Oct 31, 2008

where & done...

Hello to all the readers! =p firstly sorry for my late blog update, well...hectic schedule lately avoids me in preparing any updates thou =) but at last, today, glad for this gap... So, for you who want to know where I was and what I've done in these 3 weeks 'blog silent', I'm not silent as everybody knows ;) hehee...keep on reading then!

17 - 19/10/08 - joined the KOMA adventure to Gunung Irau - climbing on the raining weather in the wet muddy beautiful forest, followed by the cameroon enjoyable fresh shopping time! ;) Refer to my Facebook [Ikha Zul] for more stories and photos of this cheerful adventure trip ^_^ Please visit SpideyAIman's blog for more interesting stories of this trip =)

22/10/08 Wed - 'jom theatre' with Azah to KLPac for Kisah Gadis! ^_^ Well done to Tapai & Megat for both excelent theatres thou! And FYI, soon this Kisah Gadis will start their tour to Melaka =)
24/10/08 - Once again Mamma Mia! with my somebody =+ Damn I love Mamma Mia with all the ABBA songs. And FYI, the live musical theatre Mamma Mia! will be staged at Istana Budaya starts from 17 Dec'08 to Jan'09 and the ticket price is RM150 up to RM900. Go go for it! =+
25 & 26/10/08 - in Melaka met my beloved Along Azi & family for Syawal open house! Happily met some other MMUians, like a reunion! hehee...and the most I like thingy when I'm in my pet family house is dengar Mak membebel! suke betul dengar bebelan seorang ibu pada anak2 =) by the way, my own parents not yang suka membebel kind of =p wahaha...
27/10/08 - 'beronggeng' around Bukit Bintang, Low Yat & Times Square. Watched Bangkok Dangerous in 3D Imax cinema with my somebody =+
and lastly, last nite, I was in the Renaissance Hotel near to KLCC for my boss's wedding =)

So, other times than all those trips & events, are my working time thou...hehee...same as all of you out there! working and working for money money money for more and more trips or travel or events to go! As my parents always remind me >> ENJOY YOUR LIFE!! Walla.

Oct 15, 2008

Jom photographying!

Jom photographying! ^_^
nothing more or less just as below:

Oct 12, 2008

bye bye to you... =(

:( I've just received a call,
my relative told me that...
my grandma had just passed away...
and now I'm still working, on job,
but my mind thingking of the way back to hometown asap!
and I want to tell somebody about this,
I want to but I'm not sure...
should or shouldn't I?

Oct 11, 2008

Bunny Mamma Mia! ^_^

midnite of the midnite, back home with face still smiling! =)
why? because of The House Bunny & Mamma Mia of course!
damn tonite I enjoyed both cheerfully & happily along with lots of LOL =D
both movies made me out with lots of laughs! serious LOL,
and took all the pressures of my shoulder,
not to forget lots of thanks for my only bro who accompanied me,
both of us totally enjoyed the movies especially Mamma Mia - the musical based of hit songs of ABBA,
totally awesome till all the audiences still stick to it till the screen totally black-off! ^_^
6/10 for Bunny which is produced by Adam Sandler & 8.5/10 for Mamma Mia! =)
I would like to suggest all of you make the same, go and watch The House Bunny follow by Mamma Mia!
then you can feel the connection thou! =P happy enjoy it!

Oct 9, 2008

Jom teater! ^_^

hi all readers...I never ask for 'jom teater' before right? =)
some of you might already know that I'm fanatic theater kind of,
but honestly I've stop all the theater activities since 2007,
the only left are go and watch and support theaters ^_^
still eager for 'berteater' but less opportunity perhaps...
well...let us go to KL Pac on this coming 22th to 26th Oct for.... :

The Actors Studio's Teater Rakyat programme with the support of KLPac presents Kisah Gadis
Two ordinary women. Two different lives. Two moving tales.
Written by / Ditulis oleh ADIWIJAYA
Featuring / Dilakonkan oleh ASHRAF ZAIN & TUAN FAISAL (TAPAI)

two friends stumble into each other at a bus stop after years without news. As they exchange words, Idayu begins to discover a very different Aris from the college classmate she once knew. People change with time, some more than others. Over a conversation, they venture to rediscover each other...


Written by / Ditulis oleh REDZA MINHAT
Featuring / Dilakonkan oleh SHERRY ABDULLAH
Kartini finds herself furiously baking her own cake on her 42nd birthday. Amidst the hilarity and absurdity of the situtation, a million things flood her mind. Should she go out with the insurance salesman her mom suggested? Is she really running out of time? Then, memories of her past flings return to haunt her... the vet from UPM...Chinese pilot...American expat...and her Mak Long Piah. What should she do?

Directed by / Diarahkan oleh MEGAT SHARIZAL (Festival Teater 2004 Best Director for Tat Nenas)
Artistic Director / Pengarah Artistik JOE HASHAM
Executive Producer / Penerbit Eksekutif DATO' FARIDAH MERICAN

22 – 25 Oct @ 8.30pm; 25 - 26 Oct @ 3.00pm
Pentas 2, KLPac (
RM25 (adults / dewasa) & RM10 (students / pelajar)
Preview Night / Malam Prebiu (22 Oct, 8.30pm) & Sat Matinee / Persembahan Sabtu (25 Oct, 3pm) @ RM10

I've watched both before and seriously both come with lots of differences and stories and the best part is laugh & laugh & laugh especially for Mangli! Cayalah abg Faisal & ashraf & megat! ^_^ JOM TEATER!
p/s weh sape nak pegi roger aku! =)

Oct 8, 2008

Eagle Eye

hmm...midnite, on this sleepy time,
I'm just back home from watching Eagle Eye,
well...as been suggested to watch it by Amir,
during lunch time in Plaza Damas,
with azhar sulaiman who served my lunch,
which make kak yus & wani & amir quite shocked,
coz they thought I'm lying =D
but whatever...back to Eagle Eye...
quite well story with lots of transports damages as perhaps one big point,
hhmm...honestly I was totally concentrated just half of the story,
another half, well...my mind quite fast tracked it,
already able to 75% guessed the following lines...
plus, there are some ideas which grabbed from other movies,
the story lines looks like duplicating from past good movies,
so...i just can give 6 out of 10 averagely...
but it's still one good movie =)
and thanks for somebody who accompanied me =+
my mind was more to Mamma Mia! actually...nevermind...& whatever!

Oct 5, 2008

Konklusi Raya 1429H

Well, raya 1429H all the way was fully happily,
had chances met some old friends ^_^
well, also missed two of my close friends Nani & Yatie,
but mostly...cheerful & happy,
especially with somebody visited me,
and, included along the way back to KL,
with BEE & cousins,
with jamm & speeding,
with stops here & there & met all the relatives =)
so pada konklusinya...semua baik2 & enak2 & gembira!
thanks God.
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