Dec 29, 2008

no more 'run'

oh ho ho ho...! yup, this time, no more 'run',
I love to 'run' since I know myself,
'run' from nothing but everything...I think!
sometime I realized but must of the time I don't :p
run and run and run and I love running thou! =)
running in life is interesting, 'run' with 'eyes' and 'ears',
resulted in bunch of experiences =)
experiences which help me in dealing with my life, your life too,
but, well...not all the time you can run,
there is time which force you to stay, don't move,
there is time when you need to stop running,
stop and more 'run'...
for a while, or perhaps, for longer than a while ;)

Happy happy new year - we've entered Muharram 1430H already now =)
let's start our new year with new us, let's be better than yesterday, best for future.

p/s ape2pun aku jeles sebab aku tak RUN as aiman and daus and zana in Jerai Eco-Challenge!
p/s2 and I'm quite jealous for cannot joined the Putrajaya Lake Kayak Expedition on last 2 days!
p/s3 or perhaps I was 'run' from both? ceh! penatlah 'run'!
p/s4 I can't 'run' anymore after that big decision from the juries...ape2la...

Dec 25, 2008

Season's Greetings!

fuh! quite a tired morning for me today,
well, ape tak nye, 3 games for bowling with my outdoor gang last nite =)
my KOMA group...bowling in Superbowl Times Square,
we concoured 6 lanes thou! :p
wahahahaaa! full of laughs as sign of happiness of course!
so here i would love to thanks everybody involved last night,
plus special thanks to CK and Ijoy for the mengarut plan dalam kete,
before we accidently found out the way to be out off the jamm!
kah3! memang niat nak celebrate xmas di jln bkt bintang tak direstui! =D
and another thanks for KAO and also CK for belanja makan di Juta Seafood kg baru =)
oh, another special wish to Kak Yus for her birthday ^_^
and another congrate for Aiman Monkey for the highers points in the game!
ceh, walaupun xde la high enuf kan :p heheheee...
ape2pun, thanks and cheers and season's greeting from me to everybody, all of you!
walla! Happy happy holidays everybody!

p/s still under waiting duration...
p/s2 sorry dear for not dinner with you last nite :p
p/s3 thanks for my siblings who's excited while waiting! ceh!

Dec 24, 2008

waiting for something...

I'm waiting! ya waiting! waiting...
after the last call, now i'm auto transfer to this waiting time,
cannot run from it anymore,
one moment in life when u need to wait for the answer,
well, must be multy answers depends on individual what he/she is waiting for,
but for me, the answer i think will at least make me nocturnal, perhaps,
might also make me clueless or mata berkelip2 agaknya,
whatever lah, nevertheless...waiting for an answer...
answer in number format perhaps...
waiting for the juries to decide,

Dec 20, 2008

aku berperasaan menulis [II]

sejak kelmarin aku berperasaan untuk menulis lagi,
kali ini bukan dari pembacaan,
tapi dari penglihatan...ape yang kulihat sebagai inspirasi,

kulihat banyak kereta mewah mengelilingi kereta kecil ku,
namu ape yang pelik,
perilaku mereka tidaklah mewah beradap,
tetapi mewah mungkin berlagak,
atau mewah bodoh agaknya,
kerena ber-BMW tapi kelihatan hobinya mengorek hidung!
kereta Celica, tapi gemar menggaru-garu kepala yang berkelimumur agaknya,
berkereta Caldina tetapi membawa seperti baru belajar memandu!
apetah lagi seorang nenek tua tetapi memakai Civic 1.8! Urrgghhh!
tak sesuai! semua kelihatan seperti tak sepadan!
mewah yang tak tahu menghargai agaknya semua!
mewah yang tiada gaya sepatutnya...tidak bertauliah untuk jadi mewah agaknya!
ape2lah! kebosanan aku melihat,
nasib baik reda perasaan ku menulis,
dan terima kasih kepada yang sudi membaca,
terima kasih berganda kepada yang sudi memberi komen =)
kerana adanya komen bererti ada juga yang berkongsi perasaan/tulisan ku! ^_^
Thanks in advance & cheers! =)

Dec 18, 2008

aku berperasaan menulis

hari ni terasa ingin menulis,
yelah...menulis sesuatu selepas membaca sesuatu,
begitu lah lebih kurang rasanya...

selepas membaca sesuatu, terasa banyak yang kutahu,
orang itu sebegini, orang ini sebegitu,
happy, sedih, ceria gumbira, tiada perasaan...
macam-macam lah! =)
tapi aku, aku ade banyak perasaan ni!
perasaan aku sendiri dan juga perasaan orang yang datang menumpang perasaan aku,
mungkin agaknya perasaan diorang tu terlalu berat tak mampu nak tanggung sendiri,
so datang menumpang perasaan aku,
aku ok, aku suka berkongsi perasaan ni ^_^
jadi sesiapa nak berkongsi silakan lah...

pengalaman pun dapat bertambah, pengalaman hidup ni indah,
terlalu indah, apetah lagi jika bijak menghayati hidup,
yang sedih duka boleh jadi alasan untuk senyum!
betul! aku tak tipu...bila selalu senyum hidup jadi ceria, indah!
apetah lagi juga jika hidup bukan seorang, tapi berdua atau selebihnya...
lagi tambah ceria indah! fantastik! wow! ^_^

hhmm...tiba-tiba aku terasa rindu...
merindu seseorang...dua tiga orang...ramai!
aduh! ini yang susah, nak melepas rindu...
jumpa? jom! jom! rindulah! ^_^
rindu...rindu...rindu.......banyak-banyak rindu jadi cinta,
wah...cinta pun indah!
aku sedang bercinta, cinta dengan si dia,
cinta kena dipenuhi sayang...sayang sayang sayang!
wah! indah lagi indah! eh...hidup ni memang penuh keindahan lah!
tapi...adakah semua merasai keindahan ini? eh! haruslah!
jom! hidup lah dengan indah =) alhamdulillah...

Dec 17, 2008

Time is less and less...

Uurrgghhh! my time is less and less,
proved by long time no update on my blog!
and my mind keep on talking about TIME!

I cant see time, I cannot felt the time, but time has effects on me!
when I focus on my time, it’ll slows down…
but when I turn my backs on time, it’ll speed up!
my perception or awareness of time changes,
but the time remains constant…it is tangible!
n it is real…sometimes I feel it’s precious,
some other times it’s wasted!
TIME - nature’s greatest force!

Dec 1, 2008

my unlucky day...

why today is my unlucky day?
1) since morning i started my minor migrain while working! =( this's rarely happen, by the way this is the 1st time i got migrain while on works...
2) because of migrain, i feel wanna vomit all the time lunch! huuu...just ate the guava and karipap...have to eat something in order to avoid gastric.
3) by the time i've packed to back home, i got calls from bosses to solve some problems which suddenly occured which resulted in i need to stay in office although the time already late! and I'm hungry! uurrgghhh! @_@
4) then, time to go back home, when i arrived in the parking lot, i suddenly feel so damn nothing to say when i see there are some scratches on the front door of my BEE! dammit! =( i dont know how or who! may God bless the person in charge of this! i just put my bag close the door and start the engine and... :'(
5) arrived home, no food in a hungry and tired mood so walked to the nearest pasar malam and bought the nasi kukus ayam berempah and that's all for unlucky day... =(

a question to myself : which will make u cry? A) when your BEE 'dicalari' B) when your heart 'dilukai'? and my honest answer is A! and i was cried with a little sob. Well, can u imagine when something u really want it badly, then u're having it, and of course u'll love it so badly too and so when the thing's 'dicalari' of course la u'll hurt and cry! hmmm...whatever! by the way, BEE is the only thing i have which i love too much...

Nov 28, 2008

wonder-full life...

It takes a thought to make a word and some words to make an action,
it takes some good to make it hurt while some bad for satisfaction,
birds flying high while sun in the sky,
it starts with hello and end with goodbye,
fish in the sea, blossom on the tree and butterflies having fun,
it takes some silence to make sound and a loss before you found it
it takes the one to have the other and no time to fall in love,
but it takes you years to know what love is and some fears to make you trust,
life is so rough, life goes full circle,
life is our love, life is wonderful, and freedom is mine...

Nov 27, 2008

conversation with myself...

hey! how's ur blog tho? lots of things to write but...? gap to do that! hectic schedules with works!
ooo...really? or is it because u always mengaduh ur ass lebam & ur lutut luka?
weh! suka hati aku la! i love to mengaduh! bukan slalu ade peluang nak sakit!
up to you! but i know the mind is thinking of blogging...
hhmmm...ok la I'm writing now la...

nearly 2 weeks, nothing has been updated including my financial flow, mind keep being pushing thinking for somebody else instead of myself, my eyes turn nearly to panda's eye now, cant sleep well! cant eat well! yes it's just sometime to having this kind of hectic schedule of works which dragging in to out of office hour time beside without OT! can u imagine how this moment going on? stress still on altho try to fight it smartly. but nevertheless, still kacau my sleeping time turn it to rest & relax by flirting out with whoever I'm close with and watched Madagascar II & James Bond & Wayang & this moment watching movies is one of the way to relax...beside thinking of bungee jump or diving which all need more times & the way, i love to be out of my house when i'm in the messy mind because if i stay indoor my mind gonna be more mess-up with all the siol housemates' behaviors! so, special thanks to kareshi & amir for spending times with me =) love you tho! now, my mind asking for rest but my physical want to keep on moving...for some extreme outdoor activities perhaps! yes...waiting for call for that...water rafting in lata kijang, or bungee jump in melbourne, or rock climbing in damai, or maybe bermain air di lata jarum! hmmm...perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! and all these chaotic thingy resulted in migraine and gastrick in myself! (my migraine = cofees + stress)+(my gastrick = hectic + no gap) = messy self...whatever! I do agree if someone want to take care of myself for a while, now! huuu...

Before I stop, just comments on the movies.
Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa >> well enough to make you laughing and LOL! the part I love is when Melman's teaching Moto Moto on how to treat Gloria in a well manner =p
James Bond:Quantum of Solace >> full of quite extreme kind of actions as usual. The view which attract me is the structure of the hotel in the middle of the sahara/desert.
Wayang >> congrat to Mr Hatta Azad Khan tho for this good quality malay movie! ^_^ seriustly everybody who's the arts lover especially wayang kulit should go and watch Wayang tho! I tak bosan langsung watching it to the end tho =) so how about you? ;)
Guard Post GP506 >> one good korean movie. U need-to-think-kind-of-story in a story tho! It's stories in a story which actually the only answer it to know it! =D kind of a bit challenging to understand the true story =)
So, need to mengundur diri now...walla! thanks for reading. Oh! before I forgot, last 2 weekend I've spend my valueable times in Perak for water rafting & caving! best giler tho! so for photos and videos of that water rafting & caving, well need to visit my facebook thou ^_^. Walla again!

Ikha Zul's Facebook profile

This is a conversation with myself...It's okay to dance around it and have it my way, Laugh about it, oh for goodness sake, Don't believe in anything that's keeping me awake, Loverboy, lovergirl, I need a song to sleep to and morning to sleep thru, And have it my way. I better have it my way with myself. I better have it my way anytime. I better have it my way with myself and only myself. I better have it mine and I know that you'll have yours...I'm feeling all sentimental and feeling all thru my head...

Nov 13, 2008

this weekend I...

just wanna let all of you who wanna knows,
this weekend I'll be joining an outdoor team to Gopeng, Perak,
the same team I've joined to G.Irau last month,
for water rafting on saturday &
caving at Gua Tempurung on Sunday,
plus side activities like shopping spree & 'wayang' perhaps =p
just wait & see & I'm eager for some new experiences! ^_^
hope I'll totally enjoy it, for my self satisfaction of course!
while time is less & less, I need to catch up everything wanted asap!

Nov 12, 2008

last weekend I...

well, stories for my last weekend:
happy things were...
my beloved pet sist who's also my best friend was here in KL,
I picked her from Hotel Brisdale,
lunch & dinner at the Rosdet restaurant with my fav porridge plus fav soup =)
then story telling session till slept,
next picked another pet sist from Unisel and shopping around Shah Alam,
wahahaa...I bought some books & mag ^_^
the sad thing was...
while walking from one shopping center to another,
plus raining lightly, suddenly my beloved green slipper terputus di tengah jalan...
waaaaaaaaaa! and without any thought,
I just took it and searched for the nearest dustbin and thrown it into it,
and berjalan berkaki ayam to the nearest Vincci shop
and bought the cheapest slipper which attracted me to it! DONE!
while inside my mind still thinking on the lost chance to Gunung Nuang :( whatever.

Nov 6, 2008

work, brain, money, work...

9.45pm: still sitting opposite my boss,
hearing what he's talking & explaining,
but my mind already on my sweet comfort bed,
sleepy and totally out of mind,
can be say under subconscious mind perhaps now,
the theta wave is start waving now...serious!
ahaks! when words 'subconscious mind' come out from my mind,
suddenly I remember the suggestion from a lawyer,
also a close friend of mine,
he offers me to learn neuro linggo, the art of communication to subconscious power,
sounds interesting for me thou...
since long time ago I'd red a book belongs to my abah,
The Power Of Subconscious Mind...
dude, if you totally learn that, you're then able to hypnoses anyone! =)
I still can remember during the time I was in secondary school,
I love to 'lepak' in my abah mini library,
and my targets were all the book referring to mind & IQ & EQ & SQ...
love all those related to MIND topics! curious on how power the brain is!?
while I was reading, I was also testing my mind thou! ahaks! funny but serious,
by the way, although J. Robert Oppenheimer was the farther of atomic bomb in World War II,
it was Einstein who'd used just 1.3% of his brain to create the E=MC(square),
{correct me if I'm wrong on the Einstein's brain brain can't remember well now}
uppss...before i keep on thinking to some other heavy topic, i better stop now! walla!

Nov 4, 2008

Water Sports in Putrajaya this weekend!

hi all, FYI there'll be Water Sports in Putrajaya this weekend! Stars from 7th up to 9th Nov'08 and the admission to the watersports complex in Presint 6 Putrajaya is free =) see uu there!

Nov 3, 2008

time is less & less...

OMG! as lately when I start thinking,
minutes to hours, days to weeks,
then I've realized, the time is less & less,
but there're lots of things in my list,
which haven't been well done yet!
especially lots of places which I haven't step my own small foot yet! Urghh!
and the time is less & less,
but the trips & events & actions are more & more!
as the loves become more & more...
theatres & arts & outdoors & photos & bungee jump & Melbourne!
how about Capoeira & SLR camera & diving & Grand Canyon!?
wahahahaaa...sounds huge & cheerful & enjoying life aite?
that's what we're living for dude! ENJOY YOUR LIFE!
as best as you can...and this is what I'm doing & planning & try to archieve,
till the time is the time is less & less...huuu... >_<
Can I? hopefully & trying & grabbing...Ameen.

by the way, only some of you can totally understand the whole what I mean here... ;)
and what goes around, comes around.

Oct 31, 2008

where & done...

Hello to all the readers! =p firstly sorry for my late blog update, well...hectic schedule lately avoids me in preparing any updates thou =) but at last, today, glad for this gap... So, for you who want to know where I was and what I've done in these 3 weeks 'blog silent', I'm not silent as everybody knows ;) hehee...keep on reading then!

17 - 19/10/08 - joined the KOMA adventure to Gunung Irau - climbing on the raining weather in the wet muddy beautiful forest, followed by the cameroon enjoyable fresh shopping time! ;) Refer to my Facebook [Ikha Zul] for more stories and photos of this cheerful adventure trip ^_^ Please visit SpideyAIman's blog for more interesting stories of this trip =)

22/10/08 Wed - 'jom theatre' with Azah to KLPac for Kisah Gadis! ^_^ Well done to Tapai & Megat for both excelent theatres thou! And FYI, soon this Kisah Gadis will start their tour to Melaka =)
24/10/08 - Once again Mamma Mia! with my somebody =+ Damn I love Mamma Mia with all the ABBA songs. And FYI, the live musical theatre Mamma Mia! will be staged at Istana Budaya starts from 17 Dec'08 to Jan'09 and the ticket price is RM150 up to RM900. Go go for it! =+
25 & 26/10/08 - in Melaka met my beloved Along Azi & family for Syawal open house! Happily met some other MMUians, like a reunion! hehee...and the most I like thingy when I'm in my pet family house is dengar Mak membebel! suke betul dengar bebelan seorang ibu pada anak2 =) by the way, my own parents not yang suka membebel kind of =p wahaha...
27/10/08 - 'beronggeng' around Bukit Bintang, Low Yat & Times Square. Watched Bangkok Dangerous in 3D Imax cinema with my somebody =+
and lastly, last nite, I was in the Renaissance Hotel near to KLCC for my boss's wedding =)

So, other times than all those trips & events, are my working time thou...hehee...same as all of you out there! working and working for money money money for more and more trips or travel or events to go! As my parents always remind me >> ENJOY YOUR LIFE!! Walla.

Oct 15, 2008

Jom photographying!

Jom photographying! ^_^
nothing more or less just as below:

Oct 12, 2008

bye bye to you... =(

:( I've just received a call,
my relative told me that...
my grandma had just passed away...
and now I'm still working, on job,
but my mind thingking of the way back to hometown asap!
and I want to tell somebody about this,
I want to but I'm not sure...
should or shouldn't I?

Oct 11, 2008

Bunny Mamma Mia! ^_^

midnite of the midnite, back home with face still smiling! =)
why? because of The House Bunny & Mamma Mia of course!
damn tonite I enjoyed both cheerfully & happily along with lots of LOL =D
both movies made me out with lots of laughs! serious LOL,
and took all the pressures of my shoulder,
not to forget lots of thanks for my only bro who accompanied me,
both of us totally enjoyed the movies especially Mamma Mia - the musical based of hit songs of ABBA,
totally awesome till all the audiences still stick to it till the screen totally black-off! ^_^
6/10 for Bunny which is produced by Adam Sandler & 8.5/10 for Mamma Mia! =)
I would like to suggest all of you make the same, go and watch The House Bunny follow by Mamma Mia!
then you can feel the connection thou! =P happy enjoy it!

Oct 9, 2008

Jom teater! ^_^

hi all readers...I never ask for 'jom teater' before right? =)
some of you might already know that I'm fanatic theater kind of,
but honestly I've stop all the theater activities since 2007,
the only left are go and watch and support theaters ^_^
still eager for 'berteater' but less opportunity perhaps...
well...let us go to KL Pac on this coming 22th to 26th Oct for.... :

The Actors Studio's Teater Rakyat programme with the support of KLPac presents Kisah Gadis
Two ordinary women. Two different lives. Two moving tales.
Written by / Ditulis oleh ADIWIJAYA
Featuring / Dilakonkan oleh ASHRAF ZAIN & TUAN FAISAL (TAPAI)

two friends stumble into each other at a bus stop after years without news. As they exchange words, Idayu begins to discover a very different Aris from the college classmate she once knew. People change with time, some more than others. Over a conversation, they venture to rediscover each other...


Written by / Ditulis oleh REDZA MINHAT
Featuring / Dilakonkan oleh SHERRY ABDULLAH
Kartini finds herself furiously baking her own cake on her 42nd birthday. Amidst the hilarity and absurdity of the situtation, a million things flood her mind. Should she go out with the insurance salesman her mom suggested? Is she really running out of time? Then, memories of her past flings return to haunt her... the vet from UPM...Chinese pilot...American expat...and her Mak Long Piah. What should she do?

Directed by / Diarahkan oleh MEGAT SHARIZAL (Festival Teater 2004 Best Director for Tat Nenas)
Artistic Director / Pengarah Artistik JOE HASHAM
Executive Producer / Penerbit Eksekutif DATO' FARIDAH MERICAN

22 – 25 Oct @ 8.30pm; 25 - 26 Oct @ 3.00pm
Pentas 2, KLPac (
RM25 (adults / dewasa) & RM10 (students / pelajar)
Preview Night / Malam Prebiu (22 Oct, 8.30pm) & Sat Matinee / Persembahan Sabtu (25 Oct, 3pm) @ RM10

I've watched both before and seriously both come with lots of differences and stories and the best part is laugh & laugh & laugh especially for Mangli! Cayalah abg Faisal & ashraf & megat! ^_^ JOM TEATER!
p/s weh sape nak pegi roger aku! =)

Oct 8, 2008

Eagle Eye

hmm...midnite, on this sleepy time,
I'm just back home from watching Eagle Eye, been suggested to watch it by Amir,
during lunch time in Plaza Damas,
with azhar sulaiman who served my lunch,
which make kak yus & wani & amir quite shocked,
coz they thought I'm lying =D
but whatever...back to Eagle Eye...
quite well story with lots of transports damages as perhaps one big point,
hhmm...honestly I was totally concentrated just half of the story,
another half, mind quite fast tracked it,
already able to 75% guessed the following lines...
plus, there are some ideas which grabbed from other movies,
the story lines looks like duplicating from past good movies,
so...i just can give 6 out of 10 averagely...
but it's still one good movie =)
and thanks for somebody who accompanied me =+
my mind was more to Mamma Mia! actually...nevermind...& whatever!

Oct 5, 2008

Konklusi Raya 1429H

Well, raya 1429H all the way was fully happily,
had chances met some old friends ^_^
well, also missed two of my close friends Nani & Yatie,
but mostly...cheerful & happy,
especially with somebody visited me,
and, included along the way back to KL,
with BEE & cousins,
with jamm & speeding,
with stops here & there & met all the relatives =)
so pada konklusinya...semua baik2 & enak2 & gembira!
thanks God.

Sep 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ^_^

To all of you out there, who'll celebrate Eid-el-Fitri,
May all be blessed and have a great glorious days along the Syawal...
Thanks God for giving us another chance to move on our life,
So what we need to do during this raya days...
Lets inform & show all of our families how we loves them,
Lets apologize for all the faults from all the person we know,
especially to our friends, who always together beside us,
loves & appreciations...the most valuable thingee in our life!
for us to always be happy & pleasure...

Salam Aidilfitri & Maaf zahir batin from a little me to all of you ^_^ cheers!

Sep 23, 2008


after a complete one week of silence, my first word running in my mind this morning once I login is NOTHINGNESS. Why nothingness? Let me think...
1) maybe because I feel like my life lately, in one short moment, filled up with nothing! Nihility, like in the state of being nothing, and in the condition or quality of being nothing...
2) might be also due to my works nowadays which I feel like something with lack of consequence, insignificant and less values...until I happily-force myself playing my fav strategy game ~Pharaoh~ everyday to make my mind at least busy thinking!
3) and I feel my days followed one another in an endless procession of emptiness, and worthlessness...due to I'm less in think ness, in a cognition includes thinking, attention, perception, memory, reasoning, imagining, and speech...I think! =p
4) do 1, 2, & 3 make sense? whatever! ^_^
5) I do think I need to change a new fuse...sooner!! nothingness follows by SITUATIONIST.

Sep 16, 2008

Nowadays I'm...

well...nowadays I'm...working and running for something bumpy, uncompromising...and everytime I got stuck, stiff, and rigid, I'll stop and rest a while by reading The Ulam Project, just finished read the amazing, surreal story of Ulam July'07 =) then back to works, again...same cycle everyday till...end of October perhaps...really hope so! @_@ hope will run out of this abhorrence, loathing condition and position soon enough!

p/s special thanks to my somebody who chilled me out along last weekend! =+ can I say --> 'I LOVE YOU DEAR' ? =+

Sep 11, 2008

sad mode :(

hhmmm...what u need?
when you are in sad mode...
last few days I was in a bit sad mode,
because of something & somebody,
living in a dull face...
but sadness boosts!
something happen to my BEE,
heartrending till I had a tad sob...
well, as somewhat ensue to the thing you love so much...

Sorry, because of this gloomy situation of mine, I need to cancel our berbuka puasa :(

Sep 2, 2008


lately i'm always late!
late to work on purpose :p
late back home to avoid jam!
late on sleep coz i cant sleep well :(
and late on wake up coz wanna late to work ^_^
late in updating stories on my blog,
also late answering whoever's calling,
and whoever's sms'ing as been tought by my somebody,
and last nite, just late on knowing fuel price decreased!
but lastly, my late actually not really late,
it's just that not on time puntually =)

Sallina Salim: he make u broke 2 prinsips in ur life beb... How can i'm also late realized it's 2!? =D u know me well lartz! and she answered: Sallina Salim: bukan ko late, u decide not to notice it! Am I? yaa...I was...

Aug 29, 2008

Last nite! ^_^

Where I was last night =) in front of the stage.
as per invitation of Kelab Sahabat M.Nasir.
Dinner per table with Ella & Ojie. Nice them!
Hu ha hu ha with all the fan club members & Meet Uncle Hussain.
Fully enjoyed! ^_^

Aug 28, 2008


Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
There's beggary in the love that can be reckoned.
No sooner met but they looked;
No sooner looked but they loved;
No sooner loved but they sighed;
No sooner signed but they asked one another the reason;
No sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy;

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.
This is the very ecstasy of love.
Bashful sincerity and comely love.

Aug 27, 2008

Love talk =)

last nite I was chatting about love,
love which came in then run out,
love which were welcomed or evaded,
love that suddenly visible with no temptation,
stories of mesmerizing love and broken hearts,
how to put trust and hold cares,
What comes from guys and misinterpreted by girls,
what girls need but misunderstood by guys,
and the best part was…
when a guy said what he actually understands and needs,
and a girl said what she actually means and wants,
till both understood =)
love is complicated-wonderful ^_^
and the key are TRUST and CARES…
hold it moreover tie it...

hold each other in hearts and don't lost,
coz when it lost, you'll lost the loves and the lover...

p/s thanks Ami for the stories sharing session =)

Aug 24, 2008

happy today...

today, I'm happy, spending the whole day with my other sister, fighting for which car to drive,looking for thermos, and belt, and shirts etc, jusco card & my 'fiance'?? =) talking whats were and will... eat and eating and eat again, kakiku geli digigit ikan =p back home but on the way, u-turn to retake forgotten things from the last visited shopping mall =D and speedily drive back for gangstarz ;) and the whole day...I'm happy! and I'm free...altho it's just for a while, coz I'm back to usual soon enuf. Thanks!

Aug 22, 2008

Jakarta Bandung 2

huhuu...firstly sorry for those who's keep on waiting and asking for my enjoyed journey to Indo ;)
so lets continue...just in such a summarization way perhaps :p

Jakarta to Bandung 3rd Aug'08:
## cut the story, so at around 9.05am, 3 of us took a train to Bandung from Gambir station. Actually if thinking of time, we should take the minibus service, straight and faster! but never mind, as Azah said, you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the way. Arrived in Bandung station at 12++noon. Luckily Azah & others already waiting for us. Next, all of us headed to Sangkuriang for lunch! Again, I asked for the marvelous Kapiting (crab) Sos Padang! =p
## after lunch, to one of the famous factory outlets, Rumah Mode! hehe...there where everybody's shopping mode increased! but me, I just bought 2 dresses for myself and one for my sis =)
## next, before run back to hotel, we went to jeans place named Toko Tiga. In a short running time, I bought two jeans which the wanted-colors attracted me! huhuu... :p
## at night, we can't just rest in hotel, after short dinner, we dropped to another factory outlets, Blossom and some others. The time is short so not enough time to shop, but at least I bought some clothes for my dad & bros! Then back home a sleep! Zzzz...

Bandung 4th Aug'08:
## morning sunshine! with the main objective - SHOPPING! Main target was Pasar Baru Bandung...huhuu...where Kat, Aja and me shopped till us dropped! nearly to bankrupted! especially at Seroja Jaya where can be say as a warehouse for kain2 baju kurung and kebaya!
## late in the evening, again, to the factory outlets, specialize to Grande, where Kat, Aja & me, again, shopped till totally cash bankrupted! proven when everybody paid using credit card! =D ahahah...self satisfaction thou! So, back to hotel with smiles...

Bandung 5th Aug'08:
## early in the morning, prepared back to Jakarta, breakfast, paid hotel and snapped some pics. & next place to be visited was Punchak. Before that, on our way, we stopped at Kartika Sari & Amanda, and everybody bought the famous Bagelen (such like dried bread with flavours like butter, mocha, choco & etc)
## So headed to Punchak, instead of highway, we took village ways. Such astonishing sceneries along the way thou! Everybody slept in the van except me! huh! another self satisfaction watching the wonderful sceneries! =p
## Arrived at Punchak, had our lunch, took more & more pics with the breathtaking highland views, similar to Cameroon Highland & Freser Hills in Malaysia =)
## Arrived early at the airport. Everybody took some rest while waiting for our flight at 2030. So, reached LCCT at midnight. Everybody was tired and back home with such huge bags! =)

So, for the conclusion, it was such a pleasant & satisfying shopping trip for all of us! ^_^ May we be there again some other time =) Till then...chous! =) Please visit Kat's blog for her stories ;) and My album for the photos.

Aug 21, 2008

Lucky ^_^

I'm falling in love again n again with this song!
n today I'm dedicating it to somebody...
somebody who's somebody for me =+
well, you know either you are or not! =p enjoy!

Aug 18, 2008

Gemini for today...

work will take up more time than you can spare. Your problem is there are so many things you wanted to do for yourself, you can't really afford time for work.

Memo: I agreed! & it's true! uurrgghhh..... @_@
p/s: everybody! go & watch WALL.E!!! best giler...make sure korang tengok till the end tau! I mean end of the end.

Aug 14, 2008

Jakarta Bandung 1

Jakarta 1st Aug'08:
_Azah & her 3 siblings already arrived early in the morning. They spent times shopping kain kebaya in Mangga Dua & Tanah Abang. Hotel checked-in then to Hard Rock Jakarta.
while, Cat, Aja & me arrived in Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 1.30am Indo time, after 2 hours noted delay plus another 1 hour delay in LCCT @_@ special thanks for Brian who patiently waited for us nearly 5 hours at the airport ^_^ So, from the airport (west) to Hotel Ibis Arcadia (near to d north), we took Blue taxi as suggested by Brian, safer and secured =) Arrived at the hotel, rest & bye-bye the stars. Thanks again Brian for your kindness ;)

Jakarta 2nd Aug'08:
_Morning sunshine! ^_^ while watching Azah & her gang prepared to take train to Bandung, we're discussed on good places to go. It's damn too much as listed in out itinerary. So, 8.30am, they checked-out and headed to Bandung.
_3 of us, snapped some pic while waiting for Fahmi & Brian.

_9am++, 5 of us in Toyota Innova owned by Fahmi, crawled thru the jammed road headed to ITC Mangga Dua. We took our breakfast in Mangga Dua foodcourt. Then just walked thru side by side shops with lots of choices of clothes and bags and handbags and souvenirs etc! spent some times in spectacles shop looking for photo-grey lens which brought us to d sun-glasses side, the prices are cheaper but not for what I'm searching for :( Conclusion, Cat, Aja & me just bought telekung solat from Mangga Dua, nothing more than that ;)
_nearly 2 pm, next destination, Ancol Seaworld! yippie! =D we spent more than 2 hours there. Looked at most of weird kind of sea creatures, bony fishes and coral reefs, walked thru the underwater tunnel and watched the big size of deep sea fishes, sharks, eels, turtles and ikan pari (stingray), watched sharks & dugong (manatee) been feed and bla bla blaa pic everywhere =) but, one thing quite frustrated, we're not able to watch the piranhas 'eating session'! not enuf time to wait! =(

_around 5 pm, stepped-out from the seaworld headed to Dufan! =) wow wie! ^_^ started with raised our adrenaline flying up and down on the tikar terbang (flying carpet)! urrgghhh...our hearts beats unconditionally! Out of 5 of us, only Fahmi looked so cool with no-feeling-face! others, no comment! =P ahaks! next spot was Tornado d Wind Shear...hmm..only Fahmi who dare enuf! 4 of us just sit there and watch! (you can watch d video which I recorded with my Ixus below to look at how d Tornado is!) it's really damn raised the adrenaline thou! Next, to calm down our hearts, we just rest & relaxed, sit on the boat and moved into Istana Boneka, lots of puppets from each parts of the countries are there =) So, after that, long ques to Extreme Log game, can be say such like 4D kind of live journey inside the cinema, you've been seated on a special sit which moving extremely along d story! really effect our hearts beats also thou! step before last was Bianglala d Giant Wheel, where we can see all Ancol areas from there & hahahae...entertained with special love story telling from Fahmi of 'cincin diterima, cinta ditolak' =D what a romantic story with actions which actually did touched my heart thou! ehehe...really funny! =p So, we ended our Dufan journey with d bumper cars...where everybody hit each others! Fun! ^_^ Really enjoyed the whole day in Ancol! & of course with our special marvelous tour guides Fahmi & Brian! =) Both of you are nice & COOL!

_from Ancol, we headed back to hotel (while Aja & me cant stop laughing in d Innova, coz Fahmi's actions & songs still related to d cincin diterima cinta ditolak! kah3! =D whatever!) but stop for a late dinner in Sabang area where d surrounding which look like Patong road in Phuket, and for d 1st time tasted d marvelous Kepiting Sos Padang as ordered by Fahmi (ketam masak ala2 sos pekat tapi best giler!)
_so, last but not least, after dinner, 5 of us walked & talked headed to Hard Rock Jakarta! ^_^ just spent short time there, enjoyed the songs & shopping some Hard Rock souvenirs. Done!
_Nearly 2am, back to d hotel and rest, while Fahmi & Brian drove to their homes which are more than half an hour away from d hotel. Thanks & thanks for Fahmi & Brian again =)

So, till the next stories which i cant guess when i can continue it ^_^ Please visit My Album for some photos which I've uploaded. I'll unload it time by time when I have gap between times =)

p/s for another same story from Kat, visit Kat's blog ^_^

p/s2 I'm actually having a bad stomachache today, didn't go to work, took MC =(

Aug 8, 2008


Wow! 080808...but it's quite gloomy for me ;)
uurrgghhh...still haven't free to upload the stories,
plus...I'm not in a good health...demam!
so everybody, thanks for waiting n daa... =)

Aug 6, 2008

I'm back but wait...

Hi all, I'm back in town thou! ^_^
with full of stories to write (as been commanded by my tourist guide in Jakarta) =p
but...i'm totally under busy mood recently,
so, just wait and see soon okay...daa...

Aug 1, 2008

going going!

just wanna say bye bye for a while
to all of you who always here besides me =)

i'll be back on wed okay ;)
so...chow wow! ^_^

my holiday trip =)

well well...most of you already know my trip this time, just wanna have funs in Jakarta, gonna enjoy myself in Dufan (Jakarta Disneyworld) & Ancol Sea World & shopping in Mangga Dua, then follow by shopping in most FOs in Bandung, ahaha...actually more for soothing & cheering up my self thou (especially due to my new dizzy woozy big job under new Org!) ;-) not really in the mood of shopping after my short out-of-plan-shopping-trip to Melaka last week! =D hehehe...
btw, special thanks for all of your cares to all my friends who keep on reminding me to take care of my self while I'm on this holiday trip...thanks thou! I will as I always do okay ;-)

so below I put my most fav song for this moment - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz,
btw, the video is match with my holiday mood now thou!
and I special dedicate it for all this holiday trip members! ^_^ enjoy!

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