Jul 29, 2008


I just remember last night,
when suddenly someone known kidnapped me,
somebody who lives an unconventional and hedonistic life, I think!?
and bring me somewhere we know,
there having some words - mood swinger, temperamental & other rubbish-words!
till suppose to be Sex & The City at the end swung to The X Files,
ahahah...what a temperamental situation-for-a-moment!
so I dedicated the below lyric to the temperamental somebody...enjoy!

Everything But The Girl - Temperamental
This temperamental side,
The one you say that you can't hide.
D' you ever see yourself
The way it looks to someone else?
This temperamental trick,
The one you say you can't predict.
You're like an empty cup.
Forgive me if I don't wait up.
I don't get where you're coming from
What is real and what's put on,
What has stayed and what has gone.
How long will this thing go on and on?
What planet are you on?
Not the same one I am from.
Do I just waste my time?
You pour your heart on mine.
You think it screws you up.
Forgive me if I don't wait up.
I don't get what you're trying to say -
What is wrong and what's okay.
You beat yourself up one more time.
You trample on this fierce heart of mine.
I don't want you to love me.
I don't want you to love me.
I don't know what you want from me.
All this endless sympathy.
You beat yourself up one more time.
You trample on this fierce heart of mine.

p/s to the temperamental somebody - the above lyric is just for cari gaduh with u! =D

Jul 28, 2008

from melaka with loves...

ehehe...I'm back from Melaka, with loves! ^_^ loves from Along Azie & Mas, spend 2 days in Melaka, thanks for your times with me thou, I'll love you forever! =) besides, it's the loves of shopping! ahahaha...without any budget allocated, i bought some clothes, included another Active Camel bag :p i just can't say NO when i passed by my fav brands clothes! the designs in Melaka are different than KL! (sori aaa along...althou i need to save the money for next trip to Jakarta & Bandung by end of this week, it's totally not ur fault..it's totally my nafsu membeli yg tetiba high =D lagi pun designs tu semua takde kat KL! ehehe..sabar je la along ea...at least 'mega sale' will be a good reason for me to visit you again! wahahaha! nnt leh makan asam pedas yg best giler pedas tu lagi!)

p/s done last week - The Dark Knight. Will watch this week - Sex & The City.
p/s2 Mas, I'll wait for ur time to back to KL =)
p/s3 to Along Azie, the dialogs is for us:
Speaker: JULIET
O comfortable friar! where is my lord?

I do remember well where I should be,

And there I am. Where is my Romeo?
[William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet (1595)]

Jul 23, 2008

appreciate life!

in this early morning while ironing my work clothes...without any sign suddenly i realize that I'm crying!
of course i cant guess why, it's incidentally crying with my heart feeling something itchy...
For some reasons, I do think that the reality of life has really hit me today, really damn touch my heart and make me shed many tears. and...I'm wondering...wondering...how people appreciate their life?
In my thought, everybody does go through a period of time in which they think they’re worthless and their life is horrible and nothing will ever go their way. I think we don’t need to be suffering from depression and dismal, although we’re all prone to feeling stressed, tired, down and aimless. I also think that majority of people really don’t think exactly how lucky they are to be alive! Everybody looks like wondering through life with a thick cloud of fog covering their eyes!

On our quest for finding the perfect life, happiness should be the top priorities. So, learning to appreciate life is a very big aspect of that. We can be a happy person but to
reach our highest potential of happiness we need to take the time to appreciate the life that we have!Life can become too much like hard work unless we remember to appreciate what we have and take time to smell the roses ^_^

p/s There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. [Mother Teresa]
p/s2 "I'm sorry myself, now I know you don't need to think of other selves for too much, because they don't really appreciate it!"
p/s3 thanks to Amir & Anuar for the instant-out-of-plan The Dark Knight show last nite! ^_^
I do think I'm more a guy's girl than a girl's girl. ;)

Jul 21, 2008

a life question...

Quote for today:
"U want your husband just take care of you but not much money or you want him to work hard and save more money to give you even better for your cost of living?" Choose which is better for you...between loves or money...

p/s you're the one who control works & time, not works & time control you! busy busy busy...reason or excuse?

Jul 18, 2008

How do we measure our life, would we focus on just physical or soul-emotional? Do we count times of bliss and joy, pain and soreness?

“There are two worlds, the world we can measure with line and rule,
and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination” (Leigh Hunt)

Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moment that take our breaths away. Think of it...

p/s thanks to Tuan Direktor for accompanied me to watch Sepi last nite =)
p/s2 It's a good movie of love, lost & loneliness. I'm totally suggest it to be watched by all of you, teaches in how to appreciate LOVE and someone you LOVE...coz most of the time, you'll only realized it when you LOST it...how FALLIBLE we are!

Jul 16, 2008

happy & thanks ^_^

weeehuuu...today I'm averagely happy,
first when I received calls from Aimi my sweetheart,
so miss her much with quite long time haven't meet her!
and some emails from Brian, Fahmi & Frando, my frens in Jakarta,
oh, so glad they'll help me during my next trip to Jakarta & Bandung, soon! ^_^
and a short chat with one of my close fren Baem,
thanks, thanks & thanks to all of you for ur cares on me...
how lucky I am! =)

kalau orang tu sayang kita, sayang tu akan sampai bila2,
tak kira la apa level sayang tu, yang pasti SAYANG,
kecuali la kalau sayang tu dah tukar jadi benci...

Jul 14, 2008

what i love

firstly, thanks to my fren which i call Joh, if not because of your be of interest to watch theater, it must be no other way for me to watch Bukan Dejavu last nite, the final nite, with you =D i am very proud on bringing whoever interested to watch theater =) especially whoever never ever watch theater! hihiii...eager to share theater world with everybody.

So by what not, here i put some videos on Moulin Rouge, two of the songs which I love and I'm listening to everyday since I watched the movie, the most ever musical theater movie which make me crazy all the time of it till now (besides Phantom Of The Opera of course!)...enjoy! ^_^

p/s who can accompany me to watch Sepi - stories of Love, Lost and Loneliness. (am i too late?)
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and to be love in return.

Jul 12, 2008

You really got a hold on me

hhmm...something badly happen to me today,
so i just have one purpose for online at this time,
just wanna dedicate this song to one person who said hate my word WHATEVER...
enjoy the song...thanks & sorry for my rudeness.
[i really really mean all the words in this song okay, special for you =p ]

Jul 11, 2008

she melancholy

yesterday she was in melancholy ness frame of mind, somebody making her feeling a thoughtful and gentle sadness...and she put herself under a gloomy character for nearly one whole day, but nobody knows, except me. she was thinking of her loves, where actually all her loves going on or went to? and does she actually be replied for her unconditional loves? maybe it's all just here-and-there-take-for-granted-everywhere...and i agreed with her, nowadays people always take everything for granted, and only realized the value when they lost it...worthless! and she just keep quiet since then...poor she, now she just choose to talk to her heart and herself, instead of talking to anybody although her love one, she said "i think he doesn't understand, or maybe does not want to, or am i not understand. he promised to change, i don't know does he really mean it since then. he said he loves me, and i love him too, does it true or just a sentence. now i my turn to be silent, coz he always did. although he sms me gudnite just now, i still quiet." and she sleep after my listening. by the way, only me can listen to her...sad she. don't worry, I'll try to calm you down and make you happy okay. and i promise I'll always be there for you, anytime! as always. =) and at least at the end she sleeps well.

By the way, now my story, I've watched The Hellboy last nite, and of course with my bff. Thanks thou! and I'm sorry Amir, i can't share her feelings with you, yet =p and special thanks for your cares Amir, honestly I don't know why your ex not anymore with you...done.

p/s for love nor money or for love or money?
are you ready to finally give your heart the love, wisdom and protection it deserves? It's not just love that gets you through the truth of relationships.
p/s3 maybe Azah is rite - People make promises all the time. Why do people make empty promises? Because it's music to the ears? To pacify the person they are making the promises?

Jul 10, 2008

what's going on...

hmm...haven't write anything in one week time, a bit tired with new working style, learning and training for new big project with Celcom (if you wanna know what maybe you can visit www.oblicore.com), and at the same time still follow up some telco issues with some other operators. ok stop, that's my jobs! and you just can read... =p
by the way, although weary during working hours, out off it, still have time for some movies =) thanks a lot to Amir, who's "I'll always there for u" kind of best fren of mine ;) of course lots of you don't know who's Amir, he's my bf since standard one! =D and my bff till then! hihii...right, Amir!? as some release for me, in this month till today I've watched Kung Fu Panda twice, and Get Smart. and nearest-movies-on-the-list are Wanted, Sepi & Hancock, also one theater tittled Bukan Dejavu (Juhara Yaacob, Norish Karman, Jalaluddin Hassan etc). till now,

Jul 3, 2008

PD Trip June'08

ups...now i've a bit of time to write about my last trip, to Port Dickson, on 28th & 29th June'08, as invited for MMUian reunion organized by the famous-amous person named Zafril! ^_^ ahahahaa... =P and all become well enough with helps from the juniors erna, emy, neng, mai and etc lah =) hehehee...and all others just tolong sikit2 and makannn!! =D from this trip, I'm totally sure everybody was all fully enjoyed. It's just me who missed the banana-boat activity which been planned by my beloved cheNyah =) hehe...bukan ape, tak bawak baju spare la... :p don't worry, there will be next time, kn? ;) hihii...and the most special part was the 'ice-breaking-close-conversation' between all of us on the night after BBQ session, and because it's 'close', so nobody of us can write anything about it! ahaha...sounds like PnC right? yup PnC. kalau nak tau kena join la the next trip! ^_^ okay, for all of you who wanna see and dl the photos, please visit my multiply for it. and for more detail story, read it on Zafril blog and Zafril2. Daa...

p/s PnC = private & confidential
p/s2 to Zafril, thanks for this trip and sorry for what happened to your car :p lain kali biar aku drive, slamat skit =D
p/s3 to all of you who joined this trip, thanks & may we meet again in next trip okay! ^_^

Jul 2, 2008

quick quick!

wow! just in one day you can face some big changes! like what i'm facing today...from working under one company, then get attached to another one, one time under two and now, step into the new company. accepted. next, from application engineer, there is a chance to turn into technical marketing engineer, soon...well, still under consideration and testing period. but no matter what, i'm happy with all these changes, at least there'll be so many things to be learn! and that's what i like! till then =) hope for the better me ^_^
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