Oct 11, 2009

long gap...

oh! nearly 2 months I'm silent from blogging...now I need to write! just wanna conclude what's happening during this long period of gap. lots of full-of-fun events happening along... celebrated hari raya Aidilfitri...followed by my truly special wedding ceremony on sept 23rd & 24th...plus by pre-honeymoon in Oct, as said by my beloved partner =D plus plus plus by 'jemputan pengantin baru' by all my friends and especially by relatives of 'my partner & me'...so, I've received many wedding gifts since before - during - after my wedding! yippie! ^__^ special thanks to everybody whoever involved with all these sweet lovely moments aite ;)

so, now I'm not single anymore, I'm with my partner, and this perhaps may, or sometimes may not, changes my activities in life. firstly, to all my friends, please don't worry, and do not astonish, I'm still can hang-out with all of you okay, my partner never say No to this kind of social activity okay =) so whoever wanna ask me out to watch movie or lepak2 please do not be shy or withdrawn to contact me okay. come on, what a life without friends aite ;)
next, the stories from me after this perhaps will change, it's still about me, and my activities, but plus, as a wife...and so on to as a mother, perhaps, sooner or later =p by the way, lots and lots of prays from all of you perhaps will make it earlier thou! =D Amin. Rezeki jangan ditolak... ^__^
another story, last week, I've completed my wish to watch CUCI The Musical Theater in IB, together with my partner, my sist, abg ibal, aumi & amir. enjoyed it so much. congratulations to hans isaac and all his team. well works done! perhaps I also saw one of my theater family member was there behind the stage =) bagus! hmmm...talking about my theater family, now I miss my beloved Along Azi, when is the right time to go to melaka and visit you ya along...? miss u so much. hope along n angah n mak abah semua la in good condition as always. by the way, datang KL visit abut habaq mai la, mane tau leh jumpa di KL ker if got chance! =) and, along nye plak bila ni? jangan duk senyap plak yer my along! ^__^ rindu!
what else, oh, FYI now I've moved to taman desa. living in a tranquil environment Iris Apartment which belong to a kindhearted owner. just beside the Taman Desa Waterpark! ^__^ Iris apartment is located just before you enter the waterpark area. if you want to visit me, just contact okay. now my house is so-so ready to receive some visitors...hehee... =) hmmm...perhaps will be a small party near to celebrate happy new year...perhaps! =p tengoklah camne okay. oh, before I stop, I think next story I'll write will be on pengalaman bila menduduki rumah baru, already prepared with some funny pics! soon okay! =p ...walla!

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