Jun 27, 2008

I am an art lover...

firstly, thank you very much to Amir for his invitation last nite, to TAKSU Gallery in Keramat (private gallery). This show involved fine artists from Malaysia & Singapore with different paints/artworks such as acrylic, mixed media on resin, acetic silicone (by Hafiz Razak, Amir's friend, the only artist in Malaysia with this artwork), mirrors and ect. Wow! I really enjoyed it, some paints come with such high feelings! Among all the paints, I love two artworks from Wong Chee Meng (mixed classic - modern with 3 layers! my thought la...) and at the same time, nice knowing new friends hanim, anuar, eddy, iskandar (boss green melon ni tau!) and etc lah! ^_^ tak lupe fahmi and ami yang memang dah kenal tengok wayang sama2 =D I can say now I already know Green Melon's family! =) and honestly, I love their office deco thou! Matched my fav ID! ^_^

p/s jangan lupe ajak lagi if there is any art show tau!
p/s2 I'm theater lover especially like PGL & P.Ramlee, and also Mulan Rouge & Phantom of the Opera. i love paints altho i'm not really good in it, i think :p i damn love photography sehinggakan long time ago my abah 'mgharamkn' camera from being touch by me! can u imagine how crazy i was at that time!? ahahaha...last2 i jugak yg belikan camera for my abah since i start working =)

Jun 26, 2008


wow! lost from 'world wide web' access for nearly 1 week and i feel like be in the far away cave doing 'bertapa'! uurghh! but FYI, the 'cave' is Celcom PJ =P hehehe...doing some new big project there. And at the same time, first day I was there with the new team, it's ok, but then when suddenly one by one person walk into the team are the person who knew me before under another big project i'm still doing, they become confused and thought I've move out from my company and leave that big project! ahahahaa...it's like I've become 2 different person in Celcom now =P hehhee...just keep it silent and leave it this way for a moment =) nothing to be explained. it's just works.

p/s ups...muka aku berseri2 ea lately? Ntah, aku pun tak perasan pulak =P FYI, bukan kerana aku tukar any facial products although i'm thinking of Clinique or Biotherm or Shu Uemura, and also not berseri with the 'not yet reason' which is married...it's just that I've released myself from the 'nearly 2 months under strain life' duration. By the way, thanks for all of your concern =)

Jun 20, 2008

resting cars...

hmmm...in these two weeks time, every morning on my way driving out from my apartment area, I can see lots of cars still static in the parking lots, 1st thought "ramai cuti ke? eh, takkan la pulak..." but at last the conclusion is...hike in fuel prices consequence! now I think people choose to take public transport instead of self drive. What a day...everybody bought the cars to make the daily life easier but now...just keep it 'resting'...whatever!

p/s now I keep my heart 'resting'...

ni ape kes plak nih..
wat muka sedih kat statuss.
hhmm...stress la
stress kt ofis still tak stop
ni agaknye ade gk stress gn si dia ni
org tanak couple dia nak, tp dh couple bukan nk jaga org elok2...
mcm tak couple je i rasa...baik takyah couple!
jgn stress sgt...
terbawak kot ngan keje...
dia mmg tak caring la
u lg caring dr dia
at least tanye i ok ke tak
try laa contact dia plak..ade x???
merajuk aaaa plak

Jun 19, 2008

Friends & Thanks ^_^

well, some of you who close enough to me, know that I'm quite in downy-stressy mood for nearly 2 months now =( well, only you who take care of me knows the reasons of my pressure-life nowadays, right? ;) but, it's okay. In this kind of tension situation then you'll realize who's totally your friends, who close to you, who cares about you, who cannot see your moody-not-cute-little-face, who loves you...and thanks God because I can say I'm lucky of having such true friends who always there when you in need...it's not that always be besides you, but it's the one who doesn't make you feel like you are alone! especially who's listen to your stories, and calm you out of the strains, although just for a while, but it's really worth it! and here by this moment I would like to dedicate special thanks for Watt and Amir and Abg Iqbal...without three of you, maybe my face will not just only sad-cheerless-little-face, but it will be possible to turn into so-gloomy-with-panda-eyes-face! ^_^ so lucky me and so thank you very much my friends! I'm totally in love with you all the time till no end =) Peace! (V)

p/s thanks to my Fifi too...only you who always here besides me... ^_^

Jun 18, 2008

Malaysia (rakyat vs kerajaan)

bla bla blaa...too many not really good news happening nowadays,started from the GE12 and now with the recent hike in fuel prices which brings domino effect and set off like a chain of reaction --> making other things more pricey! and with no ideas, our Government giving of earnest advice for us to change our lifestyles in order to cope and survive. Oh...what a future life will be sooner... =(

Suddenly I'm thinking, instead of just us, 'rakyat yang sentiasa (maybe paksa-rela) menyokong kerajaan', why not they walk the talk (as Lim Kit siang said) first, as to share our burden. Why not they do some of the normal activities that 'we' are doing such like go to the wet & dry markets so that they can check out the latest prices of all daily needed things,
besides go to the supermarket with RM200 and see what that value of money able to buy, and use public transport once in a while to look how good the performances of it, and go with the flow of traffic without the police escorts to share the 'feeling of traffic jam', and travel with economy class instead of business class and visit normal gerai or restaurants instead of hotel to be 'near to rakyat', and...ape2lah lagi yang mana boleh! (maybe you as readers out there can add more...) By the way, by doing all these kind of actions at least can help in understanding the rakyat (at the same time can know what rakyat mengumpat about kerajaan!) huh...! Whatever.

Dalam cerita Pendekar Bujang Lapok lakonan P.Ramlee, Aziz Satar dan Jins Samsudin ada satu part - masing-masing tidak tahu membaca. Kaitannya ialahpandangan ketiga-tiga seniman agong ini terhadap UMNO adalah ketika Aziz Satar
cuba membaca...

"Alif Mim Nun TENDANG Wau....Sarkis!!!"
Alif + Mim + Nun + Wau = UMNO
Dan beliau menyamakan UMNO = Sarkis

p/s so agak2 siapa badut2 nya…?

Jun 13, 2008

P.Ramlee for 2nd time! ^_^

hehehe...last nite, without any arrangement,

once again I went to Istana Budaya for P.Ramlee the Musical Theater!
and luckily, with Azah & her sist & Fakhri (my primary school friend),
fully enjoying it for the 2nd time!

p/s special thanks to Megat =)

Jun 12, 2008

days & stories =)

In the mood of bored, I write down the days & stories of me...

6th June'08:
Back home from office with so damn unwell condition. Damn you stupid-idiot-person-I-ever-faced! Just go to your doghouse and keep on feeding all your dogs! Sorry, I can't kowtow the siot person like you! pegi mampus la lu! Done! So, luckily at night, dated with Azah in Jusco Bkt Raja. We watched the movie Prom Nite. Ahahhaa...I can't totally accept ramai sangat yang menjerit during the show =D huhuu...then, with the total tiredness, while watching Forbes-The 20 Top Earning Women in Music, I slept in Azah's house. Next, suddenly woke-up in the morning when received a sms in my 014 number...well, only a person who knows this number =) thanks!

The top women on Forbes' Cash Queens list earned million between June 2006 to June 2007:
1) Madonna with $72 million
Barbra Streisand $60 million
3) Celine Dion $45 million
4) Shakira $38 million
5) Beyonce $27 million
6) Gwen Stefani $26 million
Christina Aguilera $20 million
Faith Hill $19 million
9) Dixie Chicks $18 million - famous with anti-war, anti-Bush!

7th June'08:
Quite tired during the day, but enjoyable at night! ^_^
11am brunch with azah in kopitiam. 1pm drive to Port Klang and picked-up my cousin. Back home at near to 3pm and sleep! woke-up at nearly 5pm. Early dinner at 6pm then...ready for P.Ramlee the Musical theater! ^_^ with so damn excited! 7.45pm straight to Istana Budaya. Nearly 3 hours enjoying the theater with the one who 1st time watching theater...at the end he just said..."teruja..." ahaha...berbaloi la coz I bought the most expensive tickets for both of us! "Takpe...I belanja..and frame this ticket as memoir ok." ahaks!
The most excellent parts was during the time Noorizan fighting with P.Ramlee & when Remy and Sally tackling each other! so enjoyable! well done! =D just straight back home after the show. ahaha.. =)

8th June'08:
Just relaxed in house while eating and playing Paradise pat salon! I'm so damn addicted to this game! besides Diner Dash and Frenzy Pizza =D ahahaa...forget about my fav game Pharaoh =P then suddenly received calls from my beloved friend, Watt. So, she picked-me-up and we just enjoyed our dating in Midvalley. Eating and talking and visit the pet shops. After dinner at Jusco asam laksa, Watt send me back home. At home, instead of keep playing the pet salon game, I watched Sex & The City season 1 & 2...till I sleep.

The dazzling musical theater, produced by the excellent team of Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical, story of legendary P.Ramlee whose outstanding body of work in film and music, and artistic genius survives & still green till today. The theater show back in time to the glory days of the 40's 50's, and 60's with so superb elaboration of sets and props, stunning costumes and live music featuring some of the Ramlee's popular pieces - with a focus on his loves, passions and personal life. P.Ramlee The Musical featured talented stars which are Musly Ramlee as P.Ramlee, Liza Hanim as Saloma, Melissa Saila as Noorizan, Atilia as Junaidah & Emelda as Azizah.

p/s Thanks abg iqbal for your helps last night. Nnt kite dating lagi ok =)
p/s2 thanks to Brandon for your sms & phone calls! ^_^
p/s3 thanks to Yusfi & Baem for you cares! I'm in a well condition for this moment =P

Jun 9, 2008


Hmm...I'm just here to write down a memo. Walla! Thanks.

Memo: I'm tired of the uncertainty and doubt that comes from not knowing how the people in my life really feels...and how they're not knowing how I really feels.

Jun 6, 2008

Fuel & consequences

Ya ya ya...yesterday, 5th June 2008, can be say was the 'best ever special date' since our 'special' PM working-so-hard-ruling our country. and as one of the big-bang consequences, all beloved rakyat jelata berterima kasih by saying "damn you PM! and bla bla blaa..." so whatever! at first i don't wanna care but at last i do have to care coz it's does brings effects on-to everybody!

p/s please read sinis thought from Fendi Pak Lah dan Rekod Gemilangnya
p/s2 What's Dr M says... Oil Price
p/s3 Comments from Anwar Ibrahim Harga Minyak Melambung!
p/s4 also read feelings from Azah
What will you do now that the oil price hiked up so much?

Jun 5, 2008

life goes on...

yup! yup! this is the matter which i want to write down after quite long 'lost' for a week and plus...life is going on and on...with and without all the things we want or we hate, we're searching for or we incidentally received, we love or we don't need, positive and bad, goes on further in and out, same and different and bla bla blaa...lots and complexes to think and write about! Messing! Chaotic! @_@

p/s orang tua pesan, kalau sayang, semua boleh dilihat melalui perbuatan...duit boleh dicari, kasih dan sayang tak boleh dibeli...
p/s2 aku pesan, walau bagaimana sekalipun, kena CAKAP! kalau tak cakap, ada kemungkinan TAK TAU.
p/s3 aku pesan lagi, kalau sama tu mungkin bosan, kalau lain tu lebih menarik...

ah'ha...dont worry! u r not alone! ^_^ i'm also a lone-ranger like u, and i do think we're always enjoy it, right?
i know, i know, u r in a down mood lately, actually it's just...what can i say...sometimes, especially when we are totally tired, we do need time on our own, like hiding for a while in our own cave kind of...we need some spaces for us to settle down what's on our mind which make us cant stop thinking! understood! it's just that, dont worry...and what u can do is...maybe search for one good listener and share everything that u r feeling now...it's not suppose to b ur best fren...believe me, u'll be released of all the worries after that! =) and at the end, u'll realize it's actually not really hard ;) daa...
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