Jul 23, 2014

i love succulents!

lalala...nowadays, especially along the period of nursing my mama,
i've become extra addicted to succulents and cactus!
yaaa...visiting to all nurseries around kota bharu
also went to some nurseries in cameroon highland
in order collecting some more succulents
for me to make the mini cacti garden ^_^
besttt! while my mama enjoying it too, she adds on more to her orchids collection!
so this raya if u come to my house
u can see some cacti & succulents in big and small pots
and so do the orchids, hanging sweetly with variety of colors ;)
well, hope can bring back to KL some of my succulent babies &
also the mini cacti gardens...
perhaps by in KL i'll start to visit some of the nurseries and add on my succulents & cacti collection!
who would love to accompany me plsss...? hihi >_<

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