Aug 28, 2009

thinking level...

just some thoughts of today:
** must all of us be among others who's having the same level of thinking? because if not it's hard to chat in a well/correct it?
** before this I've once agreed when somebody said to me that perhaps it's good for a couple - husband & wife - to be two persons with same thinking level, same educational that the communication between both of them will be it?
** I've once been asked by a senior chef from Canada: can you be in love with a person who's working as let say a waiter while you are an engineer or a doctor or a degree holder?
** why...why the way of living between an engineer/executive level and a non-executive level of worker different? is it because of the salary? or it is because of the thinking level? other logic reason?
** what's the main point of creating/developing somebody's level of thinking? from the family? friends? work? education? experience? village/city? culture? religion?
** how can we grading this thinking level? by IQ scores? EQ? SQ? personal highest education level?
oh ok...stop thinking. Walla!

Aug 27, 2009

Cerita Cintaku (4) Ikatan...

let me continue my story, and let me make it short =p along the trust developing duration from my birthday, pelbagai cubaan telah diusahakan oleh si totally kidnap my heart la orang kata, until that special day, his birthday, on Oct 21, 2007... the day he used his last weapon to make me say YES =) he brought me to Eye Of Malaysia dengan niat nak propose time layan view tu, tapi last2 niatnya makbul just before I stepped out of his car,he send me back home, the last scene - with his last weapon... "bila ika nak PG anta ma PG jumpa parents ika?" jeng..jeng..jeng..shocked aku seketika, dlm hati "dia ni memang always seriously meaningful!" so...aku menjawab "terserah PG la bila2 dah ready.." ok, lega. i thought it will end up macam tu je, but then, he still want us to be a couple...and he did made my melt and say YES...terer kan dia, camne leh patahkan kekerasan hati ku yang berkeras tak nak couple selama ni pun aku xtau! =p the only answer, perhaps, was that last weapon! itulah ikatan pertama antara kami =)
so, seterusnya ikatan kedua - it happened? begini jalan ceritanya: pada hari raya 2008, PG telah datang beraya di rumah, he talked to my abah and mama with so well manner, sampai kan adikku yang bongsu siap buat checking lagi. Bila PG balik, my bro said: "ok, cara percakapan teratur, cara berkomunikasi pandai dan bagus, so kesimpulannya lulus la nak jadi ahli keluarga kite!" kah3! by the time aku dengan mama gelak je, pandai pulak adikku read from PG's acts. ape2lah. Continue, on the same day, at nite, PG 'officially' announced to his whole family about our relationship, and he's ready for meminang. So, after that followed by family jumpa family and walla! walaupun pada mulanya both of us taknak bertunang, at the end, families' decision, on last Chinese New Year, Jan 26, 2009 we've been engaged...and this story goes on...and now after 7 months, already counting for the final 'ikatan'...which will happen soon enough...walla!

Aug 25, 2009

P1 W1MAX 1st Anniversary

Another good news for wireless broadband network searchers out there, if you don't wanna choose Celcom's or Maxis, you still have choices either UMobile or... the latest 4G - P1 W1MAX, which now giving special 'gift' on it 1st anniversary =)
my advice is just that, before you purchase any of it,
please first check the availability of that network & services in your area.

Aug 24, 2009


I just wanna share here one of the work done by Yasmin Ahmad,
taken from the short film project - 15MALAYSIA, one out of the 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers.

Aug 23, 2009

Cerita Cintaku (3) Hati Budi

dari Kenal kepada Karib, seterusnya session of mengenal hati budi...
kenal in Oktober 2006, karib by Mac 2007, jangka masa yang agak lama,
& brought to start kenal hati budi si dia by my birthday in May 2007,
when he asked me out katanya nak pegi makan2 je,
but tetiba he brought me to Kg Baru, nak makan kat kedai special katanya,
kedai tu mmg agak special design because of the 'ship' in the middle of the restaurant =p
i remember i ordered the seafood spaghetti, and also remember the topic discussed that night,
opportunity to work in Dubai, living cost there if accepts the offer, pro & cons of it...bla bla blaaa...
sampai la habis makan, PG belanja and he send me home.
& before sleep, I received one sms from PG...
he said that "maaf atas segala kekurangan PG sambut besday ika td.
Selamat hari lahir ke 25, semoga pnjg umur & murah rezeki..."
"ada apa2 ke ni?" i thought! =p keakraban kami membawa kepada sesuatu,
sesuatu yang melebihi sekadar sahabat yang membawa kepada nak explore hati budi pulak =p
along the friendship, he always made something which out of box & touched my heart & made me smile =)
words from him were too meaningful thou...aku je nak paham or not =p (bak kata Lartz)
& realize it or not, both of us developing trust along the way...
while exploring hati budi masing2...Walla! =x

Aug 20, 2009

my phone (2)

ahah! actually my phone is still in a good condition after the Mt Kinabalu trip,
so, here i would love to ask a favor from a person named D,
you owe me something my dear... =D
don't you feel it dear...?
hehehee....sila roger me when you are ready to pay for my meals ok ;)
kalau nak bagi phone baru pun ok gak =D jgn mareee...Walla!

Aug 19, 2009

Cerita Cintaku (2) Karib

aite, this time lets continue from Kenal to Karib.
started from dah kenal, the relation between 3 of us become close.
by the time whoever free, we contacted each other moreover for movies!
first movie 3 of us watched together were WTC & Batman Return (was it?) in TGV KLCC,
and since that, selalu jumpa & tengok movie bersama2.
but then, until one time when from 3 turned into just 2, ahahahaa...
bukan disengajakan actually, Checkers always a-busy-architect and cancel di saat akhir,
by the time I knew his name as Piji (PG) cut-short from Hafizi =)

so at the end just me & PG together for the movie...
another reason, we were neighbors thou, me in Kerinchi & him in Pantal Dalam ;)
and this created the neighborliness between us, plus by that time,
PG worked in one famous Architect firm belongs to well known Super Senior Architect in Bangsar,
near to the place where I always makan petang, my fav nasi lemak burung puyuh =)
and that made from 1 become 2, we always makan bersama di tempat yang sama,
another point yang buatkan kami karib, selain he is an architect (I'm ID & architectures lover) was...
we become a listener to each other...both of us selalu bercerita pasal kerja, more on his works thou!
PG mengadu pasal his boss yang egoist while me, i love all his works, so creatives & moderns & new!
kadang2 macam tak percaya betul ke PG yang design all those!?
but i believed, plus as i knew how his boss is, the egoism of his boss totally helped him improving his skills!
PG involved in lots of big projects which brought high level experiences for him.
Lucky you! & that's the point which I used to calm him down every time he's under tension mood =p
& that advice made him worked there for 2 years, and out with 5 years experiences! Lucky him!
begitulah ceritanya, we become teman makan & bercerita since then till now...
& yang lucunya, Checkers never know both of us become karib... Walla!

Aug 13, 2009

butterfly & me =)

waaaa..... I LOVE BUTTERFLY! that's the truth since long time ago...
after i borong brooches with butterfly design in Kinabalu,
(urrghh! cerita pengalaman mendaki kinabalu belum habis ku tulis!)
now i'm crazy for this Fossil Paige Butterfly Crossbody, it comes with big butterfly!!
love it! huhuuu...can i have it? *blink* *blink* =)

Aug 10, 2009

Mt Kinabalu Trip

fantastic-tremendous full of cheers trip! ^__^ that what I can say for this 2009 Mt Kinabalu trip. what a once in a life time remarkable experiences, perhaps!

the climbing journey started on June 26, 2009 when 12 of us arrived in Kinabalu Park, after a day marched around town of Kinabalu... pusing2 cari makan and pasar Gaya and all those markets, 1st night accommodated at Grace Hostel, heated room (dormitory), Abg Jai as our Head gave the excellent guidance on what to bring up to Laban Rata, what to pack up and wear during climbing, all needed items, and what else not, just leave it at Kinabalu Park luggage room.

next morning, June 27, 2009 everybody ready for climbing to Laban Rata.
there are 2 ways up to Laban Rata, either from Timpohon Gate (6km) or from Mersilau (8km). we choosed Timpohon Gate. After the guideline briefing from Alfred & Lois, the expedition started. average time to arrive at Laban Rata suppose to be 6 hours, depends on the stamina of everybody. our results, 4 of us arrived after 3 hours, 3 arrived after near to 4 hours & others arrived after near to 6 hours the funny point was, most of the times spent for photographing! ^__^ jalan sikit snapped pics, jalan lagi snapped pics! that's how all of us 'utilized' the time =D continue the story, arrived at Laban Rata, the temperature was quite cold and became colder by night, it was around 5 to 3 degree Celsius! can you imagine it!? everybody started wearing sweater plus long-john! everybody ate and rest and sleep to be ready to climb to the summit at 2.30am...fuuuhhh...!

June 28, 2009. 2am everybody woke up and be ready. headlamp? got! gloves? got! raincoat? got! pakai baju seluar 3 - 4 lapis! included water proof polar bear sweater! damn it's cold and abit foggy and wet out there @_@ after early breakfast, all of us ready to climb, together with other groups which mostly all foreigners. 12 of us plus 2 guides, all started well. Route to Sayat-sayat, the next point stop, really full of ready-made-steps and followed by rough stones where ropes ready for everybody to hold on up while climbing. What a foggy morning! Along the route, the white line and white ropes all you can depends on as guide for the correct way to the summit. Jangan pulak lari dari white line tuh, sesat terus tak nampak! kabus tebal! Everybody keep on climbing although the weather was bad. Semua bersemangat dengan azam menuju puncak! tangan, kaki, muka, semua kesejukan! dah rasa kembang, dah jadi macam sembap! along the way, everybody split up, and me just together with Kak Cik. Kami dah masuk geng mat saleh. 5 of us sampai puncak at around 6.40am while me and kak cik arrived around 10 minutes after, others around 15 to 20 minutes later. There was one time when only me and Kak Cik along the route, both of us sudah sangat kepenatan bila tiba2 muncul seorang lelaki menegur kami, dan seterusnya same2 naik. I really thanks him so much, without his helps ade kemungkinan sampai puncak lagi lambat. Thanks bro! I love your sweet smile bro! ^_^ He's one of the Al-Rajhi bank teammate, with their main point to be up there was to achieve the goal for online service from the summit. But because of the bad weather, they can't even open the laptop! everybody turun ke Laban Rata bersama, and thanks to abg Ibal for your cares on me along the way down. Thanks my bro! ^__^ Sampai di Laban Rata, everybody took the breakfast and hurriedly packed all things up and ready to run-down back to Timpohon Gate.
6km to run down, and me with too weak knees =( after a deal with my bro, i suddenly make a decision to run down fast! untuk 3 km pertama i run and run and never stop! habis aku potong semua yang lain, dengan alasan aku sakit lutut, serius beb tak tipu so i cant stop. After 3.5km suddenly i cant run anymore, so i stopped at the pit-stop and rest and took my livita and put deep heat on both my legs. uurrgghhhh! by that time i was alone, after that it started to rain lightly. A group of student from England stopped for a while then continued their journey while me still sit there alone. Next a person from Al-Rahj suddenly greeted me, and yang suke nya tetiba the guy with that sweet smile who helped me to reach the summit pun stopped sekejap. And aku still tak bertanya apa namanya =p ape2lah! after that i continued my jalan2 turun but this time seriously with the snail pace! Giler sakit lutut wa cakap lu! jalan punya jalan sampai la nenek yang umur 61 tahun dari Australia tu pun dah potong aku balik! uurrghhh! can u imagine how slow i was by the time!? so those 2.5km with slow walk, together with Fai & Aumi & abg man yang sebelum nya dah jauh aku tinggal...ahahhaa...semua pun jalan slow melebihi orang tua, lutut kitorang sakit bangat! begitulah sampai Timpohon Gate.
sementara menunggu geng yang lain sampai, kak cik & me can't wait anymore so both of us leaved everybody and took the mini van back to KK Park. Sampai di KK Park, salin baju, solat and waiting for others. Around 6pm semua dah sampai KK Park, and everybody ready, kemas2 barang masuk van, took the dinner and back to town Kinabalu.
Arrived at the backpackers hut after 2 hours. So semua siap2 nak pegi makan malam kat area pasar philipino. Bejalan la dengan tekedek2. Layan makan seafoods bakar. Layan minum air avocado. Layan pusing2 the whole pasar and shopping malls di sekitar bandar Kinabalu sampai penat! ^__^ dah penat balik kemas2 dan tido.

June 29, 2009. Semua bangun pagi2 and packing everything elok2 untuk balik KL. Flight at 4pm. So ade banyak masa untuk pusing beli2 barang lagi. All the guys dh siap2 awal2 and keluar borong all those freeze seafoods! Udang ketam ikan semua lah! For ladies pulak, dah siap packing barang, pegi breaklunch, then pegi borong all those Swarovski brooches and Perls, shirts, and all other interesting souvenirs...mabuk shopping! =p So, semua berkumpul semula at around 1pm and final packing untuk berangkat ke KK airport. Sampai airport, bising2 sambil check-in barang2, then bising2 lagi di McD sampai la bising2 masuk flight! Everybody's in the happy-yippie mood...satisfied with another most wanted act well done! Sampai di KLIA, bising2 lagi while waiting for luggage and seterusnya bising2 lagi snapped pics! what a happy-hu-ha group of people thou! Really enjoyed! Dah settle amik gamba semua dh ready untuk berangkat pulang ke rumah masing2. Tetapi, untuk kepuasan yang maksimum, walaupun badan kepenatan giler, still ade last action malam tuh, 5 out of 12, including me, pegi tengok wayang la! ahahaha...balik rumah sekejap then terus berkumpul semula di Mid Valley and enjoyed the movie Public Enemy =) Finished near to midnite, so lepas tu semua balik rumah...dan yang paling tak lupe, by the time, all of us fobia bila jumpa tangga, dengan lutut nye macam tak cukup screw, fobia nak naik or turun tangga! kah3! pengalaman...dan begitulah akhirnya...semua pulang dan tido dengan senyuman! =) well done! walla.

Aug 7, 2009

Cerita Cintaku (1) Kenal

ahah! due to many Qs and request from all of you, now it's time for me to write about my love story... haaaa...suke la tuh! well, some of you who rapat with me dah tahu, but mostly others don't know the real story of me and my partner, aite? especially for one of me & my partner's close friend named Checkers =p ahahhaa...the one who totally close but don't know the truth! =D until my sist make me & my partner kantoi with him...whatever.

Lets begin the story with how I met him...
it was after Aidilfitri celebration in 2006, my dad said "abah tak bagi if kaklong nak drive alone back to KL!"
alamak! and that make me called all my friends who might has possibility to be with me back to KL.
At the end, yes, my friend Checkers might accompany me...nasib baik!
So, on the day of my journey back to KL, Checkers told me one of his friend also want to tumpang,
no problem with me, plus by the time Checkers cannot drive! whatever!
jadinya pegi lah amik kawan nye itu...menunggu di satu petrol station...
I stopped my car, he stepped inside and walla...continue the journey =)
by the time, i felt a bit awkward, dalam kete ade 3 orang, kenapa rasa macam bedua je nih?
well, I'm a friendly person aite so i started the conversation...
and from that i knew who is he, nampak macam pendiam but then...actually, not really! ^__^
so becakap la itu ini and the best was 3 of us are fans of M.Nasir! layan album abang Nasir along the journey =)
and luckily, he was the one who helped me, tolong drive =) heheee...
sampai KL kitorg dinner at the place near to Checkers's house,
then, next 2 of us back to Kerinchi & Pantai Dalam...dan di situlah titik permulaan nya...
Walla! ^__^

p/s by that time, nama my partner pun i don't know yet! ahaha... =)

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