Mar 31, 2008

miserable! to calm down...

uurrghh! altho now I'm having new office-colleague in helping me with my alone-jobs before, but my schedule still need to be re-arranged! I've thinking a lot the way, i am someone who always love-thinking-in-everything! maybe this is one of the style of geminian! =D whatever!
So, as the last day of March'08, what i'm doing most of the times today is reading blogs and update my diary and express all my feelings in My Heart'08 diary and lastly update my Epitomes...its like relaxing day for me, change miserable to calm down mood and feeling...well, it's good thou! good for me ^_^ ever since too busy with hectic life schedule start from last Dec'07! but it's calming down now...and suddenly...I'm thinking of...maybe jump to another ship...? perhaps...Celcom..? hhmmm...thinking..but maybe not yet!

By the way, I wanna stop writing now. Just wanna relax and listening to my fav song lately - from Juno movie, full time friend part time lover...but before that, just wanna update and let all of you out there know regarding Telco World in Malaysia. There will be one new operator soon, beside Celcom, Maxis and Digi, named Umobile. The numbe will be 018 and actually it already start promoting itself with Umobile - Surf with U. If you wanna know on details, just click on the below pics okay ;) Done! Daa...

Mar 25, 2008

Step Up! I love it! ^_^

Waaa...!! ^_^ I really really love this musics+dances kinda movie! as I always do since...since long time ago =) Step Up 2 - The Streets, wow! I most part which I love is the last dance from MSA - Maryland School af the Arts team, lead by both Chase the hero and Andie the heroin...walla! Love it thou! dance by the rebelliois street dancer in the rainy nite with so damn cool stylish movements and the most special is the effect from the rain-water like dancing together! cool! ^_^ If compare to Step Up 1, this one is more aggressive. Hero in Step Up 1, Tyler gage also included in this Step Up 2 but just in the intro part of it =) hey, just go and watch it and enjoy it okay! Daa... ^_^

p/s Azah, sorry to hear about what happened to your new more careful next time okay! =) and jom tengok wayang next time okay! ^_^
p/s2 click here to see Step Up - The Streets OST

Mar 23, 2008

back from home! ^_^

Walla! ^_^ I'm back from my family's home! soooo happy meeting everybody, except my bro shafiq coz he didn't back home last weekend...actually since last raya, ces! whatever! hehehe...same like his sister! malas balik rumah! hehehe...actually...that's me! ^_^

So, along the time when I was at home, things what I've done were long-sleep and watched movies from DVDs that I brought and shopping with my siblings, also my mama! time to spent with my abah, no life discussion as usual with abah, except, first time merajuk with abah! uurrgghhh! as the result, I cannot take the Honda engine oil from my abah's collection, as in one of the main reason why I choose to balik rumah! iisshhhh! @_@ geramnye! now I need to buy it by my own because it is time for me to service my BEE! walla wei...regretted! whatever!

Actually I was back hometown with less budget this time, my budget lost during outstations to east Malaysia actually. But, at least I still affordable and bought jeans and shirts and slack and needed things to both of my bros. And as usual, lots of home-kitchen things for my family. Except for my abah, his wanted camera, because I was still in merajuk mood at that time :p the end, everybody's happy, so do I =x of course we are happy when we able to make our love-life-people happy thou! Sayang my family much much! Nothing can beat the loves!

So, I just arrived in KL this morning. And because of still unsatisfied in myself due to not yet buy the wanted camera to my abah, so I went to Low Yat after had my lunch. At the same time, together with my aunt, she need me to guide her in buying laptop =) So, I've helped my aunt, she at last choose HP Compac beside the Acer, and I bought camera to my abah! ^_^ damn happy! Firstly, I want to buy the same camera as mine, but, at the end I choose the latest Canon digicam because the price is quite cheaper than my model. My camera is Canon Ixus 70, I bought Canon PowerShot A470 to my family. The functions nearly the same except the physical-look and the battery. I choose the blue color instead of red for my abah ^_^. hehehe...satisfied! and nite nite!

p/s to elmo, thanks for picked-up tweety this morning, and tweety said she really enjoyed the breakfast while watching the group of people dancing that old styles of dances - especially the salsa! ahaks! =x

Mar 19, 2008

My life...

Hola! Hola! ^_^ for such a long time I haven't sit and relax and writing down all the things running inside my mind & happened around me! uurrgghhh! Nearly one month I keep on silent - with the reason, drowning in the pool of troubleshoots and trainings especially for 3G networks all over the country...huhuu...just 2 more to go in April.

Okay, let me just conclude and make it compact & simple - my life ‘wrapping up’ for the last 4 weeks.

Lets start with end week of February’08 where I was in KK then followed by Kuching for the whole week. Done with 3G monitoring trainings for Celcom people in sites – Inanam (KK) and Pending (Kuching). Met new peoples, as usual, but most special-happy-thing was I ate lots of my fav fresh plus cheaper seafood! Especially in Kuching, the famous food court named Topspot, behind the hotel where I stayed – Somerset Serviced Residence. Every time I’m in Kuching I’ll target this Topspot as the main place to eat especially in gerai no 8! ^_^ and that was the second time I ate gamat, the sea cucumber….wahahahaa! When I compared between the foods in Kuching and KK, I’ll choose Kuching! More variety in tastes, hot n spicy instead in KK most foods are sweet and sour. But apa2pun all are good to eat. So, 29th Feb back to KL. Huhuuu…felt quite tired-but-happy.

Ok. I started my March with fully relaxed and just isolated myself mostly in my room, for the whole day in house. Next, early 5am in the morning 2nd March’08, yeeehaaaa…jungle trekking plus happily spent time with my outdoor gang in Sg Chilling, near to Kuala Kubu Baru, further up of Ulu Yam. Please go to My Photos as a proof! Hehehee…enjoyed the whole day crosses the river and relaxed in the waterfall area. End up that day with beef plus chicken barbeque! Wahahahaa…suddenly my memories go to my last jungle trekking plus mount climbing - Gunung Irau, Cameroon Highland on last August’07. Giler lama jugak aku stop outdoor thou! Half-a-year! @_@ rock climbing? Nearly a year thou! Giler kempunan! Uurgghhh…now I really-compulsory need to make some cleanup and defrag my life schedule! Serious! By the way, now I’m sure I can make some changes in it because I’m having assistant in office now, so all the works now able to be divided to half-and-half! :D yey!

Next, on 11th March – I had Netcare Post Processing Tool training in Singapore. Huhuu…It was my 2nd time to Singapore for 2008, again to Orchard Road. Not enough time for any activity other than training. Then, followed by works on sites for the whole week around KL. Agak bosan…bored! Especially when doing and dealing with the same people with similar activities.

Now on this week, I’m preparing for the next trip. I'll be in Kuching & KK, again! Starts from 2nd & 3rd April in Kuching follow by KK on 4th. Maybe after that I’ll stay there till Sunday...plan to go for snorkeling somewhere well in KK thou! Maybe Sapi Island or MamutikIsland or Manukan Island…might be Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park! Depends on time & money :p

p/s sadness: lost my Camel Active backpack lock in KK & my meloved Victorinox Swiss Army card kena rampas in Singapore Airport! How can it passed-by the scanner in KLIA? uurrgghh! Self satisfaction: bought handbag in KK & my fav perfume 212 Sexy in Kuching ^_^

Mar 16, 2008

huuwaaa.....!!! :((
can u imagine when one of your good best fren,
will be 'away' from you...
ya i've faced it before, and gonna face it again soon,
u'll feel like 'lost' and some spaces in u will be 'empty',

but, what to do, life has to goes on,
with or without him or her, my best frens ever...
n we'll be fren forever no matter what!
no matter who u are now n then...
coz once I've pasted in my mind and heart the status of who u are,
u'll be as it forever...
except if I've been forced wif any undeniable reason 'to kick u out of me',

then ur status will be downgraded...
don't worry, I'll never ever 'delete' u out of me once u've been in me...
once u've been in me, no matter who u r before n now n so on...
u'll be in me forever! and I'll love u forever!

p/s I dedicate this to all my life-love-people, especially Lat, Watt, elmo when I'm twetty, Azah, Alg Azi, Amir when I'm budak kecik, Nani when I'm chipsmore, Dr Maaz when I'm baby, 'Ribut Pasir' when I'm 'Pelangi Petang', Ida elvira, Baem when I'm Cinderella, Abg Iqbal when I'm pikachu, 'H' when I'm 'K', 'Prince' when I'm 'Princess', rahim & hanny & yusfi & shaha when I'm akak, Shah & Asri & Ash when I'm Ikha-chan and so on frens since I'm in this world...

p/s2 now they're on their way out of my way...with God blesses...I miss u...

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