Mar 1, 2011

New 2011, New update! =)

Salam & hello!’s too long this time, nothing keep posted to my Epitomes, more than a year! J become busier, just have tiny time to write small something to my FB and that’s all. But, sense of wanna write again comes back now, I think! Perhaps after received a comment from my manager on my way of communication with customers, not professional, due to the smiley face J that I included in the email...I just try to be close and slam, not too formal with customers thou...but, well, need to uphold the company’s image where I’m working with right now. Noted. Thanks for the advice thou. Whatever! =p
So, back to my Epitomes. Last post storied about my big transform in life. Married. And now, another change, I’m a mother, to a very cute little Izz Anaqi, my dearly loved baby boy ^__^ Just click on my FB to see my little HERO Anaqi! My darling hubby always brings the album of our HERO up to date. Anaqi just entered his 8th month today!(his birthday June 29, 2010). Oh ya, I got one post in my FB on my little family & our little castle =) Ya, I stay in Iris Apartment at Taman Desa Off Jln Klang Lama now. Already bought the apartment, due to the high monthly rent, better buy it! At least now it belongs to my family! My property! calm and cool little castle =)
What else should I update? Oh ya, regarding my profession. Now I’m working with one IT company located at 11th floor of PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana. Still main support for the KPI Mgmt Tools named Oblicore Guarantee, and some others CA products. Now handling one project with Celcom network team. Future, will be having E2E project with Petronas, perhaps soon in another 3 months. I’m still new with this company and until now, I like it =)
Before I end this post, a little on my outdoor activity. Last one was climb Mount Kinabalu on June 2010. Future outdoor activity? Not sure yet. Want to! But, perhaps need to wait for Anaqi to be ready ^__^ the way, he is actively all the time try to stand up instead of sit down and play, plus, he’s eager to climb also! Brings worries to mummy and daddy, afraid he’ll falls and cries, tired but it’s all fun! Watching your baby growing up so fast! =D till then...Walla!

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Johan Irwan said...

Wow... so long never see any post. You are working on KPI mgmt tools? We offer course on Performance Management, which the trainer is one out of two certified in Malaysia. Any chances to do collaboration?

dikazzz said...

elo Johan! thanks for your visit to my Epitomes =)

Ya i'm working with CA Oblicore Guarantee, the cloud oriented KPI mgmt tools. and ya i think we can discuss for the working plan =)

Johan Irwan said...


dikazzz said...

Johan, you got my number aite? just feel free to call me for the working plan discussion =)

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