Apr 30, 2008


today is a happy day for me, (although inside of me there is something wrong which was just happened in last few days that make my heart hurt and my feeling is sad all the way till now... just forget it,) this time i just interested to write down one good thing happened...

let me put the situation as a girl and a guy in a quarreling-mood...this is the common-bad situation that always happen in a relationship, for couple, or best friends...at the end, you want to know how and what's the best way to settle it? just go though the below dialogs:

"u always thought of yourself as a loving person, but you actually had been just a fair-weather friend! as long as I'm happy and nice, you loved back. But if i was unhappy or upset, you would feel blamed and then argue or distance yourself..."

Me: I told the guy do not leave the girl. And at the end...the guy thanked me as below:

Good guy:
That day, for the first time, I didn't leave her. I stayed, and it felt great. I succeeded in giving to her when she really needed me. This felt like real love. Caring for another person. Trusting in our love. Being there at her hour of need. How had I missed this? She just needed me to go over and hold her. But as a man, I didn't know that touching, holding, and listening were so important to her...

"Right now I'm in pain. I have nothing to give, this is when I need you the most. Please, come over here and hold me. You don't have to say anything. I just need to feel your arms around me. Please don't go..." and the husband walked over and silently held his wife. "She wept in my arms. After a few minutes, she thanked me for not leaving. She told me that she just needed to feel me holding her."


it is so important for a couple not to misinterpret and mismanage the stress in their daily lives, because all the reactions are ultimately can affect their relationships. actually for you girls, it's not that he's just not into you, he needs to fulfill a biological need. so do for guys, it's not that she wants to henpeck you, she also has a biological drive. so how a guy's withdrawal is actually a natural way for him to replenish his depleted testosterone levels and restore his well-being, and how a girl's need for conversation and support helps her build her own stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin.

Apr 29, 2008

Law of attraction

as been asked by some of my friends regarding my YM status, so here i would like to write down what and why 'law of attraction' ^_^

started in year 2004, I've been attracted by this topic due to my self studying of EQ & SQ while searching of 'coincidence' =P actually by that time my mind looked like doubt of 'coincidence'...because as been understood, all stories of us had been written, well, like a script of a long long story and all of us are the characters in the story who's acting accordingly to the script bla, bla, blaa...something like that. so, I've read lots of articles and indirectly jumped to this subject matter.

the law of attraction I can define as 'like attracts like', means as everything that happens to you is like you attract it all to yourself, by yourself. no matter good or bad. like you're putting out orders, consciously or unconsciously. let me give an example - you are in pizza hut ordering a pizza, in your mind of course you fully expect the pizza which you'll get served the way you've imagine and want it to be, right? so, that is law of attraction. everything you focus on (order a pizza) can have an effect on your life (you'll get a pizza). it's like we attract into our lives the things we want, that is based on what we're thinking and feeling. we create our own circumstances by the choices we make in life, and the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts. the feelings that the thoughts generate are what actually attract things into our lives. in order to attract the things you want into your life, you have to place the right order. Visualizing your future life can help to hone your thoughts and feelings toward the things you want, so your
thoughts, feelings and actions all have to be firing simultaneously in the same direction. Hmmm...mcm when you're talking about action, it must be about walking in the direction which you want.

by the way, according to law of attraction, there is no such thing as a 'coincidence', and this drag me in. everything in the world is made up of energy, which is controlled by thoughts and feelings. so you are sending out signals (orders) and these signals attract like energy to you. it's fact that everything happens by principles and laws in our universe. and so consequently, inside of ourselves, we do having an absolutely unlimited power, realize it or not. there are 3 simple steps in law of attraction - Ask. Believe. Receive. Alaa...sepertimana yang selalu kita buat setiap hari. solat dan berdoa, percaya dan beriman, maka pasti akan dilimpahi rahmat =)

ok, i'm feeling dizzy now...pening membuat penerangan law of attraction! =P hahahaa... tak paham pandai2 la tanya. Done!

Memo: ralat itu normal.

Apr 27, 2008

it's delicate?

you hate to bring the umbrella,
although you know it will rain,
don't acting you're independent,
and you are all innocent,
mulish and stubborn!
stop blaming yourself,
and don't doubting this and that,
please stop denying,
instead you really need it,
perhaps, still you are not?
at the end, you just realized,
your heart is delicate...nostalgic!

picture meeting your lover a little later than convenient...perhaps.
the happiness will have shapes when being shared with someone.

Apr 23, 2008

OMG! Hmmm..?

in passed 2 weeks, I mostly spent my whole office-hour-durations in-office. Seldom to sites. So, mostly doing readings...on my fav topics like IQ, EQ & SQ, brain & psychology, law of attraction, men Mars women Venus, then blogs by blogs and some forums. read all any post which attracts me, especially that encourages me to think! Erratic or eccentric kind of. I'm an open-thinking kinda person, a self-contained nonchalantly reader and blogger ^_^ it's just that, most of the time, my brain always fulfilled with so many thoughts which most of it I want to speak-write it out but I'm not apt or fast enough to speak-write it out!! @_@ uurrgghhh! then ended like frozen contemplations! maybe because I'm not good enough in writing, perhaps...

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love.hate.life.angel - Read...
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In the guy's mind, the withdrawal scenario usually goes something like..
“Whoa! When did this turn from fun into a ton of work? Things have been great, but now it feels “different” because she's unsatisfied and pushing on me to define our relationship…”
“And I HAVEN'T EVEN DECIDED what I want exactly, or what the heck it is that I'm feeling here…”
“And now that the chemistry and attraction we used to have has changed! I guess “the magic” is gone…!”
Men can sure be clueless idiots that actually do need help to notice the dumb things they're doing.

Apr 22, 2008

Today is Earth Day!

Apr 17, 2008


hhmm...lately keep on thinking of doing some changes,
changes in me, myself, my life...
maybe I'm bored enough with some kinda boring things surrounding me,
maybe I have to jump to another ship,
maybe I need to be lone-ranger again as I was,
maybe I want to go out of this space of mine for a while,
maybe to underwater world, or upper sky world,
or maybe I supposedly go with Lat & Ivy to UK,
but, I'm afraid that...
once I start changing,
lots of things will change!

noted: Live for the sake of living. Give for the sake of giving. Love for the sake of love. Learn because you can.

tanjobi omedeto to me soon!

Apr 11, 2008


waduhh...lots of my frens out there typing my blog address wrongly,
it's triple Z okay...if double Z, it will go to another new blog,
I don't know to whom it belongs to,
looks like the owner maybe Indonesian ;)
by the way, to all readers, thanks in advance! ^_^

p/s for my photos, visit my multiply :D
p/s2 for those who advice me to add chat widget in my blog, I will. Just wait & see okie ;)

Apr 8, 2008

Fuuhh... ^_^

yuhuuu...! I'm back! ^_^ and feeling sooo released!
like with hunk of cheese, and square of chocolate and puff of perfume!
hehehee...I mean that I'm back to normal now, no more outstation to go till end of May, can just walking and working just around 'my daily life places' ;) it's just that...hmmm..now thinking of my gf, my BEE, need to be serviced! as been postponed since last 2-3 weeks!

So now I wanna complete something from what I've done in East Malaysia - conclude my short trip to Kuching & KK:

2-April-08, 'run' to LCCT from 6.30am. Breakfast in McD. Meet new friend - Rubecca, eating and talking non stop until we need to separate, she to KK, me to Kuching. Arrived in Kuching Airport at 1130. Waiting for Maxis people, then by car to Maxis TOC in Jln Bintawa Daya, before that, lunch in famous restaurant named Nurvogue, most of the meals are delicious! and that was the 3rd time I ate there. Next, trained Maxis engineers for Nethawk 3G protocol analyser, done with online monitoring and testing. 1800, one of us checked-in to Holiday Inn. Then, dinner in my fav place - Topspot, followed by checked-in to my fav Somerset Hotel ^_^ Around 2030, my ex-roomate, Wiena the Sarawakian picked-me-up and she brought me to quite unique-design restaurant named Trivolly Garden. Had supper - laksa sarawak! fuhh! tasted like soup pekat fulled with herbs! next jalan2 to Kuching Waterfront and snapped some pics till 2315! :D Thanks Wiena. By the way, regreted because I've to cancel from buying the famous Sarawak ikan masin, takut berbau bila ke KK nanti...huhuu...kempunan jer la...

3-April-08, hotel breakfast time till 1030. Then walked to Kuching waterfront again, snapped some pics again, till crossed the road to the shops in front of the waterfront. Wow! lots of arts thingy and handicraft and jeweleries and most of it come with unique designs and shapes! I just bought one sand stone bracelet and a t-shirt printed with map of places to visit around Sarawak. 1300, took taxi to the airport, lunch in restaurant named
OneOnly inside the Kuching airport. Next, departure at 1505 and arrived in KK International Airport at 1640. My cousin picked-me-up and brought me to makan petang in area near to Promenade Hotel. 1830 I've checked-in and relaxed in the deluxe room! Luckily I got room with special-view so not to forget snapped some pics! at the same time merenung matahari yang sedang terbenam...so damn beautiful and I'm failed in catching the real view into my camera! huhuhuuu...SLR, SLR, that's the only thing running in my mind at that time! Next, rehat2 watching TV then siap2 to go out. Bosan la. Altho I've been told by Maxis people the training gonna be on 0030 midnite and I've planned to sleep early, but it's so boring so I just selamba like lone-ranger walk to the newest shopping complex nearby. Walked around for nearly 2 hours, I bought one Vincci flat slipper and straightly replace my shoe with it, then bought my fav 1901 hotdog, tapaw and with fast paced to hotel in hungry mode and makan! 2300 I slept and forced to wake up an hour later! uurrgghh! in sleepy mode to Maxis KK TOC in Jln Tuaran Inanam. Trained the engineers till 0330 then back to my sweet room and sleep! Tired!

4-April-08, checked-out from Promenade at 1200. While waiting for my cousin to pick me up at 1500, I walked to Center Point Sabah shopping center. Wow! got special promotion from Nike and Adidas! altho still same as regular prices, at the end I bought Nike Fit-Dry swim wear :p and nearly buy Adidas latest training shoe Adizero! expensive! and so comfortable! uurrgghhh! I force myself not to go to the ATM machine! sabar jer la... :D So, next, with my cousin, he brought me to makan then search for regular hotel just for one nite rest.

5-April-08, 0645 my cousin jemput me and start out 2 hour journey to Kundasang - kaki Gunung Kinabalu. Wow! the sceneries along the way, beautiful! we stopped at some places to snapped pics especially pic of Mount Kinabalu of course and unluckily my camera battery level nearly zero! damn! Breakfast near Ranau area then went to Poring Hot Spring Recreation Area. Main target was the canopy walkway. Cannot take pics laa...but still fun and enjoying! gayat jugak la...tinggi wooo!=p next relaxed and rendam kaki di kawasan air panas...1200 noon, start to balik because my cousin ada kelas at 1500. Oh, my cousin is the lecturer in Politeknik KK ;) So, lunch then Abg Man send me to his gf's house, Kak Ernie. So, I just lepak in the house alone coz Kak Ernie also having class at that time. I siap2kan diri, relax while watching 2 movies - Ice Skating and Knots. Best jugak la movie tu =) Next, 2030, Abg Man jemput Kak Ernie and me and ready for dinner! and because he knows that I totally love seafood, he brought me to Gayangs restaurant. Waaaa...banyak pilihan tuuu...semua hidup2 tau! including weird kind of shellfishes! lastly, as been courages by Kak Ernie, I ask for my most fav lobster and mangrove shrimps (ketam bakau) and
prawn and jelly-vege which I forgot the name. And all just cost us RM230++ =D fresh seafood with suitable price! nearly 2300, back home and watched Sky High with Kak Ernie till sleep!

6-April-08, plan for snorkeling has been canceled due to some reason :( so, around 1100, Abg Man pick me, thanks to Kak Ernie, then to Philippine Market. Waaa...because of its my fav place, I bought the Swarovski crystal bracelets! one for mama, one for my sist and 2 for me! ^_^ and at last my money just tinggal 3 ringgit! My cousin just gelak! wahahahaa! Next, late lunch at Tangjung Aru beach. 1700 moved to KKIA, and I departed at 1830, arrived in KLIA at 2145. And 1 and half hour after that, arrived home, kemas2 and ready to sleep! so my happy journey end! =) Happy Wappy!

p/s I'll upload the pics when I've done editting it okay ;-)

Apr 1, 2008

out of KL for a while...

yuhuu...to all frens out there,
just for your information,
I'll be 'lost' for a while...
I mean I'll not be in KL start from tomorrow until Monday,
I'll be in East Malaysia,
working and enjoying ^_^
plus release tension and be alone,
I mean alone for just a few days ok,
do not worry, as all of u know,
I'm independent kinda girl...got used to it!
so...CHOW! (^_^)
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