Mar 3, 2011

My Anaqi =)

Yes, when you already a mum, your whole life now totally surrounding by “my baby, my baby and my baby!” If before this you were able to spend let say RM1000 to pamper yourself, doing meni and pedi, plus with facial treatment or spa, and buy some other stuffs for self satisfaction,  now, not anymore. Perhaps, out of that RM1000, only 10% of it for you, the rest all allocate to “my baby”. Yes, this is what I’m facing right now =) haha...great! another type of self satisfaction for a mum. When you spent all that you have to your dearly loved little HERO, my HERO, my Anaqi ^__^

What about you as a dad? Perhaps you will feel your money ‘lost’ a lots to, uncountable, when spending on baby’s drinks, baby’s foods, baby’s clothes, baby’s toys! Plus some other distributions on baby’s insurance and education finance. For my significant other, and me, because both of us are working, so we divide and spend together on all piece and parcel related to our Anaqi =) Facing and enjoying everything all together and balance, brighten your life thou. 3 of us happily ever. Plus, if before this mummy and daddy never think of pay for extra thing called ‘Astro’, but for you Anaqi, for your resource of learning other that High 5 & Ni Hou Kai Lan in every morning, now we registered for it =) haha...what a pay, you get it! Love you. Walla!

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Johan Irwan said...

It is certainly painful if you work alone and support your family. With single salary, by calculation, cannot satisfy the needs of the family.

But as the saying, the more you give, the more you get, there is always unexpected income coming to my pocket. The phenomenon is miracle, and something that I always grateful of.

dikazzz said...

oh ya la Johan, the more we give the more we get =)

by the way, can you share the "unexpected income coming to my pocket" part? is it from other side income? or your wife doing some small business perhaps?

Johan Irwan said...

Unexpected is really unexpected. Such as:
1. I got a few hundred from a company that wanted me to design a simple bunting using illustrator.
2. Few hundreds from my uncle who asked me to install GPS maps to his device before he sell it.
3. Someone unexpectedly promote my public mutual unit trust.
etc etc etc...

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