Apr 29, 2009

abit classical =)

walla everyone! ^__^
hmm...as some of u might know, lately i'm changing the face of my Epitomes,
yaa...turn it into something that i like - abit classical! cantik tak?
and perhaps so that after this i might be more eager to keep on writing! =)
heheee...banyak sangat nak cerita, cuma masa saje yang tak bagi nak cite =p

so, the first story for today is, semalam i keluar secara 'bidan terjun' la boleh kata,
with my fren Azah, who called me in 'emergency' while i was dealing on steaming my hair,
so, menuju ke istana budaya, ape lagi teater la - Mahsuri directed by Fauziah Nawi.
The 2 main points which attract me to this theater are Vanida Imran as Mahsuri and Fauziah Nawi d director.
I paid rm50 for that...the whole story took place for around 90 minutes.
it's a musical theater, with lots of 'keep on changing backgrounds'...i technically love it!
well ape guna buat di IB kalau tak gunakan semua kemudahan! =)
so, when the story end...it's quite...not enuf i can say...perhaps Bonda could prolong the story abit,
instead of end it up with the death of Mahsuri...and...that's all...sounds so not enuf aite?
whatever! I was suddenly quite regreted for RM50 paid for it, perhaps just rm30 will be enuf.
Never mind. Theater is a story and it can it good or not, depends on the director and the time taken for rehearsal, if I'm not mistaken, the practiced duration is just in 3 weeks! really? Done.

next, 2nd story is more interesting...tonite I'll be back to my hometown,
well, of course la balik jenguk abah, mama, Im and Ikmal kat umah tu =)
dah prepared with so much motivation ideas for both my bros ni tau!
and the agenda for all 4 days - nak ke KT visit my Cikcu,
nak ke Jerteh jenguk2 baju2 akad n pengantin yang dah ditempah,
ntah jadi ke tidak design yang i dah reka elok2 tu, mana tau, lain design lain plak result nye =p
untuk pengetahuan yang bertanye, baju2 i tu guna kain satin plus songket plus chifon plus lace,
gitu2 la lebih kurang, harap2 elok la jadinye yer insyaAllah...
takut nye nanti baju nye cantik tapi bila pakai dek tuannya tak bape match plak nnt...ahaks! ^__^
then lagi, 2nd May my fren Awa will be engaged, followed by wedding of my fren Norlee on 3rd May.
and i'll be back to KL on the nite...as usual esok nye keje daa... =)

setakat ini dulu ceritera buat kali ini. Sekian wassalam!
p/s alamak! tonite on TV2 at 10pm will be my fav movie - Devil Wears Prada

Apr 26, 2009

silent out..

fuh! complete one month silent out =p
it's not that i got nothing to be updated but it's time consume tho,
it's clear to see that i got less and less time to write out,
but now...I'm writing! ^__^
some updates:
1) I'm totally 'need to be' workaholic since March and will be going till July
2) on purpose trip to London-Brussels-(Paris perhaps) in 29th May up to 14th June.
3) altho that, now keep on preparing for climbing Mt Kinabalu in July! Hurray!
4) in August gonna be a fasting month, end of Aug to be exact. So diving could be yes in early Aug...
5) in Sept gonna be Raya fest and plus one big event for me...my wedding! =)
6) perhaps, the big event also make me thinking like heaven! what to prepare? buy this and that! the theme? the dresses designs? the schedule/agenda? who to invite? and bla bla blaa...plus my plan for it to be as simple as it can be...i think end up to be not so simple! huuuu......whatever! lots of needs to be fulfilled! =)
7) by the way, lots of things to be done, must be lots of things to be sacrificed =( the big trip which i love to join but i cant is one of KOMA's trip, climbing Mt Tahan in 8 days! started from 1st May, soon! huwaaa......
8) still in my mind are bunjeejump and para-gliding and rock climbing and traveling! crazy! again, whatever! all people got something exciting to do in life aite? ;)

Well, some other not so good things happening on me nowadays - tension with my work! perhaps i love what i'm working on now, but, with who I'm working with is not as good as my love for this job! plus with the low payment! Really working on fixing this uneasiness - by go swimming! Ahaha...perhaps lots of you who know me will 'lift-up your-eyebrow' when I say swimming! aite?! again...whatever! I've changed!

So, perhaps lots of Qs from all of you already answered! Till next writing session. Done! Walla!
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