Aug 18, 2014

just do it!

we always see others successful life achievements and...
the question pop out why they can and i'm happy for them and hope i can be as good as them...
but, ya thats it...hoping can be like them...
so, hoping and dreaming and if and if and if...

most of successful people advise to dream big!
why big?
because at least in order to achive something big...
we will try harder & better, than to run for just small & tidy target

okay, next!
the step after dream big is actions
start with no matter how small the step just do it!
just list the actions and do it!
and when u pass this step...u will have no problem to move on with the following steps
the steps & actions to success...

ya...thinking & saying & listing & planning is so damn easy
but u need, have to move & crawl then walk then run for all of it!
just do it!
"there is no failure, only delay to the road of success"...
ya this what i printed out & pasted it on my cpu casing since i was a student long time ago
and still run with it until now...

~my journey~

Aug 4, 2014


hmmm...lately kind of searching but not sure what or where
while planning & packing, i'm searching for the uncertainty
while speaking with my succulent babies, i'm searching for more
while everybody is sleeping, i'm writing & searching for something
something which is not so sure, unclear, unknown
thinking & searching...both in the same field are they?
haha...i'll keep on searching in my long journey tomorrow
i love searching u know!
searching make u fresh & live ^_^ Walla!

Aug 2, 2014

travel raya

since last nite keep on thinking of possibility for travel raya
ya...travelling during hari raya-ing...u know...
means raya out of country & out of reach,
can it be? haha...perhaps...ya why not, aite?
lets plan for it, for next raya or next next next raya,
its okay as long as during raya...ameen.

travel raya planning ~dikazzz~

loving freely wonder lots of teenagers love korean movies
i do think all because of the movies mostly all about loves
messy love, untangle love, unrestricted love, triangle love, sweet love
unconditional love, bla bla bla love...and mostly more than one love in one movie!
haha...ya people do love taking and watching on loves...
are u in love?
lucky if u are...and still lucky if u are not, yet...

for me...i love the free love,
love because u love, not because others,
love because u want to, not because forced to,
love when your heart want to love and be loved,
not love or be loved only, no one sided love...
life and love must be fair for each other aite?
and so do the people in love...

trust and fair on both sides, and the love will go on freely...
u will love more and more when u loving freely...
like the parents love their children freely...
freedom of loves...i love freedom, i love loves...

everybody loves love,
but...anybody hates love? perhaps...there is...
must be due to some logic or emotional reason aite?
or perhaps love did or white?
no matter what, love cannot be blamed for anything,
love is just a sweet word with a sweet meaning and sweet story,
so pls do not change the love to be bitter,
u choose the style and color and melody of your love,
love is free but pls appreciate it well,

i love u
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