Mar 17, 2011

Oh my...

My eyes shed tears in early morning,
While exploring images & videos of the Japan earthquake&tsunami,
Oh erratic! And the tears out when thinking if,
If this catastrophe choose our place to park on...
Oh my...cannot imagine it, don’t want to!
And another thought pop-up,
Armageddon...perhaps is just around the corner...oh my!

Mar 15, 2011

my dear Anaqi...

Poor my dear Anaqi, he woke up in the middle of the night, suddenly crying unstop.
Abit weird thou, he never like this before...
Mummy & daddy become pretty nervous.
Stomach-ache? Nope! Fever? Nope! creepy-crawly bug bite off? Checked, nope!
Anaqi, why are you crying baby? No answer, just shed tears...
Mummy try this, daddy try that...until there’s something make him stop crying... last, took out the ice-cream box from the fridge...
he plays with the box...mummy and daddy watching and pampering...until...sleep! =)
poor my dear Anaqi...mummy’s still thinking of the reason why......

Mar 7, 2011


Ya discontented since I woke up this early morning, especially when thinking of these 2 things, my camera & the team I’m dealing with lately.

One story for my camera. End of last year, one of my colleague borrowed my beloved camera. And because of the good quality pic from it, he borrowed it again the time he went to Paris. My camera was just IXUS 70, not the expert SLR, but I was all the time satisfied with it since the first time I bought it in early year 2007, in Penang. Love it too much! Continue with the story, he lost my IXUS 70 when he was in Paris! So, as agreed before that, if you lost it, you replace it. He bought me IXUS 95 IS, before he even tell me first that my camera had lost! Actually I already had the feeling since he sms me asking for price of the IXUS 70 the time he’s in Paris. Whatever. But, from the day I got this new IXUS, until yesterday, every time I’m in a good mood to snap pic, I’ll be totally displeased with it! :’( so s**ks and far worst compared to my lost IXUS 70. Do you think I’m not good in using it? Or this IXUS 95 IS is s**ks!? What am I suppose to do now? Give it back to the person who lost it and ask for money? Or trade-in it and buy a new one which can fully satisfy my neediness of taking good pic? Uurrgghhh I miss my lost IXUS so much!! :’(

Second story, just wanna say that, I don’t like dealing with this team. Not good in communication and collaboration. But then asking for things which out of statement of work! Whatever! I’m speedily wanna finish this task asap! Done. Walla! @__@

Mar 3, 2011

My Anaqi =)

Yes, when you already a mum, your whole life now totally surrounding by “my baby, my baby and my baby!” If before this you were able to spend let say RM1000 to pamper yourself, doing meni and pedi, plus with facial treatment or spa, and buy some other stuffs for self satisfaction,  now, not anymore. Perhaps, out of that RM1000, only 10% of it for you, the rest all allocate to “my baby”. Yes, this is what I’m facing right now =) haha...great! another type of self satisfaction for a mum. When you spent all that you have to your dearly loved little HERO, my HERO, my Anaqi ^__^

What about you as a dad? Perhaps you will feel your money ‘lost’ a lots to, uncountable, when spending on baby’s drinks, baby’s foods, baby’s clothes, baby’s toys! Plus some other distributions on baby’s insurance and education finance. For my significant other, and me, because both of us are working, so we divide and spend together on all piece and parcel related to our Anaqi =) Facing and enjoying everything all together and balance, brighten your life thou. 3 of us happily ever. Plus, if before this mummy and daddy never think of pay for extra thing called ‘Astro’, but for you Anaqi, for your resource of learning other that High 5 & Ni Hou Kai Lan in every morning, now we registered for it =) haha...what a pay, you get it! Love you. Walla!

Mar 1, 2011

New 2011, New update! =)

Salam & hello!’s too long this time, nothing keep posted to my Epitomes, more than a year! J become busier, just have tiny time to write small something to my FB and that’s all. But, sense of wanna write again comes back now, I think! Perhaps after received a comment from my manager on my way of communication with customers, not professional, due to the smiley face J that I included in the email...I just try to be close and slam, not too formal with customers thou...but, well, need to uphold the company’s image where I’m working with right now. Noted. Thanks for the advice thou. Whatever! =p
So, back to my Epitomes. Last post storied about my big transform in life. Married. And now, another change, I’m a mother, to a very cute little Izz Anaqi, my dearly loved baby boy ^__^ Just click on my FB to see my little HERO Anaqi! My darling hubby always brings the album of our HERO up to date. Anaqi just entered his 8th month today!(his birthday June 29, 2010). Oh ya, I got one post in my FB on my little family & our little castle =) Ya, I stay in Iris Apartment at Taman Desa Off Jln Klang Lama now. Already bought the apartment, due to the high monthly rent, better buy it! At least now it belongs to my family! My property! calm and cool little castle =)
What else should I update? Oh ya, regarding my profession. Now I’m working with one IT company located at 11th floor of PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana. Still main support for the KPI Mgmt Tools named Oblicore Guarantee, and some others CA products. Now handling one project with Celcom network team. Future, will be having E2E project with Petronas, perhaps soon in another 3 months. I’m still new with this company and until now, I like it =)
Before I end this post, a little on my outdoor activity. Last one was climb Mount Kinabalu on June 2010. Future outdoor activity? Not sure yet. Want to! But, perhaps need to wait for Anaqi to be ready ^__^ the way, he is actively all the time try to stand up instead of sit down and play, plus, he’s eager to climb also! Brings worries to mummy and daddy, afraid he’ll falls and cries, tired but it’s all fun! Watching your baby growing up so fast! =D till then...Walla!
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