Mar 7, 2011


Ya discontented since I woke up this early morning, especially when thinking of these 2 things, my camera & the team I’m dealing with lately.

One story for my camera. End of last year, one of my colleague borrowed my beloved camera. And because of the good quality pic from it, he borrowed it again the time he went to Paris. My camera was just IXUS 70, not the expert SLR, but I was all the time satisfied with it since the first time I bought it in early year 2007, in Penang. Love it too much! Continue with the story, he lost my IXUS 70 when he was in Paris! So, as agreed before that, if you lost it, you replace it. He bought me IXUS 95 IS, before he even tell me first that my camera had lost! Actually I already had the feeling since he sms me asking for price of the IXUS 70 the time he’s in Paris. Whatever. But, from the day I got this new IXUS, until yesterday, every time I’m in a good mood to snap pic, I’ll be totally displeased with it! :’( so s**ks and far worst compared to my lost IXUS 70. Do you think I’m not good in using it? Or this IXUS 95 IS is s**ks!? What am I suppose to do now? Give it back to the person who lost it and ask for money? Or trade-in it and buy a new one which can fully satisfy my neediness of taking good pic? Uurrgghhh I miss my lost IXUS so much!! :’(

Second story, just wanna say that, I don’t like dealing with this team. Not good in communication and collaboration. But then asking for things which out of statement of work! Whatever! I’m speedily wanna finish this task asap! Done. Walla! @__@

2 comment:

Johan Irwan said...

I bought the slim Sony T-7 before I bought a newer version of T-70 2 years later. Surprisingly the T-70 was sucks and the picture was weird. It doesn't mean newer technology of camera creates better result.

dikazzz said...

yes! totally correct! perhaps that is what the person who replace my camera with this s**ks ixus 95 IS think by the time he bought it!

I've check only powershot S95 can fully replace Ixus 70, and the price is rm1549! should I give back the s**ks camera to that person and ask for money, then I add my own money for that S95? uuurrrghhhh! @__@

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