Feb 25, 2009

City oh City...

Geramnye!! geram to this new City in town!
although I'm not geram to City as i crazy for Civic,
but at least geram abit-so-at-least lebih kurang la... =p
especially when this morning,
my BEE is front and back surrounded by the Citys!
waaaa...geramnye... ^___^
tetiba rasa macam ade jodoh pulak dengan City...
eheheee...dreaming which can be true...perhaps...one day
sape sokong kalau BEE tukar ke City? Cepat angkat tangan! walla!

p/s piji kata 'City' tu ajak 'BEE' join 'diorang' =D
p/s2 abg iqbal kata wait for the new hybrid because the price is quite shock ^___^
p/s3 i just said to myself...it's too long to go... =p

Feb 22, 2009

crazy for it thou!

uugghh! since first time I saw it last time, in end of last year, during the time my lunch been served by azhar sulaiman in Uncle plaza damas, now i'm crazzzy for it!
ya...the Coach patchwork duffle bag! as in the pic.
serioustly I never ever interested on any of the Coach handbag/bag before,
but for this one, CRAZY for it! it's sound abit like a curse right =p ehhehe...
one of my friend Azah already love it too,
and she really encourage me to buy it!
"lawa giler letak atas par" as Azah said to me. Ahaha =D
well...just wait and see if i can or able to grab it for myself...
or perhaps someone gonna help me to grab it...perhaps...perhaps..walla!

Feb 19, 2009

seloka cinta 1

bro-Q: Y i have no feeling currently?
me: hhmm.....did u got the answer from her?
bro-Q: kezutan..she's single
me: not kezutan for me, because from ur story of her she always unstabil with her relationship, in my opinion la
bro-Q: but she wanna kept it secret..to avoid problem...with the xbf
me: but now u already know it!
bro-Q: but her bf keeps trying to get back...
bro-Q: haahahahaah...entah laa...but she's already give up...
me: does she tell u why n how and the reason why she's single now??
bro-Q: yup..she's already give up to have relationship wit man..
me: that's just a stupid answer...for me la. another answer?
bro-Q: maybe its true..dah putus harapan ngan lelaki kot..
me: but not with u...i think.
bro-Q: i dunno...i told her we have to stop contact each other 4 a while.......
me: i dont think it's gonna be 'good' enuf thou
bro-Q: ??? meaning tat?
me: perhaps gonna be more sakit hati or sakit jiwa or some sort of feelings similar to that...especially to u
me: except if.............
bro-Q: if?
me: except if.............now u've already got ur own answer...
me: ur own self-answer
bro-Q: she tot i wanna go away 4 good...
bro-Q: i haven't mention how long we gonna stay away...
me: by the way, now for what u still want to 'go away'?
bro-Q: i dunno..........can't think...
bro-Q: i need to self recover myself.......
me: honestly bro...from the start of this story...my deeper feeling keep on saying that she's is not the good one for u......
bro-Q: thanks...
me: but now look like....she is not the one for u aite?
bro-Q: dunno...no feeling at all..not feeling happy...relief sad
me: altho i think the answer for YES now is 50%
bro-Q: biarlah..itu takdir...
bro-Q: Sumtimes yg YES pon akhirnya NO jugak...yang NO pon akhirnya YEs jugak...
me: hhmm...perhaps...
bro-Q: yg memula benci pastu hidup bahagia sampai mati..yg bercinta bagai nak rak pon akhirnya boleh putus...yg kawin 20 30 tahun pon boleh cerai...
me: but does she give u any YES or NO? did u run the script? actually?
bro-Q: ada yg miss...jwpn no.......
me: jwpn no? u mean?
bro-Q: Dia suka...suka kawan ngan abg..tapi nope dia xleh terima abg...
bro-Q: sbb skang nih dia dah give up sgt2...
me: by the way, astually the only asnwer is NO la. ok, that's all. the asnwer which u've already know before...so now it's confirmed!
bro-Q: dia kata kalau dia suka abg....but i'm her xbf before best friend so can I accept that? and I just said I can. But she just quiet then, no answer.
me: another stupid reason! (for me la)
bro-Q: history.. bior aaa...dah la..

so, conclusion from the story above are: and all in my opinion aite ;-)
1- do not try to grab someone who's already taken for sure, other than if he/she is single.
2- because if u try to, when he/she breaks-up, u can be one of the reason, no matter yes or no.
3- the only answer in love is just YES or NO. Other than YES/NO we call it as stupid reason.
4- LOVE is so universal, can be so global and we should appreciate it all and always! no matter the LOVE is happy or sad, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, want it or not, or wathever level the LOVE is (family, friends, lover, small, lots, abit & etc)...because we suppose to love the LOVE =)
5- if the one we love so much at the end choose our best friend as his/her partner, we should accept it aite? because at least we know he/she is safe with the one we already know...perhaps... =p
6- any other opinion or advice perhaps? ^_^ why don't u write? Thanks! walla!

p/s for myself, just only love the one who loves you and you love him...no force. Love him because you do want to love him and he loves you because he want to loves you. Love each other so much is fair enough to go through the life together. That's all you need. ^_____^

Feb 18, 2009


that's the first word for today...ffuuhhh......!
after so long enough haven't update my blog,
for nearly 4 weeks with no story...
too many things happened and thoughts I’ve missed to write down here,
yes, 4 weeks with hectic timeline fulfilled with too much actions!
and I feel it long as like 4 months! and let me synopses it all here...

Jan 4th week:
--busy connected with family thingy. Discussed these and those for one quite simple big event in my family =)

Jan 5th week:
--back hometown for the event. Yup! My engagement ^_^ although no matter how I planned it to be simple, but it end up with quite extra than just simple =p well, parents' first daughter, everything can't be that 'simple'. Thanks God for all the blesses. Special thanks for my best ever friends Yatie and Watt for their encouragements. Love you tho! For the photos of it, please visit my facebook aite! ;-)

--although in hometown for CNY holiday, still run the works from home. Still busy with the deals which needed to be accomplished sooner as possible...huuu...

Feb 1st week:
--because of abit stress in work, I choosed to release the stress by watched some of the movie I love such as Moulan Rouge and Rumor Has It and What Woman Want...
--end of the week, back to hometown again. Well, wedding discussion perhaps as the main point =p

Feb 2nd week:
--OMG, too many things to be think off by this time and so on...! well...of course more on the wedding preparation. I still planning for it to be as simple as it can be but with the same reason as before, I don’t think it'll be that 'simple' when it comes with parents and the big family =p resulted with now I need to think double for everything! Well...just wait and see =)
--still keep on searched and watched for some new I love movies like August Rush and The Notebook. Perhaps really in love with both movies because both speak of heart warming romantic true loves...
--end of the week, back to visit my beloved grandma. Huhu...she's not in a well health nowadays...pray for her...

Feb 3rd week:
--ah'ha, just received a news from my mum saying that my wedding date now already been delayed to additional 3 months =) =) =) hehee...fuhhh! I'm okay with that tho! at least now I can breathing well, better, tho! =p ahaks! but keep on preparing...~lalalalaaaa~
--sad thing happened to my BEE now, uurgghhhh! my BEE is not feeling well...I’ve brought it for 'checked' and...well...my BEE need a 'surgery' I think! uurrgghh...then it come to money money money! perhaps, the road tax gonna be end soon enough too! 14 Mac! uurrgghhh! whatever! @_@

--keep on going this week with many thinngs in mind...life must go on tho!

So before I chow this time, please enjoy yourself with the 2nd romantic touching love story after Titanic which is ~The Notebook~ trailer. Honestly, I love this sory more than Titanic thou. It thouched me for the 1st time I watched it. It make me cried when 2nd time I watched it. And according to the statistic, 76% of guys cried for this story. Perhaps it's hard to find this kind of perfect deep in heart and soul love nowadays...but I'm hoping for it...Walla!

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