Mar 26, 2009

Auto vs Manual

wai wai! hello hello!
yup! my mind quite messy and sometimes I'm lost,
the reason why this blog is not updated =p

this time just to write my feeling on manual vs auto,
well, since I'm using DAR instead of my BEE,
means I drive an auto car instead of my manual BEE,
as most of my friend know, I love to drive manual car,
more feeling for me thou, enjoy driving! =)
more impress and excited,
you can control whole of your car,
and of course especially the gear for the speed =)
and it's all vice versa when you're driving auto,
i mean, not really all totally vice versa but most of it =p
and I think it's safer for me to drive a manual car instead of an auto car,
and this is my own opinion for myself, okay! hehee... ^__^

p/s thanks dear! we'll switch the car tomorrow nite aite? =)

Mar 25, 2009

Jom Earth Hour! =)


Mar 16, 2009

my BEE =)

Firstly, I wanna thanks my dear fiancee,
for letting me use his DAR as a replacement for my BEE,

oh dont worry, he dot another extra car =p
well, just for a while, a week perhaps,

my BEE now is under a trusted foreman,

doing some make-up'ing =p

I loose a month salary for that thou but,

It’s for my full satisfaction! and extra performance for my BEE =)

after my long surveys, for about 8 months,

now I'm totally found a trusted expert foreman for it,

I've decided to replace the main two things in engine,

the gasket head and ECU and all correlated to it both with all new, better!

hope my 'investment' this time worth! satisfaction! =)

and thanks to all who helped me on this ^__^ walla!

p/s dear, don't be jealous aite! =

Mar 14, 2009


wahahahaa...nothing to write just,
LOL when MU loses to Liverpool!
That’s all. Walla! =D

Mar 3, 2009

bengang & bangang

yes yes yes...
this is my latest ym status lately,
I'm now sick of their stupidity,
moreover when stupidity plus hypocrisy!
they talked to me saying AA, talked to him saying AABb,
talked to everybody else saying AAB,
and all regarding one point but plus plus the stupidness!
with one reason, protecting themselves,
they don't wanna be blamed!
and as the person in the middle, I'm totally sick!
go to h*** you stupid brainless hypochondria damn people!
and I'm sure you'll receive something from God sooner or later,
as a gift for making other people sick! Amen.

Mar 2, 2009

Thanks Sifu...

just wanna thanks sifu aka M.Nasir,
for the joyfulness concert of you ^___^
I'm sure all the audiences totally enjoy your wonder-full-of-soul songs!
luckily I got my fav song Sentuhan Listrikmu & Kepadamu Kekasih ^__^
fuuuhhhhh! best lah!
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