Jul 31, 2009

RIP Yasmin Ahmad...

The first news I got when I arrived in KK Park, Kundasang was - the death of Yasmin Ahmad. And it really touched my heart coz I'm a fan of her...I still remember, how I knew her was from her first movie Rabun in 2003. I enjoyed Rabun together with my abah by that time, really enjoyed it, because it was really satisfied. I love all her works because the main point for all those are loves in relationship, loves in families, for her loves are everywhere. Thats the truth and that I love in her...so, 25/7/2009 RIP to Yasmin... =( Yasmin, you were one like no other, one in a
million...segala karyamu akan dikenang sepanjang zaman...pemergianmu sukar dicari ganti...

2003 - Rabun
2004 - Sepet
2006 - Gubra
2007 - Mukhsin
2008 - Muallaf
2008 - Talentime
and all others Petronas adverts...

~~ikan di laut asam di darat
dalam periuk bikin muafakat~~

Jul 30, 2009

From KK with awesome experiences ^__^

Just paste my status in FB~~

Selamat naik, selamat turun. The whole trip with fantastic funs! included peak without any view...what a terrible-tremendous experiences - climb Kinabalu but felt like Everest! Well done with color cert! & now I'm walking like my granny on the way to see Dr...

Jul 22, 2009

'tak menentu'

lately i can put my self in a 'tak menentu' position,
sometimes bored and some other times tension,
many points as a target to do,
lots of places as a point to go,
many opportunities which 'tak menentu' for me to choose!
sounds so stupid aite?
i need to talk to someone to release my 'tak menentu' mood!
wait if you are the one i'll call...
or perhaps you are the one i'll not call...
sooo proven 'tak menentu'...and i hate this 'tak menentu'! Walla!

Jul 21, 2009

Steve Vai RIP MJ

because of too bored,
I open my You Tube, as what I did yesterday evening,
but today, I got one special 'gift' from a friend,
he know that I'm a fan of Steve Vai, especially the song Tender Surrender,
so this time, he send me one MJ's song Beat It played by Steve Vai & Andy Timmons,
played at the Meinl Guitar Festival, Germany on last June 27, 2009.
You can also see it from Steve Vai official website --> www.vai.com
wow! I love it! and let me put it here, and lets enjoy it =)
RIP MJ... Walla!

Kinabalu to go! =)

yey! yey! now i'm counting for my trip toooo... trip to climb Mt Kinabalu! oooyyyeeehhh! ^__^
the trip will be from July 25 to July 29, 2009. eager mood! can't wait! huuhuuu... still remember one of my last year post? ya I've been to Kinabalu and now it's time to grab my luck!
luck to complete my wish this year...
to be more specific, this year in July,
as what I've worked, with abg iqbal much more,
to make it all become real in July!
so, with all other 10 teammates,
here we go! let's put our steps on the peak!
let's see the sun rise from up there!
let's smile happily and snap it to the pics! walla!

Jul 18, 2009

my telephone (1)

lately I'm fighting with someone regarding my telephone.
out of somewhere, there is one person who's totally 'jeles' at my phone,
ngok ngek tul someone ni kan?
ya ya i clearly know that you are using the latest iPhone,
but come on beb, although our phones are totally out-of-comparison,
but we still can talk or sms in well done result aite?
so what's the problem with my phone dude?
siap doakan phone aku jatuh bergolek dari atas Mt Kinabalu tuh!
cet! hampeh! luckily you are always up-to-date in telco info,
suite you well by using the latest phone...
kalau tak mau kena kutuk as i kutuk my friend,
ape tak nye, using blackberry beb tapi how to MMS pun tak tau!
same jugak dgn mamat2 minah2 which are using 3G phone but 2G sim card!
uurrgghhhh! as ore kelate kato...darak! pehe dok? whatever.
oklah, i'll continue the story of my phone soon. Walla!

p/s ku tujukan khas post ini buat that someone name D ahahaa... =D

Jul 17, 2009

yang lama kembali... ;-)

kenapa tajuk sebegitu? ape yang kembali?
heheee...ntah kenapa akhir2 ni banyak pulak yg 'kembali'
maksudku lebih kepada yg lama, sahabat2 & kenangan lama,
seperti... harini pagi2 aku teringat kat along azi,
rindu bangat nih, bak kata Fahmi & Brian di Jakarta :p
sebut nama along azi, tetiba link sana link sini barulah terlink ke blog nya!
ahahahhaa....kantoi! so dengan happy nya ku add blog along to my blog list ;-)
lepas tu pulak, pagi2 arini sahabat lama, Johan menegur di YM,
heheee...ingatkan nak bagi tau pasal baby dia ke, kerja dia ke, business ke,
sekali bagi tau pasal blog baru dia...motivation blog gitu...
with my fav topic Law Of Attraction sbg salah satu post nya, bagus2 =)
Fahmi yang di Jakarta juga baru dapat YM dgn dia,
maklumlah...pengantin baru ^__^ terus borak2 sikit,
dia ade suggest, instead of Bali, Lombok is better for romatic honeymoon,
maklumlah, aku ajak my fiancee honeymoon naik kinabalu,
sekali my fiancee jawab "itu extreme honeymoon, kite nak romatic honeymoon!"
ahahahahaa.....insyaAllah, tengoklah nanti ke mana sampainya =)
bercakap pasal Kinabalu, next week 25th to 29th July will be my trip,
trip to Kinabalu la, nak daki kinabalu maa...
ingat tak salah satu post ku dulu dengan gambar ku dgb background Gng Kinabalu?
haaaa....kan betul, dulu hanya sampai di kaki gunung,
tahun ni sampai lah ke puncaknya! insyaAllah...
lagi pun...ini antara hajat ku sebelum menukar status tak lama lagi =p
oh! baru jugak dpt tau anas dh brtunang! tahniah! tahniah! =)
oh bercakap pasal 'status'...

ya mungkin itu akan menjadi topik ku untuk menulis seterusnya...Walla!

p/s1 along azi blog --> empire-of-my-view
p/s2 johan blog --> motivation

Jul 16, 2009

new theme =)

well well welll...
to wake me up and
feel on writing what are running in my mind,
i change my blog theme, again!
heheee...perhaps with the long bridge view up there,
i'll be more in writing...
perhaps i need to change what i'm going to write,
writing style i mean...
i'm thinking...thinking...any suggestion?
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