to stop...will be continue soon!

p/s be honest about what you want

p/s2 kan aku dah cakap dari dulu lagi, same jer both she and he...kan Amir! ^_^

p/s3 pening plak aku nak menulis bila campur bahasa ni, membawa kpd salah faham tatabahasa.

Jan 11, 2008

Come on guys!!

ahahahaa...I've received this 'data sheet' from someone, walla...no matter what, guys will keep on searching for girls okay...! and so do vice versa ;)

Jan 2, 2008

New episode!? ^_^

First of all, Happy happy new year 2008 for everybody! ^_^
and as usual, I'm sure most of us will step up to this new year with...
hmmm...with something new, some changes in self furthermore in life! :D right? yup I'm sure altho not all of us have new thing to be thinking of :p
For myself, of course! I have new vision and mission to be working for...it's hard! but I'll try to make it as smart and simple and cool as I always do,
and I admit, I've also need to step up into something better inside myself,
for my own good, and for people around me,
and also of course, especially for some important people who are somebody for me,
who always want me to do some changes and improvements in myself! ^_^ thanks for those and I do love all of you! ^_^ well, you know who you are to me right!? :p

Not to forget, I'm sorry for all my faults to all of you,
no matter what's the faulty is to you :p I'm sorry...
so, let step-up our life into the new episode!
and good luck in order to make this new episode better and the best! Cheers!! ^_^

p/s in my new episode, I wanna make my blog ikut suka hati aku la! ahaks! just assume that I've added new language into my blog that is 'bahasa melayu pasar'! Walla! :D
p/s2 thanks Azah for the new year celebration at your new house! cheerful! hehehe...nok gamba!
p/s3 hepi hepi when I met some old friends especially Norlee & Aya + hubby ^_^
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