Feb 22, 2008

Movies between works!

uurrgghhh! nearly half a month I've no time to even write down any draft of post in my Epitomes @_@ huhuuu...just working and rest and run for some movies when there is any unintended space of free time. Sounds like what a hectic life schedule right!? Hehehee...well, it's right and it suits me well, the one who's active and workaholic and lively-spontaneous and eccentric!The only negative of me is that I'm restless!

So, for this year, I've watched some movies. Mostly are good except MTS! Spoof-stupid movie to watch!Movies that I like were The Game Plan, American Gangster, CJ7 ( I watched it twice!) and Jumper. Malay movies were CUCI and Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang. The stupid one was Meet The Spartan!

So, one good movies I've missed was Cloverfield. But, life must go on and below are the movies in my must-watch-list! My fav kinda movies! Dances and Speed-racing! ^_^

p/s you can click on the movies name or image to watch the trailers =) Walla!

Feb 15, 2008

Speed Dating - 1st march 2008!

You are single? Interested for Speed Dating? Please refer to below info! ^_^

Guys and gals - thanks for the support. Our last event was a SOLD-OUT! Everyone made friends,and better - they had matches! - so you DON'T want to miss the next event.
As usual, email us your full name and contact number to adam.meets.eve@gmail.com so we can prep you up for the upcoming event. Check out pics from our last event on facebook!
RM 65 payable at the door, 50% if you bring 3 friends, FREE if you bring 5! The more the merrier, come with friends :)
To ensure privacy during the event, location will be revealed to SUCCESSFUL applicants only. Visit www.adam-meets-eve.com.my

Feb 12, 2008


OMG! What's happened? I've open my email, check on inbox, and this is what I have!?
ish! ishsshh! because of Gong Xi Fa Cai,
everybody's in their holiday, so they set the Auto-Reply email! ces! @_@ uurrgghhh!

Feb 8, 2008

Day of happiness! ^_^

^_^ wuhuhuuu...! I'm so much happy today!
what a special day for me,
and my abah, and my bro and sist too! why? because today is the 'family dating day'!
at 12noon, all of us met in KLCC,
abah, Ikmal and Zeti took the bus from Raub,
my abah just parked his red Accord in Raub, lazy to drive! ceh!
So, we met in the center of KLCC and start with our fav food - Nando's! ^_^
uhuk! uhuk! paid by me okay...mana boleh bagi abah bayar! tak cun la! LOL :D
next, to our fav place - Kinokuniya! abah bought some books, me? not for this time :p
because on last few days I've bought 6 mags and haven't finish read it all yet.
next, because my abah most wanted book can't be found in Kinokuniya,
abah suggested to all of us to go to some bookshops along Jalan TAR,
so there we go...for me, Ikmal and Zeti, penat kitorang follow abah to all the bookshops! Urrghh!
because of malas tunggu abah, I've bought 2 Sudoku books, amateur to Im and Expert for me,
then kitorang tinggalkan abah and lepak in the nearest A&W,
drink the rutbir float plus trying the sudoku =)
next destination - SOGO, me with 3 missions - by my laptop bag pack, my mama's new handbag,
and new purse to my sist, Zeti...hehee..dah lama adikku ini menanti pemberian kakak dia :p
If I'm not mistaken, it has been for about 4 months I'm searching for the best laptop bag pack,
on my list it's either the Samsonite or Elle, but in SOGO I've bought Camel! ^_^
I'm so damn happy when I see the Camel bag, really happy!
altho I put the Samsonite and Elle bags side by side, at last Camel won my heart! ahahah! ^_^
next, while Zeti searching for her new purse, I'm dizzying in choosing which handbag for mama,
uurrgghhh! Braun Buffel, Bonia, Carlo Rino, all just have one compartment,
mama suka yang banyak compartments,
so, I bought SBPRC handbag, my fav brand with mostly my fav design!
then, for my sist, I bought her Polo purse as one that she chooses =)
Wahahahaaa! Settled! I'm smiling with full of satisfaction! Thank God ^_^
Lastly, 10pm, all of us get ready to return to my grandma's house in Raub,
and, for the 1st time in my life, abah said "oklah, kali ni Along drive la"
wahahahahahahaaa!! tak pernah hayat abah rela duduk sebelah and aku drive!!!
waaaa.....I love you abah! ^_^ so, I drive my BEE, happily and smiling and storying bla..bla..bla..
with abah sit beside me! =) wuhuhuu! dengar je aku bercerita and discussing sama-sama,
both my bro and sist just listening...after around 2 hours, arrived at Raub,
my abah take his car, then both of us drive to grandma's house,
arrived here, my mama's waiting with smile,
and tambah lebar smile nya bila tau aku belikan handbag baru! cececeeee... ^_^
So, before sleep, me and my bro try to settle at least one game of sudoku,
while I'm writing of my day of happiness. Walla!
Last but not least...to abah, mama, Zeti, Shafiq, Im and Ikmal, also grandma,
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! and nothing will change my love to all of you in my whole life! ^_^

Feb 5, 2008

hectic to boring...

huwaaaa..... @_@
first for past days which was so damn hectic for me,
job-loads and moving here and there,
second for the future days which will be boring,
I mean...during these 6 days of CNY holiday!
for last year, in CNY holiday I was into the jungle,
enjoyed in Jerangkang Waterfall & forest,
this year...huuuuhuu...no plan!
no plan at all! uurrgghhh!!

so...maybe its time for me to update my blog,
upload some photos,
and re-edit some posts in my draft box!
whatever! ^_^ Gong Xi Fa Chai! daaa...
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