Sep 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ^_^

To all of you out there, who'll celebrate Eid-el-Fitri,
May all be blessed and have a great glorious days along the Syawal...
Thanks God for giving us another chance to move on our life,
So what we need to do during this raya days...
Lets inform & show all of our families how we loves them,
Lets apologize for all the faults from all the person we know,
especially to our friends, who always together beside us,
loves & appreciations...the most valuable thingee in our life!
for us to always be happy & pleasure...

Salam Aidilfitri & Maaf zahir batin from a little me to all of you ^_^ cheers!

Sep 23, 2008


after a complete one week of silence, my first word running in my mind this morning once I login is NOTHINGNESS. Why nothingness? Let me think...
1) maybe because I feel like my life lately, in one short moment, filled up with nothing! Nihility, like in the state of being nothing, and in the condition or quality of being nothing...
2) might be also due to my works nowadays which I feel like something with lack of consequence, insignificant and less values...until I happily-force myself playing my fav strategy game ~Pharaoh~ everyday to make my mind at least busy thinking!
3) and I feel my days followed one another in an endless procession of emptiness, and worthlessness...due to I'm less in think ness, in a cognition includes thinking, attention, perception, memory, reasoning, imagining, and speech...I think! =p
4) do 1, 2, & 3 make sense? whatever! ^_^
5) I do think I need to change a new fuse...sooner!! nothingness follows by SITUATIONIST.

Sep 16, 2008

Nowadays I'm...

well...nowadays I'm...working and running for something bumpy, uncompromising...and everytime I got stuck, stiff, and rigid, I'll stop and rest a while by reading The Ulam Project, just finished read the amazing, surreal story of Ulam July'07 =) then back to works, again...same cycle everyday till...end of October perhaps...really hope so! @_@ hope will run out of this abhorrence, loathing condition and position soon enough!

p/s special thanks to my somebody who chilled me out along last weekend! =+ can I say --> 'I LOVE YOU DEAR' ? =+

Sep 11, 2008

sad mode :(

hhmmm...what u need?
when you are in sad mode...
last few days I was in a bit sad mode,
because of something & somebody,
living in a dull face...
but sadness boosts!
something happen to my BEE,
heartrending till I had a tad sob...
well, as somewhat ensue to the thing you love so much...

Sorry, because of this gloomy situation of mine, I need to cancel our berbuka puasa :(

Sep 2, 2008


lately i'm always late!
late to work on purpose :p
late back home to avoid jam!
late on sleep coz i cant sleep well :(
and late on wake up coz wanna late to work ^_^
late in updating stories on my blog,
also late answering whoever's calling,
and whoever's sms'ing as been tought by my somebody,
and last nite, just late on knowing fuel price decreased!
but lastly, my late actually not really late,
it's just that not on time puntually =)

Sallina Salim: he make u broke 2 prinsips in ur life beb... How can i'm also late realized it's 2!? =D u know me well lartz! and she answered: Sallina Salim: bukan ko late, u decide not to notice it! Am I? yaa...I was...
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