Nov 28, 2008

wonder-full life...

It takes a thought to make a word and some words to make an action,
it takes some good to make it hurt while some bad for satisfaction,
birds flying high while sun in the sky,
it starts with hello and end with goodbye,
fish in the sea, blossom on the tree and butterflies having fun,
it takes some silence to make sound and a loss before you found it
it takes the one to have the other and no time to fall in love,
but it takes you years to know what love is and some fears to make you trust,
life is so rough, life goes full circle,
life is our love, life is wonderful, and freedom is mine...

Nov 27, 2008

conversation with myself...

hey! how's ur blog tho? lots of things to write but...? gap to do that! hectic schedules with works!
ooo...really? or is it because u always mengaduh ur ass lebam & ur lutut luka?
weh! suka hati aku la! i love to mengaduh! bukan slalu ade peluang nak sakit!
up to you! but i know the mind is thinking of blogging...
hhmmm...ok la I'm writing now la...

nearly 2 weeks, nothing has been updated including my financial flow, mind keep being pushing thinking for somebody else instead of myself, my eyes turn nearly to panda's eye now, cant sleep well! cant eat well! yes it's just sometime to having this kind of hectic schedule of works which dragging in to out of office hour time beside without OT! can u imagine how this moment going on? stress still on altho try to fight it smartly. but nevertheless, still kacau my sleeping time turn it to rest & relax by flirting out with whoever I'm close with and watched Madagascar II & James Bond & Wayang & this moment watching movies is one of the way to relax...beside thinking of bungee jump or diving which all need more times & the way, i love to be out of my house when i'm in the messy mind because if i stay indoor my mind gonna be more mess-up with all the siol housemates' behaviors! so, special thanks to kareshi & amir for spending times with me =) love you tho! now, my mind asking for rest but my physical want to keep on moving...for some extreme outdoor activities perhaps! yes...waiting for call for that...water rafting in lata kijang, or bungee jump in melbourne, or rock climbing in damai, or maybe bermain air di lata jarum! hmmm...perhaps, perhaps, perhaps! and all these chaotic thingy resulted in migraine and gastrick in myself! (my migraine = cofees + stress)+(my gastrick = hectic + no gap) = messy self...whatever! I do agree if someone want to take care of myself for a while, now! huuu...

Before I stop, just comments on the movies.
Madagascar:Escape 2 Africa >> well enough to make you laughing and LOL! the part I love is when Melman's teaching Moto Moto on how to treat Gloria in a well manner =p
James Bond:Quantum of Solace >> full of quite extreme kind of actions as usual. The view which attract me is the structure of the hotel in the middle of the sahara/desert.
Wayang >> congrat to Mr Hatta Azad Khan tho for this good quality malay movie! ^_^ seriustly everybody who's the arts lover especially wayang kulit should go and watch Wayang tho! I tak bosan langsung watching it to the end tho =) so how about you? ;)
Guard Post GP506 >> one good korean movie. U need-to-think-kind-of-story in a story tho! It's stories in a story which actually the only answer it to know it! =D kind of a bit challenging to understand the true story =)
So, need to mengundur diri now...walla! thanks for reading. Oh! before I forgot, last 2 weekend I've spend my valueable times in Perak for water rafting & caving! best giler tho! so for photos and videos of that water rafting & caving, well need to visit my facebook thou ^_^. Walla again!

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This is a conversation with myself...It's okay to dance around it and have it my way, Laugh about it, oh for goodness sake, Don't believe in anything that's keeping me awake, Loverboy, lovergirl, I need a song to sleep to and morning to sleep thru, And have it my way. I better have it my way with myself. I better have it my way anytime. I better have it my way with myself and only myself. I better have it mine and I know that you'll have yours...I'm feeling all sentimental and feeling all thru my head...

Nov 13, 2008

this weekend I...

just wanna let all of you who wanna knows,
this weekend I'll be joining an outdoor team to Gopeng, Perak,
the same team I've joined to G.Irau last month,
for water rafting on saturday &
caving at Gua Tempurung on Sunday,
plus side activities like shopping spree & 'wayang' perhaps =p
just wait & see & I'm eager for some new experiences! ^_^
hope I'll totally enjoy it, for my self satisfaction of course!
while time is less & less, I need to catch up everything wanted asap!

Nov 12, 2008

last weekend I...

well, stories for my last weekend:
happy things were...
my beloved pet sist who's also my best friend was here in KL,
I picked her from Hotel Brisdale,
lunch & dinner at the Rosdet restaurant with my fav porridge plus fav soup =)
then story telling session till slept,
next picked another pet sist from Unisel and shopping around Shah Alam,
wahahaa...I bought some books & mag ^_^
the sad thing was...
while walking from one shopping center to another,
plus raining lightly, suddenly my beloved green slipper terputus di tengah jalan...
waaaaaaaaaa! and without any thought,
I just took it and searched for the nearest dustbin and thrown it into it,
and berjalan berkaki ayam to the nearest Vincci shop
and bought the cheapest slipper which attracted me to it! DONE!
while inside my mind still thinking on the lost chance to Gunung Nuang :( whatever.

Nov 6, 2008

work, brain, money, work...

9.45pm: still sitting opposite my boss,
hearing what he's talking & explaining,
but my mind already on my sweet comfort bed,
sleepy and totally out of mind,
can be say under subconscious mind perhaps now,
the theta wave is start waving now...serious!
ahaks! when words 'subconscious mind' come out from my mind,
suddenly I remember the suggestion from a lawyer,
also a close friend of mine,
he offers me to learn neuro linggo, the art of communication to subconscious power,
sounds interesting for me thou...
since long time ago I'd red a book belongs to my abah,
The Power Of Subconscious Mind...
dude, if you totally learn that, you're then able to hypnoses anyone! =)
I still can remember during the time I was in secondary school,
I love to 'lepak' in my abah mini library,
and my targets were all the book referring to mind & IQ & EQ & SQ...
love all those related to MIND topics! curious on how power the brain is!?
while I was reading, I was also testing my mind thou! ahaks! funny but serious,
by the way, although J. Robert Oppenheimer was the farther of atomic bomb in World War II,
it was Einstein who'd used just 1.3% of his brain to create the E=MC(square),
{correct me if I'm wrong on the Einstein's brain brain can't remember well now}
uppss...before i keep on thinking to some other heavy topic, i better stop now! walla!

Nov 4, 2008

Water Sports in Putrajaya this weekend!

hi all, FYI there'll be Water Sports in Putrajaya this weekend! Stars from 7th up to 9th Nov'08 and the admission to the watersports complex in Presint 6 Putrajaya is free =) see uu there!

Nov 3, 2008

time is less & less...

OMG! as lately when I start thinking,
minutes to hours, days to weeks,
then I've realized, the time is less & less,
but there're lots of things in my list,
which haven't been well done yet!
especially lots of places which I haven't step my own small foot yet! Urghh!
and the time is less & less,
but the trips & events & actions are more & more!
as the loves become more & more...
theatres & arts & outdoors & photos & bungee jump & Melbourne!
how about Capoeira & SLR camera & diving & Grand Canyon!?
wahahahaaa...sounds huge & cheerful & enjoying life aite?
that's what we're living for dude! ENJOY YOUR LIFE!
as best as you can...and this is what I'm doing & planning & try to archieve,
till the time is the time is less & less...huuu... >_<
Can I? hopefully & trying & grabbing...Ameen.

by the way, only some of you can totally understand the whole what I mean here... ;)
and what goes around, comes around.
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