Jan 22, 2009

My status...

My YM and FB status for today is --> puas hati borong alat makeup! pelik kan? ^_^

and i dont aspect so many comments due to this status tho!
which of course I received from my beloved friends! ^_^
by the way, that shows actually all my friends are aware of me =p
THANKS to all then! hehee...
but here I put one conversation with one of my 'aware' friend...happy reading!

brian: ahaha...can't stop laughing reading your status
ika_zul: hehehehee.....why? why?
brian: because ika yang aku kenal tak banyak pakai make up
ika_zul: heheeee...just assume now i've changed, now i suddenly want to wear make up
brian: ahaha... exactly.. that's the funny part
ika_zul: why funny!?
brian: ehehe... kidding laa, ika..it's not that funny,it just sounds "strange"
ika_zul: alaaaa....actually ika sudah lama mau makeup
ika_zul: dan sudah lama survey segala makeup yang ada
ika_zul: dan sudah cuba semua makeup yang famous
ika_zul: dan sekarang ika sudah jumpa yang memuaskan hati
ika_zul: makanya mulakan aja dengan membeli =D
brian: yaaa... tapi ika tak cocok laa...rock climbing pakai make up.. =p
ika_zul: ahahahahhaaa! dont worry, ika cuma makeup natural aja la
brian: ehehe... good good..
ika_zul: hari ini semua colleagues di ofis juga suddenly menyatakan kenapa ika nampak cantik hari ini
ika_zul: sedangkan mereka tidak sedar yang ika makeup! haaaa.....
ika_zul: baguskan ika makeup, so natural tapi nampak lebih ceria mungkin =p heee...
brian: oh iya? aku mau lihat ika dengan make up...can't wait to see
brian: but natural make up still count as make up
ika_zul: nothing special la, but i do feel special for myself =)
brian: yeah, you should, you are
brian: btw, busy, huh?
ika_zul: not really today, usually i'll be in Celcom petaling jaya office, but today i'm in my office in sri petaling
ika_zul: lazy to go to celcom PJ, there's no food there
ika_zul: well, u know that i'm always hungry
brian: umm... you are so "mobile"
brian: ya, that's funny fact #2 about ika, in that tiny body she always feel hungry
brian: ehehe.. ya ya.. I came to your blog several times, quite a lot I think
brian: hey, the last post, about what a man wants
brian: ya, itu betul laa...actually you made me think, you know, about what I really want
ika_zul: i'm glad with that
brian: so, siapa bilang tu?
ika_zul: somebody, and plus with my thought also
ika_zul: by the way, it's actually a conclusion from answers i got from guys
brian: ehehe... that's good
ika_zul: of cos that's good, see, it able to make u think of what u really want!
brian: yeah.. sebab everybody is talking about the same thing
brian: yeah you know, love, marriage, family, kids etc etc
ika_zul: yup yup
brian: and then those all just make me think...contemplate
brian: so sekarang you're doing nothing ya? boleh chatting2? ahaha
ika_zul: i'm doing small jobs now, so chatting is not a problem by this time
brian: ehehe... so we'd better get back to our real job then
ika_zul: ok then, daaa.....
brian: happy make up-ing! =D

Jan 21, 2009

What man wants?

ya ya ya...a simple Q from girls!
and today i just want to give a simple but complete answers for this Q as below:

"When I was in my secondary, physical beauty and attraction is the prime choice.
When I was in my university years, I look at those girls whom I can click with - for the reason of having a good chat partner of course.
And now, I look for those whom I can rely on to have a family, and also to take care of each other. Of course, she's be someone I can talk to all the time. She must also be tolerable with me, just like I would with her. Physical beauty doesn't seem to play a major role anymore - I'm honest here because sometimes when a beautiful girl show signs of attraction to me, I can't seem to develop any special feelings for her. I feel bad for her, but at least I'm honest with her and myself."

This is the honest simple true answer...hope you who asking is satisfy with the answer...
any comment just put in the comment box k =)
Aite! aite! ^_^ daaa....

Jan 13, 2009

messy mind =(

yup! lately my mind is messy =(
mess-up with lots of thinking & decisions to make,
works decisions, family decisions & my own life decisions,
it's sounds so messy-dessy right?
by the way, everybody is facing the same things in life,
so...just need to go thru it all either you want it or not,
well this is life...
better prepare physical & mental & soul etc.
the end...

p/s i need some changes & i need someone...

Jan 9, 2009

Perak Iron Bound la pulak!

wow wieee! if on last post I mentioned about Adidas sundown marathon in Singapore, this time I got another opportunity for Perak Iron Bound 2009 ^_^ it's not easy for me thou to get these kind of options. Well, although i am a semi-active person for outdoor activities (as i think i am la :p hehee...not really-active kut), FYI, i never ever yet involve in these kind of run and race plus treasure hunting or marathon in my life...so...now, I think I would like to join this Perak Iron Bound but I do need more knowledge and supports from all of you thou, especially KOMA members who open these offers for me =) plus, perhaps I do not think I can or available to join the Adidas marathon thou :( well some of you might already know the reason why, perhaps, right? =p heheee...instead of I'm losing both options, at least I can grab one! apa kata anda?

by the way, I already in a bit down mood now coz I cannot join the leisure trip to Taman Negara Tahan for this weekend! =( takpela...dulu kan dah pernah ke sana...but I still miss the moment walking on the highest canopy walkway in the world, and main2 air yang sejuk amat in the oldest river in the world! huh! never mind, next next time then. So...just wait and see on next weekend! =)

Jan 5, 2009

wahahahaa & aduh!

hihiii...since morning, these are the only words pop-up in me,
'wahahaaa' for the satisfaction from the mountaining G.Angsi on last Sat 3/1/09,
and 'aduh!' for sakit2 kaki resulted from the mountaining! @_@
fuuuhhh...between all the mounts i've been step-up before,
for me Mount Angsi memang mencabar, it's not because of it's height, but because of...
nak sampai ke puncak tuh, mak aihhh...dakian menegak! sampai kan aku tak larat!
1st time nih tak larat camni, isshhh...
sampaikan si Daus hanuman tuh panggil aku lori 2 tan!
maybe because of my movement at that time climbing speed so slow as 2 tans lorry! =D
so, all of us KOMA geng start mendaki at 10.30am smpai puncak 3 hours after that,
then 2.05pm started our run down and finished after 2 hours plus,
together with sesi bermain2 air terjun yang tak berapa tinggi terjun nye =p
next, siap2 bersihkan diri and to the next destination - muara sg duyung, melaka.
hehe...another 'mental' session along the way was when my car temp suddenly high up,
perhaps because of Daus was the one who's driving my car at that time =p
kah3! Daus dh mental while Ayman and me sakit perut tegelak!
especially bila Daus drive dgn kelajuan cuma 60kmh then dipotong lori2! kah33! =D
mental siot! poor my BEE... =p
so, dinner kat muara sg duyung tuh, makan macam2 as udang lala ikan ketam semua,
and the last fish telah dihabiskan dengan jayanya oleh Ayman hanuman! kah3!
bak kata Ayman, dia makan sebab kasihan nasi tu nangis ^_^ good Ayman good!
so, next after dinner, everybody else moved to Jonker street, while me and abg pyan and nurin balik ke KL,
and thanks BEE sebab takde pun buat pasal macam time Daus bawak tuh! =D
11.35pm from melaka, arrived in KL 12.30midnite, I sent nurin to ampang and abg pyan to jelatek
and me sampai umah at 1.45am lebih kurang after pusing2 isi minyak kt bangsar =)
huhuuuu....terus tido keletihan...

Sun, 4/1/09, pagi2 my gf, watt yg tido bilik sebelah sms and wake me up =p
time watt sampai my apartment Sat malam tuh I tak sampai umah from melaka lagi =p
hehee...nasib baik watt pandai2 bawak diri kt apartment i tuh...hehee...
11am, my dear and my sister Zeti and watt gerak menghala ke UNIKL,
Zeti need to register as a new student in UNIKL...watt turun kat the nearest LRT,
well, as janji nak jumpa her dear in the middle of KL =)
so, teman la adik kesayangan ku register,
while menunggu sempat bejalan ke maju junction with my dear,
siap sempat beli kemeja Esprit yang lawa tuh lagi =D
till my sister finished, then hantar la dia ke UNIKL hostel kat bangsar area,
entered je hostel tuh, on the way the lift, my dear dah komen sana komen sini,
maklum la...arkitek la katakan, mana leh tengok kalau design yang teruk2 nih,
same la cam aku yang suka jugak komen2 design yang hampeh2 nih...
mmg matched sgt la korang bedua nih bak kata my sist =p
dah tu, near to 4pm, went to pray kat bangsar mosque, then to sunway kononnye nk nonton bedtime story,
but at the end just jalan2 tgk itu tgk ini sampai 6++pm, balik umah!
sampai umah terus tido tak ingat makan till this morning!
this morning bangun dengan sakit2 kaki tak abis plus kelaparan! @_@
siap2 la dengan slow nye untuk ke office...huuu.............

p/s thinking of the tawaran for the Adidas Sundown Marathon...but the marathon date gonna be on 30th May'09 in Changi Singapore! Alamak! boleh ke? layak ke? Suke hati je KOMA ni yer... =p

Jan 1, 2009

Bye and Welcome ^_^

wow! wow! we've just entered to a new year 2009 =) a new beginning for lots of new
things ^_^ For me, the first new thing as minutes entered 2009 was the movie Yes
Man, as the first movie for this new year =p One good with satisfaction movie thou.
For previous year, the last movie I watched was The Spirit as the 53rd movie for year
2008. Ahaks! yup I understood, not all of you can be so hardworking as me in
calculating these and that included the movies I've watched =p I love doing
calculation all the time thou! hehee...others are such as 49 magazines, 17
handbags, 1 purse, 43 times Nando's, 52+ new clothes, 5 new perfumes, 2 laptop
bags, 1 outdoor bag, 2 digital cameras, 3 laptops, and bla bla bla were bought by
myself in my 2008 life! =) what less in 2008 compare to 2007 are the watched
theaters and outdoor activities I've joined =( huuuu...and for something big changes
in my life, yup one big in 2007 and another one will be in this year ^_^ so I assume
year 2009 gonna be one excelent year for me and my life thou. Coz there'll be some
fast forward thingy for me this year, so perhaps some pengorbanan will be needed
also =) I live my whole 2008 with full of loves and happiness, perhaps some sad
stories and life challenges also, but all I've went thru successfully with God helps for
sure. Thanks God and may God bless my family and I and all of us in this new
cheerful year. Ameen.
Oh, regarding azam baru, as in 2008 one of my new mission was dont want to wear
watch anymore, well it was done successful thou =) hehehee...selalu orang azam
tambah something but me kurangkan something pulak =p nevermind. So new
mission for 2009 is for sure run for better life than previous years but to be more
specific, hope for new job and salary and perhaps new status thou... *wink* *wink*
^_^ So good luck in advance for you and me! and before I forget, thanks to all of you who's always besides me and together in 2008. I love you thou! so much loves! Bye 2008 and welcome 2009! Cheers! ^_^
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